In a nutshell

A sturdy and light-to-push pram that handles all terrains with ease, but it comes with a premium price tag

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • Easy to manoeuvre over various terrains, good suspension, simple to fold and unfold, fits easily into car boot, breathable carrycot, premium finish


  • Fiddly to convert from carrycot to seat unit, hood feels a bit flimsy, expensive, straps on seat unit unbuckle too easily

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When it comes to pushchairs, premium Dutch brand Bugaboo can be relied upon to deliver on style, comfort and practicality. The Bugaboo Fox 3 is the new and improved version of its successful predecessor, the Fox 2, and won Gold for best newborn pushchair over £650 in MadeForMums 2022 Awards


The Fox 3 continues the original aim of the Fox pushchair – to provide a smooth, easy-push ride over a range of different terrains. Pricewise, it's a high-end pushchair and sits in the market alongside the iCandy Peach 7, £1,099, Cybex e-Priam, £1,259.90 and the BabyStyle Egg2, £1,399.

Tested by

Cher is a journalist and lives in Kent with her husband and their two children ­­– Miller, 2 years old, and Henley, 2 weeks. She tested the Bugaboo Fox 3 with both children, on countryside walks with bumpy terrains, as well as around local towns.

What is the difference between the Bugaboo Fox 3 and the Fox 2?

To be honest, there aren't huge differences between the two versions, but they're still positive changes.

The Fox 3 is available in more colours and with new breezy mesh panels on the carrycot. The chassis is also available in a new graphite grey and the Bugaboo logo is now embroidered on instead of printed, which gives a more premium finish to the pram.

Unlike the Fox 2, the Fox 3 has mesh panels on the carrycot, to provide additional airflow – ideal for keeping your baby cool in warm weather. The Fox 3 also has an updated colour palette and is available in 7 different shades – 5 of which are new to the Fox 3 – while the chassis comes in a new graphite grey choice. There is also extra padding in the seat unit and softer shoulder pads on the harness, which provide additional comfort.

What were your first impressions?

Considering the pram comes with a carrycot and seat unit, everything arrived compactly packed into one box, which was quite impressive.

Is the Bugaboo Fox 3 easy to push and steer?

Cher With Bugaboo Fox 3

My favourite thing about this pram is that it is so easy to push – the brand call this a “fingertip push” – and can be steered smoothly. I was able to push the pram up a steep bumpy hill with one hand without any difficulty, and could chase my 2-year-old son over thick, muddy grass, while pushing Henley in the pram without it being too bumpy for her. Even with my 2-year-old son in the seat unit, I could easily push the pram with one hand and steer it without much effort.

This is something backed up by numerous 5-star parent reviews on the John Lewis website, which praise the Bugaboo Fox 3 for driving “like a dream” even over grass. One parent review on the Bugaboo website even calls it “the ‘Mercedes’ of strollers.”

How easy is the Bugaboo Fox 3 to build?

There were a lot of individual pieces that needed to be put together, which was quite daunting and the instructions did little to fill me with confidence. With just a few images to explain how to piece the pram together, it took 20 minutes of very little progress before I turned to a Bugaboo video on YouTube which showed how to build the pram. After following the video in stages, 20 minutes later, I’d finally managed to put the pram together.

However, it’s worth pointing out that a number of parent reviews on the Bugaboo website said that they found it easy to figure out how to assemble the Fox 3 and praised how all the parts “snap together with ease” quickly.

Bugaboo Fox Carrycot and Seat Unit

How comfortable is the Bugaboo Fox3 carrycot for a newborn baby?

I love the breezy mesh panels on the carrycot, which are perfect for warm days as they provide additional airflow and comfort. The carrycot comes with a soft mattress and Henley seemed comfortable lying on it, although it’s not suitable for overnight sleeping.

I found the bumper bar on the carrycot useful when lifting it from the chassis, but it did obstruct my view of Henley when walking with her in the pram. The bar can easily be removed and placed in the basket under the pram though, so it’s not a huge issue.

