Buying for a baby – buyer’s guides

From maternity bras to buggies, we explain how to find the products that will suit your lifestyle with our buyer's guides


There are certain products that you and your baby will need, but where do you start? From where your baby will sleep, through to how you’ll transport her about, the shopping list is long and full of lingo that can be hard to understand.


Our buyer’s guides will take you step-by-step through deciding what to buy. And to make it super easy, we’ve nutted out all the vital Q&A and key explanations you’ll need when shopping.

Buggy and travel system buying advice

Buyer’s guides for buggies, double buggies and travel systems

Buggy and travel system styles and features explained

How to find a buggy to suit your lifestyle


Baby and child car seat buying advice


Baby gear buying advice

Buyer’s guides for baby toys and play equipment

Age suitability guides


Bra and clothing buying advice

Buyer’s guides for bras

Buyer’s guides for clothing


Baby carrier and baby sling buying advice


Feeding equipment buying advice

Buyer’s guides for breastfeeding and bottlefeeding

Buyer’s guides for weaning


Nappy buying advice

Buyer’s guides for nappies (for babies and toddlers)


Night-time and nursery furniture buying advice

Buyer’s guides for Moses baskets, cribs, cots, cotbeds

Buyer’s guides for mattresses and bedding

Buyer’s guides for baby monitors


Safety buying advice

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