Mum’s guide to buying a steriliser

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Your baby’s brand new immune system isn’t as strong as yours just yet and can have trouble tackling common bugs and nasty germs. For the first 12 months, you’ll need a steriliser to thoroughly de-bug everything from bottles and teats to breast pumps. With all those different things to clean and sterilise every time your baby wants to use them, we asked our mums what the most important things are when buying a steriliser.


How will it work?

“Do you want a microwave, electric or cold water steriliser? I didn’t have a clue and spent ages researching how each worked, how long it took and checking how big they are. I went for a microwave one by Philips AVENT because it was simple to use and works really fast.”

Hannah Evans, 23, from Worcester, mum to Ellie, 1

Get the timing right for you

“See how long it takes to work and how long your bottles will stay sterile. The various machines and brands all work slightly differently so if speed is a priority, look for one that sterilises fast and keeps things sterile for a good few hours.”

Miranda Bale, 26, from Edinburgh, mum to Rachael, 2

Keeping it clean

“You need to think about how you’re going to wash it. Sterilisers need to be cleaned and some will also have to be descaled once they’ve been in use for a while. I love our Medela because it splits down into four pieces that are easy to wipe clean.”

Heather Grant, 30, from Gosport, mum to Sadie, 5 months

On its own or as a bundle?

“Can you get more for your money? Some makes do great bundles that include bottles or cleaning products to help you get started, so it’s worth shopping around for the best deal before you buy all the rest of your feeding gear.”

Michelle Railey, 30, from Sterling, mum to Richie, 1, and Oliver, 3

Right for your bottles?

“Make sure you check your brands carefully. Some sterilisers only work with certain types of bottles, so do your research thoroughly before you buy. We had to exchange our steriliser once we got it home because we’d already bought a whole set of bottles from a different brand and they didn’t fit.”

Karen Bishop, 33, from Humberside, mum to Jack, 3, and Samuel, 9 months

Can you use it on the go?

“Does your steriliser need to be portable? If you’re at home most of the time, plug-in electric sterilisers are great. As we tend to visit family a lot I like the Milton system, which uses cold water. We use the bucket at home and I put sterilising tablets in the changing bag for when we’re elsewhere.”

Natalie James, 36, from Crawley, Surreymum to Finn, 9 months

Savvy storage

“How much space do you have for it? Sterilisers can be quite bulky and as you’re using it regularly you need to keep it somewhere accessible. We went for a microwave Tommee Tippee option so we could store it in the microwave most of the time.”


Sharon Hopkins, 29, from Pontypridd, mum to Ceri, 10 months

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