In a nutshell

A fantastic 2-wheeler that's perfect for entry level thanks to its great usability, but is also stylish enough to suit older kids

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Portability
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Safety
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Stylish, durable and sturdy, smooth ride, helps with balance and stability, easy to master, foldable, includes kick-stand


  • A bit too heavy and bulky for easy carrying

Key features of the Micro Scooters Cruiser

  • Age suitability: 5-10 years
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg
  • Wheel size: 200mm
  • Handlebar height: 74-89cm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Features: One-button fold, chopper-style handlebar, large wheels and brake, integrated kick stand
  • RRP: £129.95

Micro Scooters is such an ubiquitous brand - in the parks, on the pavement, school runs, everywhere you can see its distinctive scooters. It is the brand that so many go to for their kids' first scooter, the Mini Micro, as it's super sturdy, very easy to use and easy to pass on to other siblings and friends thanks to its durability.

The company was set up by two UK mums to make the school run more fun and manageable and to provide much-needed outlet for their kids' energy in the mornings. This is the same reason we turned to Micro Scooters this September, to find the ideal school-run scooter.

The Cruiser is a new 2-wheeler from the brand, aimed at 5-10-year-olds. With an RRP of £129.95, it is marketed as the perfect starter 2-wheeler, thanks to its larger wheels, lower footplate and retro handlebar - all designed to provide more stability and balance.

There are some much cheaper 2-wheelers on the market, such as the Zinc Zoomi Scooter (£17.99), or the electric Xootz E Scooter (£79.99) which is suitable from 6 years and won Bronze in this year's MadeForMums Toy Awards. However, having had Micro Scooters in the family for a while, we really believe in the durability - and resale value - of the brand. It really does last. The Swiss engineering is noticeably sturdy and it’s very easy to look after, clean or replace parts at home.

First impressions

Following on from our slightly bashed-about Mini Micro, this Cruiser looked like it meant business. It did seem very big and solid - bigger and bulkier than I expected. But it also looked impressively fancy. We tested the bright red model (it’s also available in pink and blue), which felt fabulously retro.

However, I was a bit apprehensive about how my little one would take to such a ‘grown-up’ two-wheeler.

How easy was it to put together?

It was relatively easy to put the Cruiser together, as you just need to attach the handlebar, but I still managed to get it wrong. I put the handlebar on the wrong way and at the wrong angle. The instructions were very basic, so I ended up having to look online. It would be great to have a bit more specific guidance on what height the handlebar should be at for your child, and what angle to have it at. I ended up guessing after looking at pictures on the Micro Scooters website. So with a few clearer instructions it would be super easy to put together.

Do you like the look of the Cruiser?

With its retro handlebar and vibrant colour, the Cruiser looks really impressive. I always smile a little when I see my daughter ‘cruising’ along on it. It is very distinctive and looks so different from the other scooters we are used to seeing, particularly the 3-wheeled Mini and Maxi Micros Scooters and similar scooters from other brands. Other kids also give the Cruiser admiring glances - it is definitely one to impress. I guess, as people get more used to it, it won’t be so unique any more, but it has certainly reinvented the kids scooter look in my opinion.

How easy is it to ride the Micro Cruiser?

The company promises that the Micro Cruiser provides a smoother, more stable ride thanks to its big wheels. They theoretically mean less effort - your little one can travel faster, and further.

The chopper-style handlebars also provide stability and extra control for those new to two wheels, and the footplate is closer to the ground making it easier to balance, so my daughter (Mini Micro veteran with no experience of two-wheelers) was the ideal candidate to try the Cruiser.

I was really worried she would not take to it and find it really frustrating, not being able to balance on two wheels. However, it took her no time to master it - and she loved it!

In fact, she found it much easier than on her Micro Mini (which admittedly was far too small for her by now), as the Cruiser almost glided along.

How does the scooter handle - does it really provide a smoother ride?

We live in an area with quite a bit of lumpy pavement and potholes and are happy to report that the Cruiser indeed provides a brilliantly smooth ride. Not once since using it have the wheels struggled, got stuck or let my daughter down. It has quickly become our school-run favourite - she seems very secure on it and loves to use it. She also has great control over it.

Tell us about the rear-wheel brake

The brake did take my daughter longer to master, as she didn’t seem to trust it to start with. However, a few weeks in she has figured out how to use it properly. She will still rather step off on a steep hill than trust the brake fully, but we’re getting there. The brake on the Cruiser is great, as it’s very big to wrap around the bigger wheel, so it’s easier to locate for a little 5-year-old foot.

How lightweight is the Micro Cruiser?

At 4.5kg, the Micro Cruiser is actually quite heavy for a kids scooter. It is certainly a massive step up from the super light Mini Micro (1.9kg) or the Maxi Micro Classic (2.5kg). The whole idea of the Cruiser is that you provide more stability and a smoother ride for the user, so I guess a certain bulk is required. However, you can forget the days of slinging the scooter across the back of your buggy when your child has had enough - it is too unwieldy for that.

Does the Cruiser feel sturdy is it durable enough to be passed on to a younger sibling?

The Cruiser feels super sturdy thanks to its aluminium frame. It’s solid, and you feel it will fulfill its promise of serving your kid from 5-10 years of age - and your second kid to boot. My daughter has already managed to acquire an impressive collection of scrapes to the paintwork (particularly on the underside of the footplate), but that’s to be expected. What I really love about the brand is how easily you can replace elements of your scooter - we just gave our 10-year-old Mini Micro a brand-new brake. So I fully expect the Cruiser to last.

