Reuseables, disposables or both? How to choose the right nappy for you

With so many nappies on the market, choosing between them can be confusing. Take advice from these mums as they discuss and explain their favourites


Disposable nappies

Clare Beith, 34, from Hertfordshire, mum to Jack, 2, says:


 “We started using shaped reusable nappies when Jack was born. I really tried to get on with them but I found them really fiddly and a bit overwhelming when you’ve got so many other things to think about as a new mum.

“I couldn’t keep up with the washing and found the dirty nappies difficult to store. The nappies were also really bulky on Jack and I didn’t think he looked very comfy in them. I started using them as little as once a day and that was just to make myself feel a bit better.

“When it was time to get the next size up I decided to stop using them altogether. I wasn’t completely happy with them, and it would have cost around £100 to get the next set, so I switched to using disposables. I went for the eco disposables which are kinder  to the environment and they cost the same as normal disposables.

“As nappies are vital I think they can be budgeted for and they are a bit of a necessary evil. At the end of the day you have to make the choice that works best for you, your baby and your family.”

Reusable nappies

Kristin Mcintosh, 31, from the West Midlands, mum to Ciaran, 11 months, says:

“I didn’t use reusables straight away as my husband wasn’t keen, so I started with disposables. It wasn’t until we were at a local baby fair when Ciaran was 5 months old that I thought about them again. After a demonstration and trial pack I was so impressed that we began using the all-in-one reusables. My husband had thought reusables were all about pins and folding terry squares but after using them he was swayed by the money-saving aspect.

“I didn’t find the switch too troublesome – I only have one extra load of washing every three days and it’s become part of our routine. My husband and I often put the poppers back in place while watching TV! You can put your baby in them at night too.

“We prefer reusables because they’re better for the environment, save lots of money, and if we have another baby we can re-use them. And once you’ve found the brand that works for you and your baby, they’re very reliable.”

Best of both – reusable and disposable nappies

Tabatha McCormick, 30, from Hampshire, mum to Sebastien, 7 months, says:

“Before Sebastien was born I planned to only use reusables but when he actually arrived the reality was slightly different. We went through nappies so quickly in his newborn days that disposables were a lot easier to manage.

“But after the first few months we decided to give the reusables another go. We were still keen to use them and I thought they’d be kinder on Sebastien’s skin, as well as better for the environment. We also thought we would save some money if we weren’t using disposables all the time.

“I adapted really easily to the washing and drying but I decided that we didn’t have to limit ourselves to only using resuables. “Sebastien is 7 months old now and I use both resuable and disposable nappies on him. We normally use reusables in the day and if we’re going out I bring disposables, because they’re a lot easier. We tend to use them at night too as they’re more absorbent so you’re not changing as frequently.

“When you’re deciding on what nappy to choose I don’t think it has to be one or the other. By using reusables and disposables I’ve got the best of both worlds – the convenience of disposables when I need them, and some of the environmental pluses
that reusables offer.”

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