Bosch has been a household name for more than 130 years, so when it comes to home appliances they’ve certainly got you covered. With a focus on quality, performance and convenience, putting user-friendly experience at the top of the priority list, Bosch can help to keep your busy family home in tip-top condition with its range of vacuum cleaners.


We’ve taken a deep dive look into the Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner range, which Bosch says is, “the cordless stick vacuum with exceptional power, flexibility and runtime” to help you decide which one may suit your family’s needs.

A guide to Bosch vacuum cleaners

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch vacuums come in numerous shapes and sizes, with multi-use functionalities to make your cleaning experience quick and simple. Whether your children have turned the kitchen upside down, if crumbs have been spilled all over the floor, or if you’ve a mess with arts and crafts, there is a vacuum to pick up every type of dirt, from every nook and cranny in your home.

Bosch’s Unlimited vacuum range features lightweight, powerful, and intelligent models, designed to access all areas and surfaces, and provide an easy cleaning experience that is hygienic (with clean exhaust air) and straightforward. Here are the key features across the Unlimited range:

  • Compact design: The vacuums in the Unlimited range are all pretty lightweight and compact in comparison to other vacuum brands, designed to make cleaning easier, lighter, and less of a chore.
  • Accessibility: The Unlimited vacuum models are great for accessing all areas in your home, from floor to ceiling. Whether you have difficult-to-reach spots or tiny cracks and crevices to clean, the vacuums should be able to reach.
  • Versatile: The Unlimited range is suitable for all types of surfaces, from carpets and sofa fabrics to hard wooden floors. Each model has an auto-detect feature. When this mode is selected, the vacuum will sense the floor type and adjust its power accordingly.
  • Hygienic: All the Unlimited models have a lifetime cartridge filter with a PureAir membrane, which promises clean exhaust air. Thanks to this design, your home will remain fresh and clean, and maintain a safe environment for you and your family.
  • Easy maintenance: Each model has an easy dust box emptying system. Just click off with a press of the button and empty - there’s no spilling dust or debris everywhere with this feature and no dust cloud created.
  • Battery life: The Unlimited models come with either one or two battery packs, which can run for up to 80 minutes at a time, and certain models can charge up again pretty quickly. This should ensure you can vacuum your even a large family home quickly and efficiently, with no stress of the vacuum suddenly losing power.
  • Attachments/ accessories: Each model has a selection of interchangeable attachments, from crevice nozzles to mini turbo, pet-friendly nozzles – there’s something for every need. This means food spilled at dinner time or biscuit crumbs on the sofa can be quickly cleaned up using the right accessory.
  • Storage: Each Unlimited vacuum has a handy wall docking station with charger to keep the vacuum in when not in use. This will charge up the vacuum ready for its next use, while maintaining a clear and neat living space, and preventing any trip hazards for you and your children.

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How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner can be tricky, but that’s where we’re here to help. Here’s what we think most families will need to consider before investing.

How will it be used? Where will you be using your vacuum, and for what? Do you have wooden floors, carpets or upholstery that needs cleaning? Strong suction power is important, especially for tough carpeted floors, and certain attachments will help prevent scratches on hardwood or tiled floors. If you have multiple surfaces, an adaptable model may be best.

Where will it be stored? Many vacuums are super compact and come with docking stations to keep them in when not in use for the ultimate convenience.

Who else is in the home? Pets and children can be scared off by larger, noisier models. Features such as noise level are worth looking into if you have sensitive family members.

What extra features do you want? Extra attachments are also worth checking out before buying in order to select the right vacuum for your family. If you have a pet, or any of your family members have long hair, look at how the vacuum deals with hair. If you have lots of skirting boards, picture rails and tight spaces, a good small nozzle will be vital. Check what attachments come with your chosen vacuum, or you can purchase extra attachments separately from Bosch.

When buying with Bosch, you can compare up to four different vacuum cleaners at a time to ensure you are considering all features and pros and cons (and save you time). You can also use their Vacuum Cleaner Finder to help you choose the best option, according to your needs. Simply answer a few questions and they’ll find the right model for you.

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Which Bosch vacuum cleaners should you buy?

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular Bosch vacuum cleaners available, all from the Unlimited range. Shop our top picks below.

From Wednesday 15th November to Tuesday 12th December, there are some great deals to be snapped up on each product - we’ve included their new prices below.

Bosch Unlimited 6 BCS612GB Multi-Use Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Unlimited 6 BCS612GB Multi-Use Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Make cleaning your house an effortless task with Bosch’s lightest cordless vacuum yet. This ultra-lightweight and compact Unlimited 6 model is easy to use and manoeuvre, with a powerful suction that claims to pick up 95% of dust on hard floors for a thorough finish. It features two Bosch batteries for 60 minutes of runtime, provides 360 degrees of cleaning, and is easy to maintain thanks to its lifetime filter. Accessories include an upholstery nozzle, mattress nozzle and crevice nozzle.

Buy the Bosch Unlimited 6 BCS612GB Multi-Use Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for £329.99, £229.99 (save £100)

Bosch Unlimited 7 BCS712GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flex Tube

Bosch Unlimited 7 BCS712GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flex Tube

This smart vacuum from Bosch will run for up to 80 minutes straight thanks to its two powerful batteries, so the whole house can be cleaned in one go. It is kitted out with intelligent features to make your cleaning experience hassle-free, from its auto-detect suction power (which adjusts depending on floor type) to anti-hair technology for faster hair removal. It also has LED lights to help with visibility and guidance, is lightweight for seamless cleaning, and comes with a premium lifetime cartridge filter for 99.9% clean exhaust air.

Buy the Bosch Unlimited 7 BCS712GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flex Tube for £399.99 £269.99 (save £130)

Bosch Unlimited 7 BCS71PETGB ProAnimal MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with FlexTube

Bosch Unlimited 7BCS71PETGB ProAnimal MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with FlexTube

Got pets? This ProAnimal vacuum cleaner is the one for you. Complete with a mini turbo nozzle, it will quickly pick up small pet hairs from fabrics, for example your sofa, and has a 70% bigger diameter of brush roll compared to the previous Unlimited 6 brush roll BCS611AM/01, to avoid tangling. The vacuum is lightweight to move around your home and features a nozzle foot release so you can swap between floor cleaning and getting into tiny corners in one easy step, and without having to bend over. Run time is 40 minutes with a fast-charging battery (three times faster than regular charging).

Buy the Bosch Unlimited 7 BCS71PETGB ProAnimal MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with FlexTube for £349.99

Bosch Unlimited 8 BCS8224GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Unlimited 8 BCS8224GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The most powerful of Bosch’s cordless vacuum cleaners, the Unlimited 8 model picks up over 99.9% of dust and dirt for a deep and efficient clean of your home (dust pickup measured in Turbo mode on hard floors with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312-1:2017) . The modern design features a high-performance nozzle and built-in crevice nozzle, and has a continuous run time of 80 minutes thanks to its two exchangeable batteries. It operates quietly and will emit clean exhaust air to keep your home safe and fresh.

Buy the Bosch Unlimited 8 BCS8224GB MultiUse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for £549

What Bosch vacuum cleaner accessories are available?

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

Always check what attachments your vacuum already comes with, but it's useful to know that Bosch offers a selection of additional accessories to optimise your vacuum cleaner even further to suit every cleaning job, and also provides spare parts if needed. Some of the accessories available include the following:


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