Is the Cruiser easy to take along?

As mentioned before, the scooter is quite heavy. In addition, the handlebars are brilliant in style and function, as are the large wheels, but they make the scooter quite unwieldy. I once had to walk up a hill pushing my younger one in his buggy and carrying the Cruiser, which was very much a hassle and ended up being quite uncomfortable. However, the Cruiser generally makes life on the go so much easier, as my daughter rides it so well and often. So the odd incident of discomfort is worth it. Also, luckily I still have my old work horse Baby Jogger Versa buggy which has a basket big enough to accommodate the Cruiser when folded. So this is the ideal solution for school pick-up, and I’m really grateful that the Cruiser has the folding option. Alas, I don’t always use that massive buggy.

How easy is the Cruiser scooter to fold and store?

It’s great that the Cruiser has a kick-stand so it can stand upright when not being used.

I don’t really like lying it on the floor at home, as I’m scared that the tough aluminium might scratch our wooden floor. However, the folding function means that it is easier to store in different places, even though it still has quite a heft when folded.

To fold it, you undo the locking lever, then you press a button on the bottom of the handle bar. It’s then easy to fold and the safety clicks into place automatically.

How does the Cruiser compare to other Micro Scooters for the age range?

Micro Scooters has quite a few scooters suitable from 5 years. The Maxi Micro Deluxe is most similar to the Mini Micro starter scooter, with its two wheels at the front providing great stability.

However, the Sprite is probably a better comparison to the Cruiser, as it’s made of similar material and also has only two wheels. Here is a brief comparison of the two...

Age suitability

The Sprite is suitable to 12 years (compared to the Cruiser’s 10 years), probably due to the slightly higher handlebar (extendable to 93cm, as opposed to the Cruiser’s 89cm).


Both the Sprite and the Cruiser have a maximum user weight of 100kg and both are foldable with an easy lever and one-button mechanism. Both have a kick-stand, so you can park them upright.


The Cruiser has larger wheels at 200mm, versus the Sprite's 120/100mm front and back wheel. This makes the Cruiser really super easy to handle and also means that the back-wheel brake is easier to locate.

How do they handle?

Having gained confidence on the Cruiser, my daughter really took to the Sprite as well. She did seem a little bit wobblier on it, and the smaller wheels meant she got stuck a bit more often on uneven ground. They both handle great though, with the Cruiser maybe a tad smoother and less wobbly.

Weight and portability

Most noticeably, the Sprite weighs a featherweight 2.7kg, versus the Cruiser’s 4.5kg. Both can be folded, and the Sprite’s handlebar can also be folded down and clipped in place to make it even more compact and easy to transport.

You can buy a carry strap to use with the Sprite, which clips on two points of the front bar, so the Sprite is really much easier to carry along.

This made a huge difference to me, as kids at the younger scooter age do still tend to get tired after a while, and you invariably end up carrying the thing. With the Sprite, this option was far more manageable. The Sprite is also cheaper than the Cruiser, at just under £100 (and currently comes with a free carry strap via the Micro Scooters website). You can now also personalise the grip tape on the footplate.


Having said that I would never have dreamed of getting my 5-year-old a 2-wheeler, if it hadn’t been for the Cruiser. Due to its larger wheels and wider deck, she was so confident and took to it really quickly. The Sprite was a bit more tricky to handle - a bit more wobbly, and even though it also provides a smooth ride, I would trust the stability and big wheels of the Cruiser more on bigger bumps. My daughter, given the option, always goes for the Cruiser too.

What’s in the box?

  • Frame with wheels attached
  • Handlebar
  • Instructions and Allen Key

Any accessories you can buy?

  • Micro Scooters has lots of lovely accessories that you can buy to customise your scooter, such as:
  • Micro Lights (£8.95)
  • Micro Bells (£5.95)
  • Helmet: (£25.95)

What would you have liked to have known?

It is worth having a look in real life at the Cruiser to familiarise yourself with its size and weight. I was really quite surprised when it arrived by how imposing it was. Then again, I am sure we will see more and more of the Cruiser on the school run as they gain popularity. It is very distinctive.

How much does it cost, and do you think it is value for money?

Considering that the Cruiser is suitable for 5 years of your child’s life with its 100kg load capacity and extendable handlebar, I think its £129.95 price tag is justified. From 5 years, as your child grows ever more confident with their scooter - and potentially goes further distances - the product will probably have to withstand more and more challenging use, so it’s worth shelling out for superior quality and engineering. And good quality scooters that have been well looked after also tend to have a good resale value.

MadeForMums verdict

I would definitely recommend the Cruiser. It's a super stylish scooter that is really easy to get the hang of. It's the perfect scooter for my 5-year-old. She loves it, and I am very proud of how quickly she managed to master the 2-wheeler, thanks to the Cruiser.

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Product Specifications

ModelScooters Cruiser
Suitable for
Child age (approx)5 years to 10 years
Dimensions & Weight
Brake typeBack wheel
Tyre type200mm, puncture free wheels
Made fromAluminium frame
  • Foldable
  • Extendable handlebar
  • Low footplate
  • Extra large wheels
  • Kick stand