Infant nappies - up to size 2 (8kg max)

Infant nappies

Aldi Mamia Newborn Size 1 Nappies - Gold

“After using these nappies I am very impressed. They are just as easy to put on and feel secure and comfortable on my baby. For me it’s the value for money as the price of these nappies is very good. Must say I’m going to have to convert to this brand. Thank you for the chance to try these out.” Judi, mum of 2

Available from: Aldi

Lidl Lupilu Newborn Mini Nappies 3-6kg (Size 2) - Silver

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“These nappies were brilliant for our newborn. Of all the nappies we tried we didn’t have any incidents with these nappies as they fit really well! There is a cut out design which meant that the umbilical cord clamp wasn’t covered which helped it dry out really well.” Helen, mum of 1

Available from: Lidl

Pampers Premium Protection Nappies - Bronze

Lovely nappies with a great absorbency capacity. Keeps baby’s bottom dry and indicator when wet works well. Easy and straight forward to use. There are hardly any faults.” Kafayat, mum of 3

Available from: Boots

Finalists: Lidl lupilu Lupilu Newborn Nappies 2-5kg (Size 1); Mum & You Mum & You Nappychat Nappies Size 2; Aldi Mamia Newborn Size 2 Nappies

Baby nappies - up to size 4 (12kg max)

Baby nappies - up to size 4 (12kg max)

Lidl Lupilu Maxi Nappies 7-18kg (Size 4) - Gold

“I sing praises about these nappies, they’re excellent and suit my little boy perfectly. He always feels dry even overnight, thanks to their ‘magical tubes’ and additional dry layer. They’re so flexible as well which helps as he’s recently started crawling everywhere! I used to use another supermarket brand but I will be switching to this brand instead as I am so impressed.” Rebecca, mum of 1

Available from Lidl

Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies Size 3 - Silver

Great value for money, they seem comfortable and I have not had one leak with these nappies.” Karen, mum of 2

Available from Aldi

Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies Size 4 - Bronze

“Great value for money, and last the 12 hours stated.” Charlotte, mum of 1

Available from Aldi

Finalists: Lidl Lupilu Midi Nappies 4-9kg (Size 3); Lidl Lupilu Maxi Nappies Box 7-18kg (Size 4); Mum & You Mum & You Nappychat Nappies Size 4; Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies Size 4+; Pampers Baby Dry Nappies; Pampers Premium Protection Nappies

Toddler nappies - up to size 6 (14kg)

Toddler nappies - up to size 6 (14kg)

Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants - Gold

“I've had to give these nappies massive scores, as they just work. They are super soft and comfortable for my little one. The latest version of the pants is just so well designed, it doesn't pinch or rub anywhere against my little one's skin. Not once have they failed - even when nursery forgot to change him all day! Not once has he had a sore bottom; and he's able to pull them down and up by himself.” Anna, mum of 2

Available from Sainsburys

Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants - Joint Silver

“Incredibly soft and comfortable for my little one. The stretchy nature ensure a good fit with no leaks. The are easy to pop on and take off- perfect!” Serena, mum of 2

Available from Asda

Lidl Lupilu Maxi Nappies Plus 9-20kg (Size 4+) - Joint Silver

Can't fault these nappies one bit. Extremely good value for money, practical, neutral designs. In my opinion the best nappies on the market, I will now use these going forward.” Ashleigh, mum of 1

Available from Lidl

Bronze Award Winner – Lidl Lupilu Extra Large Nappies Plus 16+kg (Size 6+)

Finalists: Lidl Lupilu Junior Nappies 11-25kg (Size 5); Lidl Lupilu Maxi Plus Nappies Box 9-20kg (Size 4+); Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies Size 6+; Aldi Mamia Easy Pants Size 5

Eco-friendly nappies

Eco-friendly nappies

Bamaboo eco-nappies - Gold

“They are very absorbent and hold a lot of fluid well without leaving the bottom wet. The fact that these nappies are 80% biodegradable is even more appealing as I get through so many nappies a day. I would definitely buy these myself and recommend them to other mums. This is a very good product and hope to see them available in all supermarkets.” Lyndsey, mum of 3

