iCandy buggies reviews, gossip and buggy wars

Read on for or reviews of the ever popular iCandy buggies, plus why celebs' are desperate to get their hands on one of these fruity pushchairs and check out latest additions to the iCandy crop


Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven stride out with bespoke iCandy

The world’s most talked about tot of 2011 was lucky enough to have an iCandy Peach reworked to match her nursery.


Harper Seven, David and Victoria Beckham’s fourth child, was born last July. Before Harper’s birth Victoria had allegedly set her heart on an iCandy Apple in grape as her buggy of choice – the colour of the nursery. According to The Daily Mail newspaper when she found that it was out of stock, the popstar come fashion designer was “inconsolable”.

But being a celeb’ has its plus points – iCandy came to the rescue. A spokesperson for iCandy said, “iCandy has created a bespoke model of the Peach stroller for Victoria and David. iCandy worked with Victoria to achieve the required design, appreciating that Victoria is a highly respected British fashion designer”.

So, had Victoria been reading our celeb roundup of who’s pushing what, or was it Victoria having a celeb’ tantrum? Either way, we’re glad she’s supporting one of our great British nursery brands.

The iCandy Apple. Hot stuff!

iCandy Apple review

The buggy that Victoria Beckham swooned over (but couldn’t get hold of) was the iCandy Apple. Our iCandy Apple review will tell you all you need to know about this gorgeous stroller including how it converts into a double Pear buggy. Our test explains the plus points, like why the Apple made our 2011 guide to the 10 best front and rear-facing buggies, its smooth ride, adjustable handle for tall people, and the little niggles.

Fruit Salad: Peach Vs Pear

Tandem buggy wars: Peach Vs Pear

How do you choose between two of the hottest buggies on the market, even if they are made by the same company?

Whether you’re expecting twins, just had No 1 but you’re already thinking about No 2, or are mum to a toddler and with a baby on the way, the Peach and Pear are pushchairs-come-travel systems that could work for you. Both buggies made our 2011 10 best double buggies, so opinion is well and truly divided and each has pros and cons.

Pear-lovers are swayed by the double front wheels giving the tandem pushchair extra stability, and the amazing 20 combinations of carrycot, seat unit and car seat (yes really). 

But other mums adore the Peach which is said to be the smallest pushchair in this class when folded, it’s a pretty big claim to fame (and the reason the Peach made our 2011 10 of the best easy-to-fold double buggies), and something many city dwellers or smaller car drivers will adore.

Sweet as pie: The iCandy Cherry

iCandy Cherry review

The iCandy Cherry has been a popular choice for several years. Our full review of the iCandy Cherry gives the low down on this single stroller which, according to our reviewer, has, “the looks and quality-feel of a luxury pram, with a lower price tag and much less bulk and weight”. To help you decide if this is the buggy for you, our MFM tester explored the pros and cons of iCandy’s mid-range model. It’s worth knowing that the Cherry made MFM’s 10 of the best buggies, as rated by you! and our 10 of the best buggies for less than £350 for 2011.

The special edition peach: Bold and beautiful

The new fruit crop

We’ve seen the Apple, the Pear, the Peach, and the Cherry but now iCandy latest buggy is the Strawberry! This much anticipated new addition to the existing crop of fruity buggies has already been turning heads on the street for a couple of months.  The Strawberry is every bit as stunning as its siblings and has a genius, parent-friendly, folding feature. The unique iCandy MEMORY system means that when you unfold the buggy, the seat unit automatically goes back to its last used position.


2011 also saw the launch of a new 3-wheeler Peach jogger (only available as a single) and a special edition Peach. With so much choice it’s never been so hard to decide on your favourite flavour!

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