In a nutshell

A sleek, minimalist highchair that’s easy to clean with an innovative swivel seat function, but takes up a lot of floor space

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.
  • Ease of cleaning
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.


  • Stylish design, fuss-free assembly, padded insert, sturdy, easily adjusted 5-point harness, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe tray, swivel function


  • Expensive, no folding function, wide legs can be a trip hazard, only suits a large kitchen, no wheels for moving around, no recline option

Introducing your baby to the world of weaning is such a special milestone and investing in a highchair that ticks all the boxes will make the experience both practical for parents and enjoyable for little ones, with the Munchkin 360° Cloud hoping to do just that.


Founded in the 1990s, Munchkin is a high end US brand that’s renowned for its forward-thinking product range of weaning and safety essentials, all of which generally follow a simplistic and innovative design.

The Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair fits nicely within the company’s slick design philosophy and in return for its premium £219.99 RRP, you can expect a product that has style at the forefront with some great everyday practical features, such as ease of cleaning thrown in for good measure.

The chic, grown-up design is made with parents in mind, with its innovative swivel function a standout feature. The manufacturer claims this one of a kind attribute allows for easy feeding and interaction with your child. So while there is no recline option, this versatile function sets the Munchkin 360° Cloud apart from standard highchairs.

Along with this feature, its beautiful design and solid components have already landed the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair Joint Silver at this year’s MadeForMum Awards.

Tested by

Louise Pyne is a freelance writer with two children - Leo and Ethan. She tested the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair with her youngest son Ethan, aged 10 months.

How easy is the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair to build?

The 360° Cloud is super-easy to assemble, with Munchkin boasting that it takes a minute to assemble with no tools. I was grateful that there was no messing around with fiddly parts and lengthy instruction manuals. It’s a case of screwing the legs onto the base frame, (which already has the seat attached) and inserting the tray. Whilst the individual parts are very stable, the design means that the highchair is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 7.3kg.

How did you find using the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair with your baby?

I found getting Ethan in and out of the highchair an absolute breeze. The two-part tray was super-sturdy and stayed in place as I popped his legs either side of the crotch bar, and the 5-point safety harness can be adjusted in seconds so there was no time for fussing or wriggling.

Munchkin 360 Cloud highchair

The 360° swivel function is the chair’s unique selling point but I personally didn’t really find a need for the rotating feature, as I mainly kept the high chair in the same spot due to space constraints. I imagine the function would be useful if you wanted to move the baby from facing outwards towards the dining table without having to physically lift the chair. On that note, if you’re in a hurry or have mobility issues that would prevent you from lifting the chair, this function would also be useful.

What are the straps like on the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair?

I was pleased that the highchair came with a fully adjustable 5-point harness, rather than just a lap belt, for maximum safety and the buckle easily clicks into place. This meant that I could leave Ethan in the chair for short periods of time whilst he played with his toys under my supervision. Our MFM Awards Parent Tester Ellie, who tested this out with her 8-month-old daughter, commented that the 5-point adjustable harness “ensures that she is secure and well supported, without compromising on comfort”.

The straps can be easily adjusted to fit your child, but they have a tendency to get dirty - all part and parcel of weaning. Thankfully they are easily removed and can be cleaned with a damp sponge or placed in the washing machine every so often.

How comfortable does your baby look when seated in the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair?

The strong, robust design meant that Ethan was completely at ease when seated. The soft lined insert and high back kept him nicely cocooned without being restricted, and he sat happily playing with his toys whilst I prepared his food. After eating he was generally content to stay seated whilst I whizzed around the kitchen clearing up.

Munchkin 360 Cloud highchair

Smaller babies that are just beginning their weaning journey will probably need to be propped up with an extra cushion as the insert isn’t especially padded but once baby is sitting up independently this won’t be necessary.

