There’s a brand new stroller buggy on the block, and it’s a very interesting cross between a small-folding pushchair, a pram and a travel system.


Silver Cross, the British pram and buggy manufacturers, has just unveiled the Reflex, which promises to give mums a flexible umbrella-fold stroller that can work as a pram or a travel system.

What makes the Reflex special

1 The umbrella-fold stroller style means it has a compact fold, so easy to cart around and store in small spaces – but that’s normal for an umbrella fold. What isn’t usual is that the Reflex is suitable from birth.

Normally, umbrella-fold buggies (the best known are Maclaren pushchairs) are suitable from around 6 months – when your baby doesn’t have to lie flat in a pushchair.

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It also comes with a bumper bar – which cleverly doesn’t need to be removed when folding.

2 It’s travel system compatible. It’s difficult to convert most umbrella-fold buggies into travel systems. The Reflex comes with adaptors for the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat, which simply clicks on to the adaptors.

3 You can turn it into a parent-facing pram by buying a £75 newborn accessory pack. This contains:

  • Baby nest – which was developed for the Silver Cross Surf
  • Lightweight apron
  • Second hood

The clever bit – you can fold the buggy with the pram accessory in place – so you don’t have to take it off and store it separately

4 It comes in at an extremely good price - £250. For this you get:

  • Pushchair with large extendable hood
  • Washable seat liner
  • Apron
  • Detachable bumper bar
  • Shopping basket
  • Car seat adaptors for the Silver Cross Simplicity to turn it into a travel system
  • Raincover
  • LED lights – these can be switched on to give you high visibility on winter afternoons, positioned to be seen by cars when you’re crossing the road

We’ll be giving the Reflex a full road test soon. But in the meantime, there are two things to be aware of.

1 The pushchair itself does not have a reversible seat. However, if you buy the £75 newborn accessory pack, then you can have your baby facing you for the first six months (or until your baby grows out of the baby nest). After that, when your baby or toddler is in the main seat, they will be forward facing.

2 The Reflex is travel system compatible, but at the moment you can only use it with the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat. It’s a great car seat – read our review – but if you have a different car seat, you can’t buy adaptors to use it on the Reflex. Silver Cross is currently looking into whether it will make it compatible with other car seats, but this is only a possibility for the future.

When is it available?

The Reflex will first be sold in John Lewis – and will be in stores in mid March.

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Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums