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How MadeForMums reviews products

How we find out which pregnancy, baby and toddler products we need to test, who reviews for MadeForMums, plus how we get items to review.

How we find out which products we need to review

The MFM team is in constant communication with manufacturing companies, PRs, retailers and mums – in the UK and internationally - finding out what’s new or yet-to-be released, and discovering what’s special about each product.


Each year we attend baby and child trade fairs around the world to get sneak previews of prototype products, to new brands eager to take the parenting world by storm.

We hunt down what British families will be seeing on shelves in the coming 12 to 24 months and pinpointing emerging trends.

We also listen to what you want to know more about – if there’s a product we haven’t tested that you think we should, let us know. We’ll try our hardest to have it put through its paces and included on MadeForMums.

Who reviews?

When it comes to putting those products through their paces, we have a great team of qualified and experienced journalists who are mums, dads and soon-to-be parents.

Between us we have decades of writing and researching experience, and know exactly what questions to be asking as we test a product, where to uncover more info, plus what’s important from a parent’s point of view.

This means we can write the most honest, helpful reviews possible.


We make sure the right products go to the right reviewer, so products are tested by us, as parents or parents-to-be with a child of the right age who shares the same needs as those who’ll be reading the review.

But we’re not the only reviewers – our babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and even bumps are putting the products through their paces, too.

As well as giving every product a grilling over what it claims it can do and how easy it is to use, we make sure we answer a very detailed series of questions about the individual product.

Whether it’s the folded dimensions and weight of a buggy or the different ways a car seat can be installed in a vehicle, we cover it all.

And so we can provide you with reviews that are free to view anywhere in the world, we head direct to companies to get products for testing.

If, for any reason, a company won’t put an item up for review, we call-out to our MFM members and colleagues, and try our best to locate an owner of the product for us to interview.

We undertake hundreds of review each year, and we ensure every single one is impartial.

But MadeForMums’ reviews rely on you too – we want you to have the most useful, insightful product tests at your fingertips, which is why you can add your own reader review to all MadeForMums’ professional reviews.

We know the more info you have, the better the choice you can make when it comes to buying for yourself or your family.

MadeForMums Awards!


We also have our very own annual awards! We put hundreds of pregnancy, maternity, baby and family products under the microscope as we tested and deliberated to bring you the very best.

Industry experts, real mums, dads and their children, and celebrity parents joined the MFM judging team to scrutinise all the shortlisted products, while at-home testers shared their experiences using the products in daily life.

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