Available from: Mama Bamboo

Pampers Pure Protection Nappies - Silver

Amazing absorbency and really cute designs. Great nappy and good sustainability. Magda, MFM Judge and mum of 2

Available from: Boots

Mio miosolo all-in-one reusable nappy - Bronze

“I love the fact that this is a reusable nappy and it won’t be sitting in landfill for hundreds of years. It fit my little girl well and I didn’t have any leak problems. The nappy has a fun design and is good quality and soft against my little girl’s skin.” Anika, mum of 2

Available from: Bambino Mio

Finalists: Mum & You Nappychat Nappies Size 6

Pants style nappy

Pants style nappy

Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants - Gold

“So soft and comfortable for my little one, great fit & design is cute. We have no leaks with these.” Nicole, mum of 1

Available from: Boots

Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants - Silver

“Now that my toddlers are very active, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the contents in their nappies. This is a good option for toddlers and active babies. This worked well with keeping the contents in the pants. Although it is more expensive, the quality of the nappy pants is so much better.” Ijeoma, mum of 2

Available from: Superdrug

Aldi Mamia Extra Large Easy Pants Size 6 - Bronze

“I love the Aldi nappy pants, they are so easy to use. They keep my toddler dry day and night and she loves that she has big girl pants! They are affordable too which is always a winner!” Emma, mum of 2

Available from: Aldi

Finalists: all nappies not pants

Wet wipes

Wet wipes

Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes - Gold

Great packet, wipes are easily dispensed, although the wipes are much shorter than the actual packet. They didn't cause my son any irritation and they were neither too wet nor too dry. Overall really impressed with these wipes!!” Rebecca, mum of 2

Available from: Asda

Water Wipes - Silver

"The wipes are quite appealing in that they are so pure with just water and fruit extract. Smell nice but very expensive for using every day." Magda, MFM Judge and mum of 2

Available from: Amazon

Lidl Lupilu Baby Wipes Comfort - Joint Bronze

I was shocked when I saw the price. How cheap! Very effective and does the job.” Harjinder, mum of 1

Available from: Lidl

Aldi Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes 60pk - Joint Bronze

Useful packaging with flip lid, favourite out of all the wipes. Moist and real value for money.” Melanie, mum of 3

Finalists: Lidl Lupilu Baby Wipes Sensitive; Lidl Lupilu Baby Wipes Newborn; Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature unscented baby wipes

Biodegradable wet wipes

Biodegradable wet wipes

Mum & You 100% Biodegradable Babywipes - Gold

Since using these wipes I will never use any other brand. They tick all the boxes - good for the environment tick, strong to use tick, one wipe goes a long way tick, kind to my babies skin tick, price tick. A bit pricey but I actually use these less than other brands so they last me.” Angelita, mum of 1

Available from: Mum and You

Aqua Wipes - Silver

The wipes are excellent; super soft, moist, large enough to clean baby bottom and have a fresh smell. When cleaning skin, you feel satisfied there is enough water present to give baby bottom a good clean when you have no water present. The biodegradable element is obviously a plus and if you tend to use good 3-4 wipes on each clean, then you are really helping the environment.” Aleena, mum of 1

Available from: Amazon

Bambino Mio miowipes - Joint Bronze

“Really liked that the wipes weren’t too wet and didn’t leave the nappy area or my children’s faces too wet after use. They were easy enough to select one wipe at a time with one hand! A must when you have a toddler kicking about during a nappy change.” Laura, mum of 1

Available from: Bambino Mio

Bamaboo eco-wipes - Joint Bronze

Lovely smell and nice to use - much thicker than another eco-friendly Kinder By Nature.” Christy McGhee, MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2

Available from: Mama Bamaboo

Finalists: Little Gubbins Reusable Baby Wipes

Nappy rash product

Nappy rash product

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment 30gr - Gold

I love that this product is odour free and easy to put on. It’s not sticky and a thin layer is easy to apply. My wee one has very sensitive skin and this is one nappy cream she doesn’t react to.” Rachel, mum of 1

Available from: Boots

Natural Like Me Day and Night Barrier Balm for toddlers - Silver

“Expensive but I love the smell and the moisture. Would most likely buy.” Catherine, mum of 2

Available from: Toddler Barn

Natralus My Little One Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm 75g - Bronze