MFM Awards Parent Tester Sarah – who used the Munchkin 360° Cloud with her 17-month-old – agreed the seat was “very well proportioned and looks very comfortable for a child to sit in with a decent backrest and seat liner”. MFM Awards Parent Tester Ellie also noted how her 8-month-old daughter had “adequate leg room”.

How adjustable is the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair?

The Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair can be used from 6-months to 3-years-old, with a weight limit of 33kg and you are able to adjust for your child’s needs accordingly. The legs come in two parts, so when your baby is very little you could use the chair with the base which would involve you sitting or kneeling down to feed. Alternatively you could screw on the legs which raises the seat to table height. I found this to be a more comfortable position for feeding. Unfortunately the chair doesn’t have any reclining settings.

On the plus side, if you detach the tray, the chair is high enough for the child to be sat at the dining table and be involved in family meals which is a big thumbs up. The chair doesn’t convert to a booster seat and the foot rest isn’t adjustable (although it is non-slip) which limits it to a 3-year lifespan. The swivel function means that you don’t need to keep moving the seat around which could be handy if you want the chair to face the other way round without having to physically relocate it.

How easy is it to keep the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair clean?

Weaning can get terribly messy, and overall cleaning the highchair was pretty fuss-free. There aren’t really any crevices for food to get stuck in so you can just wipe the seat down with a damp cloth. The two-part tray and insert are also dishwasher safe for extra convenience. My only gripe was that the transparent plastic seat was prone to fingerprints and smudges, which were noticeable in the light. You need to make sure to thoroughly dry the plastic seat in order to avoid marks, and do bear in mind that the plastic can get scratched quite easily, which is a definite downside.

How much space does the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair take up when unfolded?

There is a downside to the contemporary design, it takes up a large amount of space (H:102cm x W: 71cm x L: 71cm) so it wouldn’t suit a small kitchen set-up. The legs are also very wide and I found myself having to be extra careful not to fall over it. Customer reviews on Amazon also picked up on the wide legs, with one user branding them “a terrible tripping hazard”.

Munchkin 360 Cloud highchair

MFM Parent Tester Ellie also felt that the Munchkin 360° Cloud’s size “may not be practical in homes with limited space”, which is definitely something to consider before purchasing this highchair.

Does the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair fold?

No. Along with its larger size, one of the biggest negatives about this highchair is that it is not compact and can’t be folded away neatly and stored in a cupboard.

How easy is it to store?

Whilst I loved the minimalist design, the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair is not particularly practical for stowing away. You can unscrew the wooden legs but you’re left with the seat and frame which don’t fold, so if space is of premium concern this highchair isn’t really a logical option.

Can you move the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair easily around the house?

It’s a very sturdy chair and there’s no wobbling but it’s not really made for manoeuvring from room to room due to the wide base which covers a huge surface area. It also has no wheels for easy transportation. After setting the highchair up, I moved it from my kitchen to the living room and ended up banging the legs in the doorway as the highchair’s footprint was so wide. The swivel seat function offers an alternative to moving the frame around, so find a good spot and you can then choose which direction you’d like your child to face without having to lift the whole highchair.

What do you think of the style and design?

The Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair is aesthetically-pleasing, with its modern white finishings, wooden legs and see-through seat, which blend nicely into contemporary surroundings. The wide frame offers extra stability and security but unless you have ample space, it could become a nuisance. The two-part tray is a good size, large enough to accommodate a beaker, bowl or feeding tray and toy, and on that note there is a handy groove to place a cup which minimises spillages.

Munchkin 360 Cloud highchair

How do you rate the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair’s features?

The standout 360° swivel feature makes the highchair feel really quite unique. You press a little button at the back of the chair and it rotates both left and right in a full circle. In terms of practicality, if you want to change the direction that your baby is facing, you have to make sure that they are already seated as you need to have both hands free to use the swivel function. MFM Parent Tester Ellie added that while the 360° swivel has made life easier at meal times, it hasn’t been as effective in facilitating interaction, as Munchkin suggests – although other parents may disagree.

The foot rest offers grip which allows an older child to get up and down from the seat safely without the risk of slipping and the seat was spacious enough without the insert to accommodate an older toddler without having to squeeze into a tight space. The high back provides support to both younger and older children. I liked the fact that the tray components are removable so the child can be pulled right up to the dining table and involved in family mealtimes. It was also a bonus that the two-part tray and insert were dishwasher safe.

How does the Munchkin 360° Cloud compare with other highchairs you’ve used?

If you’re looking for a more compact swivel highchair, the Cosatto 3Sixti2, £199.96, fits the bill for a similar price. The 3Sixti2 is chic, ultra modern and has a much smaller footprint whilst offering six height and reclining options. It also features an underbase roller, so while it’s almost double the weight of the Munchkin 360° at 14.8kg, it’s also portable.

My everyday highchair is the OXO Tot Sprout which, like the Munchkin 360° , features a nice streamlined design but takes up much less space and can be converted into a dining chair. It was pricier than the Munchkin 360° Cloud at £250 but due to the fact it’s more compact, I wouldn’t swap it.

How does the Munchkin 360° Cloud measure up with similar swivel/rotating highchairs?

Product nameWeight (Kg)Swivel/rotating seat?Open dimensions (Hcm x Wcm x Lcm)RRP (£)
Munchkin 360° Cloud Highchair7.3kgYes, 360° swivel102cm x 71cm x 71cm£199.99
Cosatto 3Sixti2 3Sixti214.8kgYes, 6 position 360° swivel96cm x 57cm x 57cm£169.95
Joie Mimzy 3-in-112.16kgYes, 360° rotating seat100cm x 80cm x 74.3cm£140

What’s in the box?

  • Seat
  • Highchair frame
  • Tray

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

The Munchkin 360° Cloud is also available to buy with a 20-piece weaning bundle for £231.35. Along with the chair, the set includes three suction bowls, four divided suction plates, six soft tip spoons, four training spoons, one training cup and one sippy cup from the Munchkin range.

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair?

As well as being made aware of its innovative 360° swivel feature, I’d also liked to have known that while the seat liner is wipeable you can’t pop it into the washing machine, the footrest isn't adjustable and that the flared legs take up such a large space and are a trip hazard.

Who would the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair be most useful for?

It’s not the most economical highchair on the market, but if you’re looking for a chair that offers an overwhelmingly stylish design, complete sturdiness, comfort and you have the space to accommodate its wider legs, then look no further than the 360° Cloud.

Is the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair worth the money?

Whilst I loved some elements of the highchair, especially the appearance, I’d be reluctant to buy it for £219.99 simply because of its wide legs and the fact it’s difficult to store. MFM Parent Tester Ellie also agreed, adding: “The 360° Cloud is good quality and has some impressive design features, but I don't feel that the swivel function is impressive enough to justify the price tag.”

Where can I buy the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair?

It is available from Munchkin, Boots and Amazon.


MadeForMums verdict:

There’s no denying that the Munchkin 360° Cloud highchair is stylish, very durable and does its job well, very well in fact. It looks and feels like a premium product, I love the underrated design, swivel feature and that it blends nicely into its surroundings – which is a refreshing change to all the brightly coloured plastic baby products you accumulate. It will last your child from weaning through to around 3-years-old, thanks to the spacious seat, large tray and built-in footrest but, it doesn’t tick all the boxes for me. The Munchkin 360° comes with a hefty £219.99 price tag and if you are short on space and looking for a compact highchair that can be easily stored away, this isn’t the highchair for you.

Product Specifications

Model360 Cloud Highchair
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:102cm W:71cm D:71cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)6 months to 3 years
Child weightUp to 15kg
Recline positionsNone
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Easy to clean
  • One minute assembly
  • Maximum safety
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
  • Lightweight
Accessories included
  • Seat
  • High chair frame
  • Tray
Optional extras
  • Cloud High Chair & Baby Weaning Bundle (£289.20)