10 of the best kids’ pencil cases

Plush pencil pouches and cartoon cases - ideal for getting your child back to school ready


ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case

1. ZIPIT Talking Monstar Pencil Case, £5.99

Made with one long zip, this fun design fits up to 30 pens, has a life time warranty and is machine washable.


Available: Amazon

Smiggle Colour Change Hardtop Pencil Case

2. Smiggle Colour Change Hardtop Pencil Case, £13.50

This interactive colour change pencil case reacts to heat. Loads of fun as even your own hand will leave a print. It comes in 4 colours; coral, purple, black and navy. Each with a unique, fun intricate design.

Available: Smiggle

Cotton Pencil Case to draw on, colour in, personalise, wash & design again

3. Cotton Pencil Case to draw on, colour in, personalise, wash & design again, £12.50

Washable fabric pens are included with creative pencil case that will get the creative juices flowing. Once it’s been designed, you can keep it or wash it and start again.

Available from: Amazon

Bramblewood Hedgehog Fluffy Pencil Case

4. Bramblewood Hedgehog Fluffy Pencil Case, £7.99

Your child will love this sleepy, fluffy hedgehog friend to take care of while they’re at school. It may be sleeping but it will still keep your pens safe and secure with its zip fastening.

Available from: WHSmith


5. LEGO Blue Brick Pencil Case, £7.99

This case, available in multiple classic colours, is perfect for little LEGO fans taking on their first days at school.

Available from: Ryman

Harry Potter Red Pencil Case

6. Harry Potter Red Pencil Case, £6.99

The only school Harry Potter fans want to belong to is Hogwarts! This purple pencil case features gold embossing in a Hogwarts theme.

Available from: WHSmith

Tinc Snug Hugga Pencil Case, Green

7. Tinc Snug Hugga Pencil Case, Green, £15.00

Cool and cute this pencil case is ready to hold all your pens AND give a hug. We love how it can stand up on it’s own – perfect for placing on your desk.

Available from: Amazon

Hype Galactic Pencil Case

8. Hype Galactic Pencil Case, £9.99

Animal lovers will adore these stand-up dog pencil cases…

Available from: £4.97 each, from Amazon

Spiderman 3D Filled Pencil Case

9. Spiderman 3D Filled Pencil Case, £18.49

Comes complete with a ballpoint pen, ruler, 1 HB pencils, 8 colouring pencils, 8 felt tip pens, an eraser and a pencil sharpener.

Available from: Character Brands

Bramblewood Pink Clear PVC Pencil Case

10. WHSmith Bramblewood Pink Clear PVC Pencil Case, £6.99

Clear pencil cases are helpful when you need to be able to find an item quickly. This one has a really cute owl design.

Available from: WHSmith

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