Bugaboo Fox 3 Baby in carrycot

What is the Fox 3’s hood like?

The extendable hood goes up and collapses with ease, and can be done singlehanded, without having to push any buttons. However, it doesn’t feel very sturdy and I felt it was a bit flimsy when putting it up or down.

How easy is the Bugaboo Fox 3 to fold?

Very. Bugaboo makes it simple for parents to identify buttons by making them white, so I was able to locate all of the buttons for folding quickly and easily.

The carrycot and pushchair unit unclip from the chassis smoothly and can be lifted from the chassis singlehandedly. The pram can also fold with the carrycot or seat unit still attached to the chassis and the wheels can also be easily removed to save even more space.

Bugaboo Fox 3 With Seat Unit Taken Off

How compact is the pushchair?

The Bugaboo Fox 3 measures L:104cmxW:60cmxH:108cm, with the adjustable handlebar set at the highest height. When folded as a one-piece self-standing unit it’s L:47cmxW:60cmxH:90cm (similar to the Maxi-Cosi Adorra Luxe at L:59cmxW:59.5cmxH:82.5cm). However, if space is an issue you can fold it as two separate pieces (L:86cmxW:52cmxH:34cm). It’s a reasonable size for an everyday pushchair, but if you’re after a super-compact pushchair that folds down smaller than this you could consider something like the Babyzen YOYO2.

I was able to fit both the chassis and the carrycot/pushchair unit comfortably into the boot of my car (Jaguar F-Pace). The carrycot folds completely flat as well, so the pram would be able to fit into much smaller boot spaces too. I tested it in my friend’s Ford Fiesta hatchback and could fit the whole pram in when the carrycot was completely flat.

Bugaboo Fox 3 in boot and 2 parts

What’s the chassis like?

The chassis seems strong and durable and I like that all of the buttons for folding are white and easily identifiable. The Fox 3 chassis comes in a new graphite grey as well as black, which gives parents more choice on style. Unlike a lot of other chassis, the Fox 3 isn’t bulky or too heavy, which makes folding and lifting it really manageable.

What are the wheels like on the Fox 3?

The chunky, puncture-proof wheels boast 4-wheel suspension, which helps to give a smooth ride even when tackling bumpy terrain.

How much does the Bugaboo Fox 3 weigh?

Coming in at 9.9kg, it’s on the lighter side for an everyday, all-terrain pushchair, compared to the weightier Cybex e-Priam at 12.6kg and the Mamas & Papas Ocarro at 13.3kg.

Bugaboo Fox 3 Folded

How easy is it to switch between the carrycot and seat?

Bugaboo uses a single frame for both the carrycot and the seat unit, which is a great space saver, but converting the carrycot into the seat unit does take a little time and patience. It took me around 20-30 minutes the first time I did it and it was quite fiddly. I’ve done it a few times now and find it a bit easier and quicker to do, but for parents looking for a pram they can convert quickly from a carrycot to a seat unit and vice versa, it isn’t ideal.

Bugaboo Fox 3 Tested By Cher

What do you think of the seat unit on the Fox 3?

The seat unit is soft and padded, and my son Miller seems very comfortable in it. The shoulder pads are really plush, and the 5-point harness straps clip into place easily. However, each strap needs to be clipped in individually, rather than brought together and clipped in at the same time, which I found quite tricky with a wriggly toddler.

The straps unclip by pressing the central button, and with some strong will and determination, Miller was able to press it and unbuckle himself in about 10 minutes. I was able to strap him back in quickly, but it did make me anxious that he would be able to do it again just as easily.

Older Child in Bugaboo Fox 3

Can the Bugaboo Fox 3 be used with a car seat to create a travel system?

The Fox 3 is compatible with the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna car seat, £190, as well as car seats from various other brands including Maxi-Cosi, Britax Römer, Cybex, Nuna Pipa, Joie and BeSafe. Additional adapters do need to be purchased though, costing £41.95.