This comes in an easy to use tube and fairly neutral design so could easily be carried around in any bag. It smells lovely and has the feel good factor because it doesn't contain any chemicals or "nasties" and is organic so you feel confident using on a baby’s skin.” Rebecca, mum of 2

Available from: Amazon

Finalists: Baby Kingdom Talc free Baby Powder

Nappy changing accessory

Nappy changing accessory

Lidl Lupilu Nappy Sacks - Gold

Love these nappy sacks. I’ve even had comments on how nice they smell! Would be great if they did a travel size to pop in the nappy bag. Highly recommend.” Krystie, mum of 1

Available from: Lidl

Water Babies Twinkle Twinkle changing mat - Silver

I loved this Changing Mat. I didn’t even know there were more words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Easy to store and pack away and not cold on my baby’s back like normal changing mats.” Rayna, mum of 1

Available from: Water Babies

The Wriggler - Bronze

“I liked the fact that it could be used as both a standard changing mat, as well as in wriggler mode. It works well in wriggler mode and definitely appears to have a calming effect on the child. It wipes clean easily and it's a great innovative design.” Kafayat, mum of 3

Available from: The Wriggler

Changing bag

Changing bag

Onco Melody changing bag - Gold

This bag is excellent. Very stylish, comfortable to wear and well designed. I love the multiple pockets for storing all the bits and pieces that come with a baby. The way the bag opens up is great and makes it easy to get at things in the bag. The little wash bag is handy for keeping wet bibs and clothes away from everything else in the bag. When we are finished using it as a baby bag we could definitely use it as an overnight bag as it is spacious and looks grown up.
I would definitely recommend this to friends with babies!
” Laura, mum of 1

Available from: Onco

Bambino Mio baby and beyond change bag - Silver

“The bag has numerous pockets and is a good size to hold all the essentials for a day out / weekend away with baby. The bag has been thoughtfully designed to ensure there are pockets to suit storing both baby's and mummy/daddy's things. I liked that the bag has a number of ways to carry it. I predominantly used it as a backpack which, when your hands are full is a brilliant feature.” Lara, mum of 1

Available from: Bambino Mio

Pink Lining The Wonderbag Rucksack - Dalmatian Fever - Joint Bronze

“This is a practical and convenient to use changing bag. It can be worn as a rucksack or on the shoulder and can be clipped to a buggy. It’s great to have all these options as I have previously used a changing bag that could only be worn on the shoulder and found that it kept slipping off especially when also holding baby and trying to open a pram etc. The bag has lots of compartments which is helpful to keep things stored separately and neatly and is fairly spacious. The bag has a fun and attractive design - lots of mums commented on it at various classes and playgroups.” Anika, mum of 2

Available from: Hello Baby

Mothercare Little Bird Changing Bag - Joint Bronze

“Love the look and size of this bag, also really like that it has bags that I can put nappies or clothes in making it easier to find things.” Siobhan, mum of 1

Available from: Mothercare

Finalists: Babymoov 'Le Sancy' Backpack; PacaPod Hartland; Skip Hop Forma Grey Backpack

Toilet and potty training

Toilet and potty training

OXO Tot Potty Chair - Gold

“The OXO Tot potty chair is functional and stylish. I love the understated unisex design. My two year old found it super comfy and was happy to sit on it for quite some time. The potty is easy to move around the house and the non-slip base works well on all surfaces. I'd definitely recommend this product to parents who are just beginning to potty train their little ones.” Eve, mum of 2

Available from: Kidly

Splash About Splash Jammers - Silver

“We really liked this product in our family. I think it is far superior to the throwaway swim nappies and therefore much much better value. I never rated the throwaway nappies, as wee just seems to pour out and I dread to think what might happen with a poo. But I think these would provide enough safety to give you time to exit swimming pool without contaminating it.” Anna, mum of 2

Available from: Swimbabes

mi-potty Anti-Bacterial Potty Chair - Bronze

Little boy was very happy on his potty! At first I was sceptical at how a potty could be antibacterial, but it's the material. I would definitely recommend this product.” Sophia, mum of 1

Available from: mi-potty

Finalists: Potette Potette Plus & 3 Liners; Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads


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