Mum’s guide to buying highchairs

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Your baby’s highchair will be a fixture in your kitchen for the next couple of years, so you want to make sure you (and your baby, of course) are happy with it. Mealtimes with a weaning baby can be fun, but more than a little messy and time-consuming, and the last thing you need is to be picking bits of dried purée out of seat folds and straps. To help you get it right, here’s our mums’ top advice on how to choose your perfect highchair.


Safety first

“A safe and sturdy seat is the most important thing for me. Simple and safe folding is vital for storage, too, if you don’t have room to leave it out. Our Mamas & Papas Prima adjusts simply and stores upright and freestanding out of the way.”

Bhuvana Jayavelu, 25, from Hayes, mum to Diya, 15 months

Will a booster seat do?

“We were going to get a highchair, but we looked into booster seats as we wanted Thom to sit at the table close to us. We had enough chairs to give one over to the baby and can take the booster with us most places we go. Ours was suitable from 5 months, but check yours is appropriate for your little one’s age.”

Vicky Woods, 27, from Henley, mum to Thom, 11 months, and Annie, 4


“Top of my list after safety is easy to clean. I hate a highchair that collects food in corners and little spaces. PVC-covered seats are nice and easy to wipe clean at first, but I’m sure I’m not the only one whose child has bitten or split the cover, so plastic or wood is best.”

Jo Holland, 37, from Kent, mum to Merlin, 23 months

Built to last

“We’ve used our highchair for over a year and Ellen’s only just getting good at wriggling out. We got her a Cosatto 3Sixti and even after its heavy use we’re planning on saving it for number two on the way.”

Katie Hawkins, 24, from Altrincham, mum to Ellen, 2

Check the tray

“Get the right tray. We have two chairs and on one, the tray’s quite flexible and looks flimsy. Plus, there’s only one position so when you begin weaning you’re miles away from your baby. The other chair, Graco’s Teatime, is much better because the tray moves in three settings and feels sturdier.”

Symone Darvell, 28, from Hull, mum to Mia, 2, and Ava, 9 months

Consider style

“Initially we went for a cheap, simple Ikea version, which was easy-clean and compact, but when we realised it would be a fixture in the kitchen for a good few years we splashed out on the Oxo Tot Sprout because it looks great, while still being really practical. We use the Ikea one at granny’s!”

Odette Marr, 34, from Fareham, mum to Simon, 14 months

Is it comfortable?

“Teatimes can last ages, especially if you have a fussy eater on your hands. The top consideration for us when our youngest started weaning was that he’d be comfortable and not try to squirm out too much like his brother did before. We went for a more expensive Baby Björn Appetite, which gives him enough support to sit up straight, and then bought a separate padded cushion for extra comfort.”


Sarah Madeley, 30, from Fife, mum to Nathan, 9 months, and Malcolm, 4

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