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Products that can save your baby’s life

From baby monitors and carbon monoxide alarms, to blind cord cleats and furniture anchors, we pick out the products that can help you keep your little one out of danger


Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, £89

With a 10 year lifespan, self test function – that checks sensors and batteries a whopping 400 times a day, as well as doing a monthly quiet sound test at a time set by you – and combined smoke and carbon monoxide detection, this is a next-generation alarm.


It can also be synced to your phone, allowing you to silence the alarm at the touch of your screen.

Buy the Nest Protect from John Lewis, direct from Nest, or from Amazon.


Angelcare AC1100 Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, £209.99

Angelcare is one of the biggest names in the baby-monitor business, and its award-winning AC1100 includes an HD video camera with zoom and rotate functions, temperature monitor, nightlight and a digital 2.4GHz crystal clear sound transmission microphone.

The parent unit has a lot in common with an iPhone, according to our MFM reviewer, because it has a neat colour touch screen and is the control centre for all actions, including the camera zoom and talk-back functions.

Read the full Angelcare AC1100 review here

Completing the system is the under-mattress sensor pad that will sound an alert if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds.  With all these functions it’s easy to see why our reviewer gave it 4.5 stars.

Available from AngelcareAmazon, and John Lewis.


Tootsy Boo Anti-tip TV and furniture anchors, £8.99

Freestanding TV sets, drawers and dressers can be a real risk for young children, with a child reportedly being killed every two weeks in the US by furniture or an appliance falling on them.

After three children died in the US, IKEA recalled its MALM chest of drawers – and the product is supplied with a wall fixing kit in the UK.

This anti-tip anchor set includes mountings that will fit any TV – including long 25mm M8 screws for Samsung Smart TVs – as well as a whole range of screws for furniture.

It’s a simple fix – but could make all the difference.

Buy the Tootsy Boo Anti-tip TV and furniture strap set from Amazon

The furniture video that could save your child’s life


Dreambaby Blind Cord Wind-Up, £2.93

Useful for blind cords that hang down the middle of a window, rather than next to a wall, the Dreambaby Blind Cord Wind-Up keeps the extra cord coiled up inside the plastic casing – well away from any little hands.

These are also a great option if you rent your home and the landlord objects to you making holes in walls.

Mum’s stark blind cord warning as 2-year-old goes limp in front of her

Buy the Dreambaby Blind Cord Wind-Up from Amazon


Blind cord cleat, £2

If screwing into a wall is no issue, then a traditional two-sided blind cord cleat is just the thing for securing long cords.

Recommended by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as part of its blind cord safety campaign, these cheap and unobtrusive cleats are a potential lifesaver.

Buy a blind cord cleat from John Lewis

Fitting blinds in your child’s bedroom or at home? Read this first


Lockabox, £24.95

Keeping medicines locked away is crucial when there are inquisitive little ones on the loose – after all, harmful pills can look just like little sweeties.

The British-designed Lockabox is an ideal solution, measuring 31 x 21 x 17cm and with a 3-digit combination code lock, so no losing the key!

It’s BPA-free and shatter-proof, plus, there are seven colours to choose from, to add a bit of fun to locking up your medicines!

Buy the Lockabox here.


Halfords Reflective Stickers, £3.99

They might be designed with bikes in mind, but these reflective stickers are perfect for popping on the front and sides of your buggy’s frame, to make sure you are seen on dark evenings.

After all, how many times have you been about to cross the road and wondered whether that driver has really seen you?

They’ll also stick to fabric – so you could even make your baby carrier reflective.

Buy the reflective stickers from Halfords.


Creative Pond Covers bespoke safety cover, £POA

There are plenty of pond covers out there to reduce the risks of water features, but we love the bespoke designs from Creative Pond Covers.

Working with schools, as well as private homes, the company creates unique safety covers with designs ranging from classic dome shapes, to abstract creations, beautiful lily leaf forms, and even covers in the shape of frogs and tadpoles!

And the best bit – they are made from galvanized steel, which lasts 30 years.

Get a quote from Creative Pond Covers.


Baby Safe: The Practical Guide for Preventing Infant & Toddler Injuries, £2.21

Practising emergency physician Mark Brandenburg’s invaluable guide to baby safety covers pretty much every scenario, from lawn mowers and swimming pools, to cars, toys and dog bites.

Covering infancy to age six, there is also an accompanying edition called Child Safe, which includes safety tips for youngsters up to 14.

Buy the Baby Safe book on Amazon.


Baby Safety: Baby Proofing Your World, £3.77

Julie Williams’ book aims to cover everything you need to know about keeping your baby safe, from car seat safety, to co-sleeping and everything in between.

Buy the Baby Safety book on Amazon


Clippasafe Extendable, Dual Fix Push to Lock Gate, £39.99

Stairs may not immediately jump out as a potentially fatal hazard, but the past few years have seen a number of deaths reported in both the UK and US, when toddlers and young children have taken a tumble.

It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry, and why not check out our Safety Gate Buyer’s Guide?

Our MFM reviewer said she planned to replace all her safety gates with the Clippasafe Extendable, Dual Fix Push to Lock Gate, as she was so impressed with its ease of use.

Extending to fill gaps 69.5cm to 106.5cm, it’s made from sustainable beechwood and can be fixed permanently, or moved to different spots.

Safety gates are also ideal for blocking off potentially hazardous rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, when your baby starts moving.

Read the full review of the Clippasafe here.

Buy the Clippasafe direct from the brand, or from Amazon.

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