If buggies were biscuits, what would yours be?

If your buggy was a tasty treat, what would be in your biscuit tin?


We know how much time we spend with our buggies and how carefully we choose them, and so wanted to have a little fun with our biscuit taste test…


Bugaboo Cameleon would be… the Choco Leibniz 

A classy classic, like the Choco Leibniz, this buggy is suave, sophisticated and always sure to impress guests.

In a nutshell “Fine design”


Mountain Buggy Terrain would be… the Wagon Wheel

These all-terrain buggies aren’t scared of any surface and, like the Wagon Wheel, are loud and proud.

In a nutshell “The all-terrainer”


BOB Revolution SE would be… an All-Bran Breakfast Biscuit 

A delicious source of wholegrain energy, like the All-Bran Breakfast Biscuit, this pioneering buggy will help keep you fit and healthy.

In a nutshell “Get-up-and-go”


Maclaren Techno XT would be… a Rich Tea 

This reliable, no-frills buggy, like the Rich Tea biscuit, is a staple choice of many parents.

In a nutshell “Mr Reliable”


Phil & Teds Navigator would be… an Oreo 

Perfectly balanced, like Oreos, the Navigator offers a variety of options, and once you have one you’ll be sure to attract attention wherever you go.

In a nutshell “Double the style”


4Moms Origami would be… a Mikado 

With LCD screens, temperature gauges and automatic folding, like the highly original Mikados (which you can play Pick Up Sticks with), these buggies are clever, versatile and fun.

In a nutshell “Oh so smart”


Cosatto Supa would be… a Jammy Dodger  

The Queen of good-looking and fun times, like the Jammy Dodger, the Cosatto Supa is a head-turner yet won’t break the bank.

In a nutshell “Nom nom nom”


Stokke Xplory would be… a Fox’s Caffe Thin

Ah, what a treat after a hard day’s work, like the Fox’s Caffe Thin, the Stokke Xplory’s sleek, ergonomic designs, always make things seem better.

In a nutshell “It’s yummy, mummy”


Joolz Day Tokyo would be… an Island Bakery Organic Lemon Melt

Eco-friendly and luxurious, like the Island Bakery, Joolz buggies are great for those with discerning and organic tastes.

In a nutshell “What a treat”


Silver Cross Wayfarer would be…a Duchy Original 

Will and Kate’s favourite biscuit? With a seal of approval from the Palace, like the Duchy Original, Silver Cross has a much coveted history with the Royal family.

In a nutshell “If it’s good enough for George”


Chicco Activ 3 would be… a Bourbon 

Fun and chunky without being over-indulgent, just like the Bourbon, Chicco’s Activ 3 is just what’s wanted, with a couple of cheeky frills.

In a nutshell “Fit for purpose”


Mamas & Papas Armadillo would be… a Jaffa Cake

With its bold, beautiful designs and tangy twists, like the Jaffa Cake, Mamas & Papas’ Armadillo is delicious, surprising.and remarkably lightweight. 

In a nutshell “Makes its own rules”


iCandy Apple 2 Pear would be…a Smarties Cookie 

These buggies are iconic and not for the faint-hearted, like the Smarties Cookies, they are packed with fun and fantastic features with all the colours of the rainbow. 


In a nutshell “Bright with brains”

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