In a nutshell

A comfortable, forward-facing booster seat that is an ADAC Test Winner, offering enhanced safety features including extended side wings and side protection system, as well as a handy reclining headrest to keep your child's head in a safe position, at a competitive price

What we tested

  • Ease of installing
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Safety features
    A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • ADAC test winner for safety, extended side wings, air-circulating fabrics, very quick and easy to install, comfortable for child, one-hand recline, machine washable covers, Isofix and seatbelt compatible


  • Forward-facing only, might be a bit big for children at the youngest end of age suitability, the seat fabric needs to be carefully looked after

Cybex is a German brand renowned for innovative products and a range of high quality pushchairs and car seats. The Solution G i-Fix is no exception, and reflects the brand’s ethos to combine protection and function.


This lightweight, i-Size car seat is best in its class for safety (ADAC Test Winner in March 2023 for category: Child – 100-150cm), and is the brand’s first reclining high-backed booster. Other enhanced safety features include side impact protection, extended side wings and an air-circulating seat.

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Neither high-end or budget, at £154.95 for the Comfort option and £174.95 for the Plus option we tested, the Cybex Solution G i-Fix offers value for money, accommodating a growing child in comfort from the ages of 4 to 12.

Tested by

Mum Kirstie tested this with her 4-year-old son Freddie, during day-to-day car journeys and weekend days out in a Skoda Karoq. Kirstie is an experienced print and multimedia journalist working across newspapers in Scotland for 12 years.

What were your first impressions?

Although large, the box containing the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat was light and easy to handle. Upon opening, it was a relief to see there wasn’t lots of packaging to dispose of, nor anything to assemble. The car seat is in one piece – including the Isofix – and on first impressions it is lightweight, portable and simple.

2 pictures of Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat out of the box

How easy is the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat to install?

It took me less than a minute to install the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat – it really is that easy. Installation is very straightforward because it’s an Isofix fitting that simply clicks into place.

I have to admit that initially I thought it didn’t come with instructions. It was only when I searched for the car seat online that I found Cybex’s video tutorial, which revealed that the instructions are actually tucked up in a hidden pocket in the seat. The fabric does have a little book symbol sewn onto it, so perhaps in hindsight it should have been obvious, however personally it’s not where I’d keep paper instructions in case of any water spillage/toilet accidents.

The paper instructions are comprehensive, including an illustrated guide in a fold-out section at the front. There are also step-by-step, written instructions in 41 languages inside the booklet, but the font is incredibly small so some people might find it challenging to read. While I would say it is important to read the instruction booklet, as it provides additional information like washing instructions, I preferred to follow the Cybex video tutorial online, because it makes it very clear what to do.

Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat installed in car

How do you install the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat?

Installation is very straight forward. On each side of the seat there is a white button which, when squeezed, releases the sliding connecting arm for the Isofix. Once extended, simply push the booster seat back towards the anchor rail in the car and, when it is secure, it will audibly click into place. The Isofix safety indicators will turn from red to green. Once fixed in place with Isofix, the seat feels very secure when tugged forward and wiggled from side to side, although it does lift up as it’s not tethered at the front.

It's also helpful to know that the Cybex Solution G i-Fix can be installed in your car without Isofix, simply using your seatbelt. There are seatbelt guides printed on the sides of the car seat to show exactly where the seatbelt should sit for optimum safety.

2 pictures of installation and safety guidance on Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat

What are the key safety features of the car seat?

The Cybex Solution G i-Fix was a test-winner in 2023, rated 1.7 (good) in the child 4-12 category in the ADAC European consumer test. This was the brand’s best-ever result in this category and definitely provides a level of reassurance knowing it's gone through such stringent safety checks.

The seat has a side impact protection system on both sides, while the reclining headrest has a reasonable amount of padding and keeps the child’s head in the safe zone rather than slumping forward when they doze off. The headrest can also be adjusted upwards to your child’s height to ensure maximum safety.

