MFM’s pick of the best Christmas treats from the supermarkets

Our MFM tasters have picked out their favourite foodie treats for you to spoil your family with this Christmas. If you’ve got any room left after all that turkey that is…


Asda Slate Cheese board Gift Set, £10

A fantastic selection of strong and mild cheeses and a classic slate cheese board to boot!


Available from Asda


Marks & Spencer Seasons Eatings Popcorn, £4* (*offer price – normally £8)

This impressively big box of popcorn has a delightful sweet cinnamon flavour to it (also available in mixed sweet and salty and salty). This screams out for a family movie on Christmas evening, when popcorn is the only thing you can fit in.

Available from Marks and Spencer


Tesco Finest Mince Pie Crisps, £1.09

We reckon these are a bit like marmite – you’ll either scoff the lot or turn your nose up a the very idea. Either way they’ll be a big quite the talking point at your Christmas party.

Available from Tesco


Waitrose 12 Days of Christmas Sweet Butter Biscuit Assortment, £5.99

The tin alone made this a hugely popular choice. The adorable drawings and assortment of biscuit shapes made this both a perfect gift and the ideal choice of biscuit for some good old fashioned tea dunking.

Available from Waitrose


Aldi Moser Roth Finest Truffles, £1.69

A beautiful box of melt-in-your-mouth truffles came top from Aldi. The smooth and silky feel of these truffles is simply divine and matched by the fancy muslin wrapping. Unbelievable value!

Available from Aldi


Sainsbury’s lantern with fudge, £6

This delightful lantern houses scrumptious fudge chunks that our tasters found to be nice and powdery and very moorish. A double present as the tin becomes a festive candle holder afterwards!

Available from Sainsbury’s


Lidl Favorina Coca Dusted Almonds, £0.99

The wonderful cocoa powder on these almonds makes them super tasty and really festive. Their small size makes them great for snacking and a snip at 99p. (But definitely buy more than one bag!).


Available from Lidl


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