Little Bird at Mothercare

Jools Oliver shares her Little Bird Mothercare collection with us. Expect cute, vintage-inspired fashion, adorable nursery gear and bluebirds and toadstools galore! Click through to take a sneak peek at the Little Bird range, with all items available at Mothercare from August 17th.

Jools Oliver

Little Bird nursery

This adorable nursery shot shows off how Jools has taken inspiration from toadstools, bluebirds and baby fawns.

Fawn three-piece set, £12; fawn sleeping bag, from £32

Jools Oliver

Baby fawn toy

Bean bag baby fawn toy, £12

Jools Oliver

Toadstool newborn outfit

Toadstool body suit, hat, bib and bag, £14

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Jools Oliver

Toddler girls' fashion

Blue t-shirt with pocket detail, £7; purple legging, £6

Jools Oliver

Boys' socks

5 pack socks, £6

Jools Oliver

Toadstool doorstop


Jools Oliver

Newborn range

Long sleeve fawn white flannel pyjama, £15

Jools Oliver

Toddler casuals

Unisex blazer, £25; white embroidered dress, £16

Jools Oliver

Suitcase gift set


Jools Oliver

Trendy toddlers

Green trouser, £12; fairisle cardigan, £18; Blouse, £11; short floral skirt, £13; pink and navy tights, £7 for 2 pack; yellow button fine guage cardigan, £14; floral tunic dress, £15; toadstool jumper, £14; dark wash jean, £13

Jools Oliver

Boys' toys

Green check shirt, £11; dark wash jean, £13

Jools Oliver

Fawn baby clothes

Fawn cuddle & dry towel, £15

Jools Oliver

Baby deer money box