Have children, must travel!

If you're travelling abroad with children in tow, it's impossible to travel light. However, you needn't squish the whole family's summer essentials into one suitcase, as there are a wealth of funky suitcases for tots that can ease the load.


From the colourful and funky, to the practical and fun, we have found the best luggage and suitcases for your little ones to bring along to the airport - plus a little something extra for those who have a 'staycation' planned this summer...


Travel buddy

Travel like Paddington with this compact trolley case with an extendible handle and carry case handle. Perfect for hand luggage to keep toys and travel kits to hand.

Paddington trolley case, £15.99, available at The Kids Window.


PPPPick up a penguin

Keep cool with this quirky penguin case and carry case set. The lightweight suitcase is great for packing the essentials and the carry case is a definite aeroplane companion.

More like this

Peko Penguin Case, £64.99, Picture Case Cuties.


Chomp chomp!

Perfect for the little traveller who's a huge fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Features include a long handle for little arms and two wheels for toting through the airport.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar trolley case, £25, available at John Lewis.


Funny face

Your little one will have bundles of fun showing off this crocodile designer arm and luggage candy. The croc family includes a soft feel suitcase, backpack, mini bag and overnight bag.

Funny Face Croc suitcase, £65, Samsonite.


Pull along or take a ride on this multi-purpose travel buddy - the now classic Trunki. This Bernard the Bee style will brighten up the airport queues!

Trunki 'Bernard', £34.99, Trunki.


Aye aye, Cap'n

Made from waterproof nylon with quirky design extras that your little one will love, such as shark-detailed zips and a fish themed noughts and crosses game on the front

Capt'n Sharky suitcase, £59.99, available at Kids Travel.


If you're planning a staycation in the UK...

The new Boost Apak, from the makers of Trunki, is a great double whammy backpack turned booster seat for little ones. If you have a long car journey ahead, simply use this as a booster car seat (for 4 year olds and over) and then when you reach your destination, it can be transformed into a nifty back pack.


Boost Apak, £39.99, by Trunki.