There's nothing more exciting than a family holiday to a Disney park. Everyone is ready for fun, rides and some of the most amazing shows anywhere in the world, and for you and your children it can be the trip of a lifetime. But what do you pack to make the most of your days in the Disney park you're visiting?


Disney park days can be long and, depending on the time of year you go, they can often be really hot. Alongside our own experience visiting Disney parks in the hot weather, we've asked the MadeForMums community to share the best products you can pack to make your family's Disney experience truly magical.

Disney Packing List At A Glance

  • Backpack: Hikelite 18, £90
  • Cooler bag: Home Cool Tote Bag – 12 litre, £12
  • Buggy sunshade: SnoozeShade Original Deluxe, £21.99
  • Handheld fan: EasyAcc Handheld Fan, £21.99
  • Facial spray: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray 300ml, £15
  • First aid kit: LittleLife Family First Aid Kit, £29.99
  • Anti-chafe cream for adults: Neat 3B Action Cream, Antiperspirant and Anti Chafing Cream, £10.95
  • Sunscreen for kids: Riemann P20 SPF50+ Suncream for Kids 100ml, £15.99
  • SPF lip balm: Banana Boat Sport Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50, £7.99
  • Flip flops for adults: Havaianas Unisex Brazil Logo Flip Flops, £12.80
  • Flip flops for kids: Crocs Toddlers, £29.99
  • Waterproof phone pouch: Spigen Aqua Shield Waterproof Phone Pouch, £11.99
  • Reusable water bottle for adults: Ocean Bottle – Recycled Stainless Steel Drinks Reusable Water Bottle in Ocean Blue 500ml, £40
  • Reusable water bottle for kids: Smiggle Silicone Roll-Up Bottle, £24.99
  • Portable charger: Anker Power Bank, 325 Portable Charger, £39.99

The essentials to pack for a summer visit to the Disney parks

No matter what Disney park you're heading to with your family, the chances are it'll be hot in the summer months. Disneyland Paris is a wonderful place to take your little ones during the holidays, but the French summers can get pretty hot – especially when they have a heatwave. Then there's Walt Disney World in Florida, which is at its hottest during the summer months. Nothing will spoil your family's Disney parks experience quicker than your child overheating in a queue. Thankfully, there are some great products out there you can pack to help make park days a little more comfortable for you and your family.


Picking the right backpack for your family's Disney parks trip can make or break any Disney day. You'll want a backpack that's big enough to carry all the essentials as well as anything your child might hand you throughout the day, like water bottles and souvenirs. Given that you'll be taking your bag off and on to go on rides with the kids – and there's every chance it's going to rain at some point during your adventure – you'll also want a durable option that will keep all of your family's possessions dry in a downpour.

Our Pick: Hikelite 18, £90

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Hikelite 18, silver backpack.

This backpack might be on the more expensive side, but the lightweight Hikelite 18 pack from Osprey is a great option for families heading to a Disney park. The robust recycled nylon will stand up to anything your family can throw at it during your Disney park trip and the included rain cover will keep your possessions safe and dry whatever the weather. This pack is designed for hiking, so it comes with a bunch of features like a mesh back panel that make it ideal for comfort on long theme park days. The 18 litre capacity and water bottle pockets provide plenty of storage to hold everything your family needs for an amazing Disney day.

Available from: Osprey

Cooler bag

Food at Disney parks can get very expensive, especially if you have a large family, so we'd suggest packing a few snacks. The problem with the warmer weather is that your snack selection is pretty limited. Most things don't taste particularly pleasant after they've been in a backpack for a few hours in the heat. That's why we'd recommend using a cooler bag, so you can pack a wide range of snacks like smoothies and fruit and keep them fresh for longer.

Our Pick: Home Cool Tote Bag – 12 Litre, £12

Tote bag cooler

If you're going on a family holiday to a Disney park, the last thing you want is a cooler box that'll be awkward to pack or carry. This simple cool tote bag is a fantastic option for keeping your family's snacks fresh throughout the day, while also having something that you can pack down into your suitcase when it's not in use.

Available from: Argos

Buggy Sunshade

As nice as it is wandering around a Disney theme park in the sunshine, the intense summer UV rays can be dangerous for your child. That's why we suggest picking up a good sunshade for your child's buggy. A UV protection sunshade can save your child's skin on the hottest days by offering portable shade that will also keep them dry if it rains.

Our Pick: SnoozeShade Original Deluxe, £21.99

SnoozeShade Original sunshade

This is a great all-round sunshade as it is suitable for use from birth. It claims to fit all types of prams and pushchairs, with handy demo videos to show you how to adapt it to different ones. The versatile sunshade blocks 97.5% of the sun's UV rays and features a zip at the front so you can check on your little one easily.