I liked that the Cybex Solution G i-Fix's exterior wings extend out past the upper body, which does give some assurance that there would be more protection in the event of a collision.

Does the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat have any unique features?

Yes, it has an all-new patented reclining headrest safety system for “on-the-road relaxation,” making the Cybex Solution G i-Fix the brand’s first reclining high-backed booster seat.

The idea is that by tilting the seat back, the child’s head will not flop forward when they fall asleep, ensuring their head is always in the safety zone. Cybex says this position is 7 times safer than having the head unsupported and unprotected. Certainly, the ‘head slump’ is a problem we had with a previous car seat, and I’m sure a frustration shared by many parents, so I consider this a game-changing feature for safety and comfort. I found I had the seat more reclined than not, anticipating a nap, and Freddie seemed to prefer it that way too.

Although Cybex says you can pull the seat into a reclined position with one hand, I found this was a 2-hand job when Freddie was already in the seat. And it’s clearly not something you can reach behind and do while you are driving, or even in the passenger seat. But certainly, if the seat is empty you can do it with one hand.

How comfortable did your child find the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat?

My son loves this seat – he finds it very comfortable and can easily climb into it himself. He particularly likes having the seat reclined back, and fell asleep without any bother. While asleep, his head remained where it should during our journeys, thanks to the special recline feature mentioned above.

He didn’t complain about his legs, but I did wonder if having them dangling unsupported on longer trips might get a bit uncomfortable after a while. There was less padding on the seat than he is accustomed to on his Axkid Move car seat, £229, but again this didn’t seem to bother him.

2 pictures of child sitting in Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat

How robust does the car seat feel?

The Cybex Solution G i-Fix is lightweight and, although doesn’t feel ‘solid’, it still feels robust, and would last if looked after. The base is one piece and feels very sturdy, with the Isofix providing extra stability compared to just seatbelt tethering.

The G i-Fix is billed as a final stage seat from ages approximately 3-12 years. I have my doubts whether it would last 9 years as a toddler-to-nearly teenager seat and still look as good – but perhaps that’s because I’m a mum of boys who love nothing better than getting messy!

Child sitting in Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat in car 2

How easy is the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat to clean?

The cover consists of 3 parts held in place by press studs and elastic, and each has to be released before any can be removed. Once off, the covers can be washed at 30°C on a delicate wash, but Cybex do warn that not following those instructions could result in the cover discolouring. It also cannot be put in a dryer or be dried in direct sunlight. However, it is very lightweight material so should dry quickly indoors.

The fabric used in the Plus model is a special mesh fabric to promote comfort and breathability, but it does look the type to snag and I do think you’d need to be very careful to keep it looking in tip-top condition. The white stripe that runs up the middle is a dirt-magnet in particular.

Having said that, after a particularly mucky lunch at a cafe, my son did manage to get a bit of food on the car seat. We tackled it when we got home, and it wiped off no bother without staining.

Is the car seat easy to carry around?

So effortless! The Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat only weighs 7.45kg and, while this may be heavy compared to other similar high-back booster seats like the Joie i-Trillo, 4.43kg, and the Graco Junior Maxi i-Size, 3.4kg, I could easily remove it myself without straining. It’s an ideal seat if it’s going to be swapping between parents’ or grandparents’ cars.

Is the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat big enough for a growing child?

As a newly-turned 4 year old, who only just reached the minimum height criteria at 100cm, this seat is likely to fit my son for a lot longer. It is hard to say how it might fit him aged 12 when he’s still so little just now, but the seat does have flexible exterior wings and an adjustable headrest specifically to accommodate a growing child.

Child sitting in Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat in car

If this is the latest version of a previous car seat, how does it compare?

While the Cybex Solution G i-Fix isn't a new version of an existing car seat, it is part of Cybex's Solution car seat range which offers a choice of 3 high-back booster seats all suitable for use from 15-50kg (approx 3 years to 12 years old).

The Solution T i-Fix is the premium offering, starting at £174.95 for the Comfort model and going up to £199.95 for the Plus version. It is similar to the G i-Fix in many ways (adjustable and reclining headrest, side impact protection, and air ventilation) but also has its own unique feature where the seat widens automatically as you lift the head rest up.

At the other end of the scale is the Solution S2 i-Fix, £139.95, which again is similar to the G i-Fix but doesn't have the one-hand recline function, flexible side wings, or award-winning ADAC status.

How does the Cybex Solution G i-Fix compare with other booster seats you’ve used?

Our preference as a family is to use Extended Rear Facing (ERF) car seats, so the Cybex G i-Fix was our first experience of using a high-backed booster.

My 4 year old’s regular car seat is an Axkid Move, which is a rear-facing seat that will last children to approximately 6-7 years (up to 25kg and 125cm). It is Swedish Plus tested, passing the world’s toughest crash test, which for me as an anxious mum makes me feel more reassured. Extended Rear Facing is proven to be 5 times safer in the event of a collision, but without legislation to enforce ERF, it really is down to personal parental preference.

The Axkid Move is obviously very different to a high-backed booster and is not a like-for-like comparison. It’s a solid-shell seat that tethers to the rails of the car and fixes into place with seatbelts rather than Isofix. It can only be used for rear-facing and the child is strapped in with a 5-point harness rather than the 3-point seatbelt like the G i-Fix.

Both seats have side protection features; Axkid’s side impact protection has been developed with ADAC. And, like the G i-Fix, the Axkid does have a recline option, although it’s not a simple one-hand manoeuvre.

There is about £50 difference in price; the Axkid Move priced over the £200 mark at approximately £225, which might be a cost barrier to some parents.

What’s in the box?

  • Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat
  • Instruction booklet

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

How is the car seat packaged?

The Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat has very limited packaging – it is in a single plastic bag in a large, sturdy box. There was no protection for the product, but there wasn’t a huge amount space for it to be rattling around inside. I was a little surprised to see no packaging at all, as car seats aren’t meant to experience any kind of impact and you have no control over how an item might be thrown around in transit. However, from a sustainability point of view I do much prefer a minimal approach to packaging.

The box is cardboard therefore very easy to recycle, and the plastic bag can be recycled at soft plastic recycling points in large supermarkets.

Is the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat sustainably made?

From my understanding, the Solution G i-Fix is not made in a particularly sustainable way, but other products by Cybex are made from recycled PET bottles and recycled fibres. Cybex refers customers to their local waste disposal options for the car seat, which cannot be recycled in its entirety. Car seats are notoriously difficult to recycle because the parts and different materials are so interwoven. A recycling service is not something Cybex offers, although other brands like Silver Cross have begun to do this.

Whether or not a car seat can be recycled is down to the services on offer at your local waste recycling centre. Some can deconstruct the elements of the car seat to be recycled, but this is not a nationwide service.

Cybex makes it very clear that the car seat should not be used for more than 11 years, which is its total lifespan. This is quite a long lifespan and means that it is likely that a sibling would get use of the seat too when the first child outgrows it, which reduces on costs, but also the environmental impact of buying an additional seat.

Can the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat be repaired?

Cybex advise replacement parts can be ordered from a specialist retailer and refer you to the retailer you purchased your seat from for seeking repairs. They also offer a 3-year warranty.

However it's important to note that the brand (along with general safety guidelines) strongly recommends replacing the seat after any kind of accident.

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat?

Where to find the instructions – this really was perplexing until I found the video online!

I feel this is definitely the sort of product where you should try before you buy – try to see it in person at a retailer before purchasing. Although the minimum height is 100cm, no 2 children are the same, and despite my son reaching the minimum age, height and weight requirements, I do think he is still just a bit young for this seat. I felt he had a lot of room to move around and took full advantage of that to annoy his brother and kick the seat in front. He is very keen on pulling the seatbelt forward to free his arm and therefore isn’t properly restrained. I think in another year or so it will be the perfect seat for him, he just needs a bit more maturity to realise that just because he can try to escape, he shouldn’t.

Also, make sure you have your child locks on – my son will not leave the car door handle alone in the front-facing position.

2 pictures of child sitting in Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat with close up of seatbelt

Who would this car seat be most useful for?

The Solution G i-Fix booster is great for children who still enjoy a decent car nap, because parents have that peace of mind knowing they can fall asleep and remain safe without slumping forward, thanks to the patented recline feature.

Its grow-with-the-child design is ideal for families on a budget, who still want to prioritise maximum safety for their children without facing spending hundreds of pounds on a high-backed booster. The fact the car seat accommodates growing height and width, and lasts from 4-12 years, gives it an impressive longevity. It will last a youngster beyond those pre-school nap years and throughout their childhood.

The G i-Fix is also a really good seat if you need to move a booster seat between care givers’ cars because it’s so portable, lightweight and easy to install, perhaps saving the need to buy 2 separate seats.

Is the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat worth the money?

At the rate children usually outgrow things, this represents really good value for money for a product from a quality, recognised brand with a track record of rigorous testing. Investing in the seat could save you money in the long term because you won’t need to size up sooner.

The Solution G i-Fix is a really good mid-market priced item at £154.95-£174.95, depending on whether you opt for the Comfort or Plus model. It’s not cheap compared to more basic high-backed booster seats, like the Graco Junior Maxi i-Size, £39.99, but it is streets ahead in terms of safety, and therefore worth the extra spend.

Most parents would be probably be willing to pay more for the enhanced safety features that the Solution G i-Fix has, so the fact you can buy a test winner with longevity for £175 or under is a win-win. The Solution G i-Fix is priced competitively with similar i-Size seats from other leading brands like the Britax Kidfix i-Size and the Axkid Nextkid, both £199.

Where can I buy the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat?

It is available from Amazon, Natural Baby Shower and Cybex.


How does the Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat compare to similar high-backed booster seats?

Product nameSuitable forWeightInstallationRRP (£)
Cybex Solution G i-Fix car seat15-50kg/height 100-150cm7.45kgIsofix and car seatbeltFrom £154.95
Silver Cross Discover i-Size15-36kg/height 100-150cm7.1kgIsofix and car seatbelt£175
Graco Junior Maxi i-Size100-150cm3.4kgCar seatbelt£39.99
Joie i-Trillo100-150cm4.43kgCar seatbelt£75

MadeForMums verdict

The Solution G i-Fix is a brilliant next-stage car seat for a child moving to a high-backed booster with enhanced safety features. I would recommend this as a value-for-money car seat that will take your child from their pre-school to pre-teen days in comfort. Easy to move between cars and designed to grow with your child, the Cybex Solution G i-Fix offers great value for the price, alongside plenty of reassuring safety features and a genius recline to prevent the dreaded forward head flop, mid-nap. A good quality, all-rounder booster seat.


Kirstie Waterston is a journalist with over 10 years’ experience in Scottish news as a reporter, sub-editor and head of production at the Aberdeen Evening Express.

Product Specifications

ModelSolution G i-Fix
Dimensions & Weight
Suitable for
Child age (approx)3 years to 12 years – approx.
Child weight15kg to 50kg
Child Height100cm to 150cm
iSize compliantYes
Car seat installationIsofix connectors
Travel system compatibleNo
Removeable cover for washingYes
Side crash protectionYes
Recline positionsMulti-position
Height adjustible headrestYes
  • Linear Side-Impact Protection
  • Adjustable headrest and flexible exterior wings
  • Ergonomically-shaped ISOFIX handle
  • 3-position reclining headrest
  • Air ventilation technology with 3D mesh
Optional extras
  • Summer cover (£54.95)
  • Cup holder (£29.95)