What’s in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Seat and carrycot frame
  • Handlebar and carry handle grips
  • Underseat basket
  • Raincover
  • Seat fabric
  • Carrycot fabric
  • Sun canopy

What additional accessories can you buy?

There’s a huge choice of accessories available to buy on the Bugaboo website, including:

  • Footmuff, £114.95
  • Cup holder, £20.95
  • Changing bag, £114.95
  • High performance raincover, £57.95
  • Performance winter footmuff, £164.95
  • Seat liner, £41.95
  • Comfort wheeled board, £94.95
  • Mosquito net, £15.95
  • Smartphone holder, £31.95
  • Parasol, £41.95
  • Breezy sun canopy, £84.95

Who would this pushchair be most useful for?

The Fox 3 is perfect for parents who are looking for a pushchair to grow with their child from newborn to toddlerhood. The fact that it is so versatile and can tackle even the toughest of terrains and still provide a smooth and comfortable ride makes it ideal for all.

While it is a great option for parents who drive, as the pram can fold up compactly to fit in most boot spaces, it’s also a good option for parents who use public transport regularly, because the pram can fold up with the carrycot and seat unit still attached to the chassis, which saves time when commuting.

Is the Bugaboo Fox 3 worth the money?

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is one of the more expensive prams on the market, but it is a dream to push and the variety of colour options it comes in means you really are spoilt for choice, in terms of choosing the perfect style pram for you. Personally, I do think it is a worthwhile investment.

How does it compare to similar pushchairs?

Product NameAge SuitabilityDimensions When FoldedWeightRRP
Bugaboo Fox 3Birth to 4 yearsL86cmxW52cmxH34cm9.9kg£1,045
Junior Jones J-CarbonBirth to 6 yearsL58cmxW32cmxH67cm9.7kg£2,102
Cybex e-PriamBirth to 4 yearsL84.5cmxW51cmxH29cm12.6kg£1,259.90
Mamas & Papas OcarroBirth to 4 yearsL76cmx W58cmxH37cm13.3kg£899

Where can I buy the Bugaboo Fox 3?

Available from Bugaboo and John Lewis.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 has now bee replaced with the Bugaboo Fox 5.

You can read our Bugaboo Fox 5 review here, or purchase it from Bugaboo, John Lewis and Beautiful Bambino.

MadeForMums verdict:

Although it is pricey, this is a stylish pram which really does deliver on its promise to tackle all types of terrain. Bugaboo claims it is the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ stroller and that certainly can’t be argued with.


The breathable carrycot is a great feature, but it is the smooth push and ease of manoeuvrability that really makes this pram stand out. It’s a great choice for all parents.


Cher Whelan is the features editor of Woman and Woman’s Own magazines.

Product Specifications

ModelFox 3
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:88cm–108cm W:60cm L:104cm
Dimensions (folded)H:90cm W:60cm L:47cm – One-piece self-standing fold
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 4 years
Both seats suitable from birthYes
Child weight0kg to 22kg
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seatsBugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Nuna Pipa, Joie, BeSafe and Britax Romer car seats
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Wheel size (front)22cm
Wheel size (back)30cm
Lie flatYes
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Height-adjustable handlebar 
  • Fingertip-light push and effortless manoeuvrability on any terrain
  • Ergonomic seat design
Accessories included
  • Shopping Basket
  • Raincover
  • Sun Canopy
Optional extras
  • Footmuff, £114.95
  • Cup holder, £20.95
  • Changing bag, £114.95
  • High performance raincover, £57.95
  • Performance winter footmuff, £164.95
  • Seat liner, £41.95
  • Comfort wheeled board, £94.95
  • Mosquito net, £15.95
  • Smartphone holder, £31.95
  • Parasol, £41.95
  • Breezy sun canopy, £84.95