In a nutshell

A solid Tummy Butter ideal for night-time moisturising specifically and designed for pregnancy stretch marks..



  • A sweet and rather more-ish smell, leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturised, value for money.


  • Not the easiest cream to apply due to its solidity, best used as a night cream.

Overall score: 3.5 out of 5

What our testers say...


MFM mum Becky Gower

  • This Cocoa Butter is easy to rub into your skin, but it is slow to absorb. It's much better used as an evening cream so you don’t have to get dressed straight after rubbing it in.
  • This was my favourite scent from the creams and lotions I tested. The cocoa butter smell is strong, sweet and rather more-ish. It is worth giving it a sniff in store if you have a sensitive nose when pregnant, but personally I love strong smells when I am expecting and this hit the spot.
  • It doesn’t claim to work on existing stretch marks and I haven’t found any difference on my existing stretch marks. But it left my skin feeling incredibly nourished and moisturised which is part of the battle.
  • I would definitely use the tummy butter again, it smelt delicious and felt the nicest on my skin. It's great value and easy to find in high street shops and supermarkets.
  • Becky's score: 4.5

MFM mum Caroline Carpenter

  • When I opened this product I completely understood why it was called tummy butter. The pot was shallow and wide and full of a hard, incredibly thick waxy cream.
  • I found it quite hard to get a good amount out of the pot, I literally had to dig it out. I had to rub it in my hands to warm it up to be able to spread it on my tummy.
  • Once on, it did give great coverage and you felt if you had dry skin or stretch marks already this would help.
  • For my skin I found this product a little heavy but I know some women experience very dry skin during pregnancy so I would recommend it to them.
  • Caroline's score: 2.5

MFM mum Georgina Rodgers

  • This “solid” tummy butter is an ultra-concentrated night-time formula. The cream has previously won a Gold Award for Best Maternity Skincare Product at the Mother & Baby Awards.
  • I didn’t find it the easiest cream to apply due to its solidity. Because you have to scrape it out, it often ended up stuck under my fingernails. It also needs to be rubbed in really well, which can be time-consuming.
  • I found the cocoa butter smell quite sickly and when your sense of smell is sensitive during pregnancy, I found this off-putting.
  • After application, my skin did feel extremely supple and smooth, so it works very well and I found it does actually reduce existing lines.
  • Another big plus is the low price point; this product offers exceptional value for money.
  • Georgina's score: 4

Product Specifications

ModelCocoa Tummy Butter