In a nutshell

A travel system aimed at new, inner-city dwelling parents that looks expensive, but comes with an affordable price tag.

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Stylish, manoeuvrable, cosy, sturdy, large basket and excellent value for money..


  • No hooks on the handle for shopping/hand bag.

It’s safe to say that Mutsy is not a very well known pushchair brand within the UK baby and toddler outfitting sector.


But the Dutch buggy maker, also known by a more traditional name of Mutsaerts, has been producing baby products since the late 1930’s, in fact its first prototype, the Model M stroller led the way in style and innovation back in 1937 in Holland.

A high-end brand that could rival the likes of Hauck, with regards to its extensive history and give Bugaboo a run for its money in the fashion department, Mutsy proudly credits itself with creating the first fully dismountable baby carriage, the Plivite system back in 1963.

Mutsy also highlights on its website its 1978 Ascot pushchair, which included a carry cot that transformed into a seat unit (a “unique” selling point emphasized by many a manufacturers today) and its Monaco travel system, the first 3-in-1 concept.

Nowadays the baby brand sells a total of seven buggies, two car seats, one highchair and a carrier – hardly an extensive collection, however the company seems to have opted for quality over quantity and is determined to produce goods that are elegant in style, easy to use and lightweight.

And these are the three main selling points for the Mutsy Evo pushchair, which the brand has labeled as part of its “urban nomad edition” – ideal for city-dwelling parents who still want to enjoy long walks, even if it is around a concrete metropolis.

Suitable from birth with a carrycot, the pram is travel system compatible, relatively lightweight at 11.9kg and can be used in parent and world-facing modes.

What's in the Box?

  • Chassis with wheels
  • Hood pack
  • Carry cot
  • Toddler seat
  • Rain covers for seat and carry cot

Any additional extras?

  • Nomad footmuff - £45
  • Parasol - £35
  • Step-up board - £50

First impressions?

Similar to most Dutch-made pushchairs the Evo is precise, attractive and sturdy. From the leather clad handle to the contemporary chassis and the high quality fabric the Evo is eye-catching and draws you to it.

What about building the pram?

I took it out of the box – without fuss and mounds of packaging, and it was virtually pre-assmebled. All I had to do was attach the wheels and that was easy and it was all ready in a matter of minutes.

Is it lightweight?

Yes, it is certainly a light pushchair when compared to some I have tested with friends and family. I previously owned the Quinny Buzz and that is a lot bulkier than this pushchair and heavier.

How is pushing it when out and about?

I tested The Evo by going out and about to my local shop, school runs and also a bit of retail therapy with the children.

It is very light considering it is a 3-in-1 travel system and is really lovely to push around, even my eldest daughter managed it and she’s only nine!

I live in a small village in Wales, so we often get all types of grassy, muddy, rocky and unpredictable roads but I found the pushchair rides well on all, it feels very sturdy and strong.

And it was a Godsend while in town, even the fast-paced Swansea city centre streets couldn’t phase it.

Coupled with the pram’s buoyancy is the great maneuverability, it’s versatile, great to push and also, I have to say, it’s compact when folded and takes up a lot less room than previous pushchairs I’ve had.

For taller parents or parents of different by noticeably varying statures, like me and my other half, this pushchair would be ideal as the handle height is very easy to adjust.

This is due to where the buttons are placed, they make changing from say 5ft to 6.2ft in an instant very light to work and the chic leather handle looks extremely nice when doing it!

How is it to store?

The Evo is small and sleek - it fits in the boot of my car very easily compared to other pushchairs I previously had, which were very bulky.

What about the style?

I have to say I have never seen a Mutsy pushchair before, but I love the way the Evo looks! From the leather handle (mentioned above) to the metallic finish hood colour packs, Mutsy has this style thing down to a T!

Is it a good first buggy and suitable for newborns?

Yes, on both counts - the carrycot is lovely and soft and does what you expect from the beginning; it keeps baby’s head snug and secure.

I would recommend it from birth as the carrycot is well padded for the baby’s head and comfort which i feel is a must when transporting an infant.

How is folding the Mutsy Evo?

It folds really easily to the point even my children could do it! It is so smooth I also gave my mum a go at folding it, she usually stays away from our buggies but she had no problems putting it up and down.

Tell us about the basket.

I’m a mum of four (yes, four) so I need a lot of storage space for different items while out and about, and the buggy’s basket is very good for that.

It’s got ample space and you don’t realise how much you need storage space until you actually have a pushchair without it.

The only negative I have with the Evo is that there is no hook to hang a bag on. When you’re out with a pram it’s almost second nature to want to hang a handbag or changing bag on the back of the buggy, which you can’t do with the Evo.

Saying that, this slight oversight is made up for by the large basket underneath which holds more than enough for a short shopping trip.

Is it value for money?


You can buy this pushchair bundle from some retailers for £399 which is an extremely good price for what you get as it’s a lovely pushchair and well worth what you pay, if not more.

Product Specifications

Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 3 years
Child weightUp to 15kg
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:105cm W:61cm
Dimensions (folded)H:68cm W:61cm
Travel system compatibleYes
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Recline positions4
Lie flatYes
  • Suitable birth
  • Includes lie flat carrycot
  • Converts to a travel system
  • Fourway suspension
  • One-hand seat recline
  • Multi-terrain puncture-proof wheels
Accessories includedRain cover
Optional extras
  • Nomad footmuff - £45
  • Parasol - £35
  • Step-up board - £50