Concord Ultimax review

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4.8 out of 5 star rating 4.8
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£199.99 RRP

In a nutshell

A value for money chair for families looking for one car seat to take their baby from infant to young child.
Ease of installing
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Safety features
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Worth the money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: May be used forward and rear facing, secure base to click seat into, adjustable headrest, 3-position recline
Cons: In rear facing mode there's not much leg room for your toddler or child, sits lower down than some car seats
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The Concord Ulitmax has been discontinued, but fear not – check out the Concord Ultimax 2 review here.


The Concord Ultimax car seat will work for your baby from birth to age 4, and can be used in rear facing and forward facing mode.

The Concord Company, based in Germany, has been an industry leader for the last 25 years. It states, on its website, that it wants its “kids’ equipment to make parents’ everyday life with their child as easy as possible”. The Concord Ultimax car seat lives up to this statement. The ability to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible and then switch to forward facing when they’re ready is a real comfort to parents and a bonus to the bank balance. You’re only paying once for two products that should last you several years.

When we were looking for a new car seat for our daughter Ella, who was 8 months at the time, our search was somewhat limited by the need for a rear and forward facing car seat. The Concord Ultimax definitely stood out as the best option for our situation. Ella was not yet of the age and weight to be forward facing but she wasn’t far off.  I was hesitant to turn her forward facing so it was very reassuring to know that I could keep her in comfort and still be rear facing.

What we love

One of the best features of the Concord Ultimax car seat is the base that secures into the seat of your car and into which the car seat clicks into. You’re assured then that your car seat is properly installed and secure, which takes a load off your mind when travelling with your child. My husband, Mark, found the installation of the base very simple with the added convenience of having illustrations stuck in the base to guide you.

In forward facing mode, the base ratchets into place so you’re ensured of a tight fit. Once installed, you simply click the car seat in and forget about it.

The fabric of the car seat is comfortable, nicely padded and washable, which is a real advantage if you plan on having your child eat or drink in their car seat. We were able to purchase a limited edition fabric, called Magnum, which has a suede/leather look to it but is very soft and cushy. This also gives a little more of a “glam” look to the car seat in the style category.

The headrest is adjustable to ensure that your child’s head is comfortable and properly placed and isn’t lolling about when taking curvy roundabouts. Our daughter Ella seems very comfortable and secure in the Concord Ultimax Car Seat and has fallen asleep many times in the seat.

In the forward facing mode, you can adjust the seat to Sleeping, Resting or Active mode, which is very useful when your child nods off. The single-handed rotating handle makes adjustments smooth and easy. 

We have kept this car seat as a permanent fixture in my husband’s car and are really pleased with how comfortable and safe our daughter Ella is.

What to watch out for

In the rear facing mode, there are a few inconveniences with the Concord Ultimax car seat. There are no recline positions in rear facing mode, so your child has one position and that’s it. Additionally, your child’s feet will more than likely touch the rear of the seat and potentially be a bit scrunched up. For me, this is a relatively minor complaint when I consider the increased safety of being rear facing.

The installation of the base is slightly different and fiddlier in rear facing mode compared to forward facing. Due to the fact that the car’s seat belt crosses over the Concord Ultimax car seat in rear facing mode, you have to reach your child over and around the belt to place them in the seat.  This is a bit awkward but is manageable with practise.

In either mode, the Concord Ultimax car seat is a bit stiff when clicking the car seat into the base, however as this isn’t really a car seat that you’ll regularly be putting into and taking out of the car, like an infant car seat, it’s not that great a problem.

Another difference to other car seats is that the Concord Ultimax car seat seems to sit considerably lower in our vehicle. Again, this isn’t a major issue, but your child won’t be able to easily see out the window, which can be an issue on a longer car ride.

Who is the Concord Ultimax best for?

Families looking to invest in a car seat that can last from birth to 4 years with the option of rear and forward facing modes.


MadeForMums verdict

The Concord Ultimax car seat is an economical purchase that will ensure your baby is safe and protected long into childhood.  Your child can remain rear facing until you’re ready for them to face forward and when you make the switch, you can be assured that with the very secure base they’ll be as safe as possible. The rear facing mode can prove a bit awkward for placing your child in the seat and doesn’t allow for much leg room.

Product Specifications


Brand Concord
Model Ultimax
Price £199.99

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to 4 years

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 12.3kg


Car seat installation Non-isofix base
Travel system compatible No
Positions of carry handle None
Removeable cover for washing Yes
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Single hand rotation handle for reclining
  • 5-Point safety belt system
  • Innovative side impact protection system
  • Soft and padded covers that can be removed for washing
  • Removable pelvic insert


Optional extras Cooly Cool Cover