Available from: Amazon

Handheld Fan

A portable fan is a must-buy for families heading to Disney. There may well be air conditioning inside restaurants and shops, but things can get very uncomfortable when you're waiting in long queues or holding a spot for a parade or show in the summer heat. As we know, a hot toddler is likely to be a grumpy one. A small handheld fan can help cool you and your little ones down and keep you comfortable during the hottest hours of the day. If you're travelling with a stroller, take a look at our pick of the best pram fans too.

Our Pick: EasyAcc Handheld Fan, £21.99

Hand held rechargeable white cooling fan.

This fan is definitely our favourite having tested it out on a September trip to Walt Disney World. It is light, folds away for easy packing and it's incredibly powerful for its size. The perfect portable AC solution if you or your children need some relief from the heat.

Available from: Amazon

Facial Spray

Sometimes a fan just isn't enough to keep you cool. On those scorching hot days, combine a handheld fan with some facial spray to cool you and your children down quickly. It’s great for getting instant relief after standing in the heat for a long time.

Our Pick: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray 300ml, £15

Evian facial spray.

Look no further than water brand Evian for the best facial spray around. This reasonably priced solution keeps the water cool thanks to the compressed bottle design. Combining this with a handheld fan can be a real game changer when it comes to cooling down a particularly warm toddler.

Available from: Amazon

Kids Tablet

As fun as a visit to a Disney Park can be, everyone knows how long and boring queuing for rides can be. That's why we'd suggest packing a tablet to keep your child occupied while you wait to avoid any potential boredom and turn the queue into a screentime treat.

Our Pick: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, £149.99

Amazon Fire 8 HD kids tablet

When it comes to kids tablets, Amazon's Fire range is fantastic. We've tested the 7, HD 8 and HD 8 Kids Pro and the HD 8 is definitely our pick of the three. It's solid build quality, sturdy child-proof case and robust parental controls make this a great value option for parents looking for a reasonable tablet to keep their child entertained during those long waits.

The slightly cheaper and older Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet is still solid option if you're looking for something a bit cheaper. In our review, the Fire 7 Kids tablet landed a 4.8 rating with the review singling out the ease of use and parental controls as particular highlights.

Available from: Amazon

First Aid Kit

Nothing will spoil your child's Disney experience more quickly than a grazed knee or a bump on the elbow. Packing a small first aid kit ensures you're ready for whatever scrapes your child might end up getting as they enjoy the Disney magic.

Our Pick: LittleLife Family First Aid Kit, £29.99

littlelife family first aid kit.

This portable first aid kit from LittleLife has everything you might need to deal with any bumps and bruises on a family Disney parks trip. It includes a range of plasters and bandages, as well as scissors and tweezers, and even an oral thermometer, making it a fantastic all-round option for your next Disney holiday.

Available from: LittleLife

Anti-Chafe Cream

Long park days can be particularly uncomfortable for adults in the hot weather, especially if you're pushing a pram around for large portions of the day. Using anti-chafe cream can really make the difference between parents having to head back to the hotel to change and getting to enjoy the parades and shows.

Our Pick: Neat 3B Action Cream, Antiperspirant and Anti Chafing Cream, £10.95

Anti-chafe cream from Neat 3B.

This particular brand of anti-chafe cream comes highly recommended by parents who felt "it really saved us on the hottest park days in Disney". It's reasonably priced and small enough to be packed in your hand luggage if you're flying, and is a must for anyone who doesn't want their family's Disney experience to grind to a halt while you go back to the hotel and change. It is, however, important to note that this particular brand isn't suitable for children.

Available from: Amazon


Sunscreen is one of the most important things to pack for a summer trip to a Disney park if you want to keep your family safe. Given that you'll want to spend your time exploring the parks, you will need a sunscreen that's easy to apply and lasts for a long time. We'd suggest looking at our full list of 10 of the best sunscreens for kids to see what suits your family the best.

Our Pick: Riemann P20 SPF50+ Suncream for Kids 100ml, £15.99

Riemann P20 SPF50+ Suncream for Kids

This Riemann P20 SPF50+ suncream claims to provide an impressive 10 hours of protection and is water resistant for up to 3 hours, making it perfect for long park days. It is worth noting that you should still try and top up the sunscreen regularly.

MFM parent tester, Spyroula, who uses this suncream with her 6-year-old son who has eczema and her 4-year-old daughter, said "Although it is pricey, I'm very happy with it. My son has eczema and it lasts 10 hours and 3 hours in the water, so it can last all day whilst at school and, when on holiday, 3 hours whilst swimming."

Available from: Boots

SPF Lip Balm

SPF lip balm is an often overlooked item on the holiday packing list, but it is just as essential as sunscreen. If you're heading to a Disney park over the summer, you’'ll want to pick up a great lip balm with high SPF to make sure your family is protected on those sunny Disney days.

Our Pick: Banana Boat Sport Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50, £7.99

Banana Sport spf lip balm.

This Banana Boat Sport Ultra lip balm is a great SPF 50 option that's suitable for children over the age of 6 months. It's also water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so you'll even be protected if your family is heading to the pool or waterpark.

Available from: Amazon

Flip Flops

If it rains, which it typically will, nothing will ruin your family's day quite like wet shoes and socks. Keeping a pair of flip flops in your park bag for everyone in your family might sound like a lot, but when it comes to keeping your feet dry and blister free it can make a huge difference.

Our Pick for Parents: Havaianas Unisex Brazil Logo Flip Flops, £12.80

Havaianas Unisex's Brasil Logo Flip Flops

These simple, affordable flip flops from Havaianas are ideal for a Disney park. They're small and easy to pack in your park bag and they are super robust, making them ideal for use during the rain – even those wild Floridian storms at Walt Disney World.

Available from: Amazon

Our Pick for Kids: Crocs Toddlers, £29.99

Crocs Toddlers in slate grey

You can’t go wrong with Crocs Toddlers. They’re fun, customisable and easy to clean which makes them perfect for throwing in your park bag in case of rain. We also suggest looking at our overall list of 11 of the best summer shoes and sandals for kids, toddlers and babies to see what works best for your child.

MFM parent tester Anita commented, "I love that they are are super easy to keep clean, and work with both wet and dry play. Great for the beach and sandy wet toes."

Available from: Crocs

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water rides like Pirates of the Caribbean are some of the most fun experiences at Disney parks, but they can spell the end of your tech if you're not prepared. We'd suggest picking up a waterproof phone pouch for extra protection, especially if you're heading to the pool or a waterpark. For parents who use their phone as a timepiece and payment method as well as communication, it means you can keep your phone to hand throughout the whole day, without worrying about it getting wet.

Our Pick: Spigen Aqua Shield Waterproof Phone Pouch, £11.99

Waterproof phone pouch from Spigen

Spigen make great products for protecting your phone and their Aqua Shield Waterproof Phone Pouch is no different. Its IPX8 waterproof rating is perfect for use if you're heading on a water ride and you're worried about your phone getting wet. We'd still suggest leaving your phone in a dry place if you're heading into the pool but, thanks to its waterproof rating, this pouch can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Available from: Amazon

Reusable Water Bottle

This one might seem a little bit obvious but it goes without saying that keeping your family hydrated is a must on hot days. All of the Disney parks and resorts have free access to water fountains (some are even incredibly well themed) so you can refill throughout the day.

A great indicator of your child's hydration level is the colour of their wee. "As a very general rule of thumb," says our expert family GP Dr Philippa Kaye, "the darker your child's wee – or urine – is, the more dehydrated they are – and the more they need to drink plenty of fluids."

Our Pick for Adults: Ocean Bottle – Recycled Stainless Steel Drinks Reusable Water Bottle in Ocean Blue 500ml, £40

Ocean Bottle 500ml water bottle ocean blue.

This bottle may be on the more expensive side but the extra cost is more than worth it. It's lightweight and durable, making it a fantastic option for parents running around a Disney park. It's also made from 90% recycled steel, so it's a fantastic eco alternative to other options on the market.

Available from: Amazon

Our Pick for Kids: Smiggle Silicone Roll-Up Bottle, £24.99

Smiggle roll up water bottle.

There are tons of great water bottle options out there for kids but this Smiggle Silicone Roll-Up Bottle is a fantastic choice for long Disney park days. Its 630ml capacity means you won't be rushing to and from water fountains all day, and the fact that it rolls up makes it perfect for packing in your suitcase.

MFM parent tester Karla, who uses this bottle with her 6-year-old twins, highlighted that "they really don't leak: shake them, turn them upside down, squeeze them etc." making them a perfect fit for your park bag.

Available from: Amazon

Portable Charger

Your phone is essential at a Disney park for a bunch of important reasons. Of course, you'll need to keep in touch with your family if you decide to head to different rides and you'll want to snap plenty of photos of your magical holiday. You'll also need access to the Disney parks app for the resort you're visiting so you can navigate the parks and see the queue times for all the rides. Because of this, we highly recommend you pack a portable phone charger. Some Disney parks have vending machines that dispense portable chargers but they can get expensive and aren't particularly good at keeping your phone fully charged. Instead, it's better to come prepared.

Our Pick: Anker Power Bank, 325 Portable Charger, £39.99

Anker power bank 325 20000mAh battery pack.

This Anker Power Bank is a reasonably priced option that will keep your phone full of juice all day. It is capable of charging an iPhone and other android alternatives multiple times before it needs to be recharged itself. This will definitely save you from having to hunt down a plug socket, slowing down your day if your phone loses charge.

Available from: Amazon

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How we tested

When testing and selecting products to include on our Disney parks packing list we considered features such as portablity, ease of use and cost.

Many of the items on this list have been personally selected by the writer, having been used on a trip to Walt Disney World in September 2022. We also looked to feedback from our Top Testers Club for a range of other products to include so that we are best serving parents and guardians in planning their next Disney parks holiday.

Our list is not ordered from 1-15, instead we have chosen a group of products which will help familes get the most out of their next trip to a Disney park. 

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