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How to find cute, well-fitting sleepsuits and baby grows for tiny newborns that are quick and easy to buy


Clothes for early or tiny babies

For most new parents, the premature arrival of a baby is a shock and a surprise. While you’re coping with a range of emotions, one of the practical things that needs sorting is finding baby clothes that fit well and won’t swamp your early baby.


And it’s not just size. Some of you may have a baby who’s in a special care baby unit, high dependency or neonatal intensive-care unit, and who needs special clothes that allow doctors and nurses to complete procedures with ease.

The good news is that there are specialist places and even some supermarkets and high street stores that stock a range of clothes for premmies, suitable for the tiniest and the neediest. Many will also deliver within 24 hours.

Read on to find out our top 8 suppliers


Baby Prem

Baby Prem has a range of premature baby clothes for babies as tiny as 1.5lbs and offers next day delivery.

Baby Prem bodysuits are specially designed to be suitable for babies who are staying in a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) or Neonatal Unit. They also open fully with popper fastenings, allowing easy access to all parts of your baby, which can be very reassuring.  

What we really like is the fact the descriptions on the website are so informative, showing how well Baby Prem knows its stuff. 


Pop N Grow

The children’s charity Pop N Grow makes specially designed clothes for babies weighing between 2lbs and 6lbs. It also donates garments to parents with premature babies who may be going through physical, mental, emotional and financial strain.

The clothes are specially made to allow for space and comfort around wires, tubes or lines your premmie baby may need during a stay in hospital. The adorable little sleepsuits have special designed ‘mitten’ style feet, which allow for oxygen saturation monitors and a side front opening so there is no interference to delicate belly buttons.


Early Baby Store

Specialising in clothes and accessories for babies in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), high dependency unit (HDU), and special care baby unit (SCBU), the Early Baby Store is run by parents who have experienced an early arrival themselves. It stocks sizes from as small as 1lb and also offers a next day delivery service.

We like the detailed labelling of the clothes – so you know how to get the right outfits for your baby’s needs. For example, the Premature Baby Hospital Body Vest ‘opens fully to accept leads and wires’ while the Premature Incubator Romper is ‘designed for use in NICU’.

Aside from clothes, you might find other things you haven’t thought of yet such as The Tiny Traveller which makes sure even the smallest baby fits in a carseat and buggy.


Cheeky Chums

Cheeky Chums has a wide range of clothes suitable for babies of every size – even catering for babies under 1lb.

Again the website descriptions are detailed. For example, scratch mittens are offered at £1.85 with a cute description of why your “little wriggler” would need these in NICU.


If your baby arrives around Christmas time, then Cheeky Chums even has a great range of festive premature baby clothes to choose from, including gingerbread and snowmen patterned outfits.

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