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Silver Cross Pacific Autograph travel system review

Our rating 
4.6 out of 5 star rating 4.6
£895.00 RRP
Silver Cross Pacific Autograph travel system outdoors and in a studio

In a nutshell

A pushchair that has style and substance rolled into one with premium materials and Silver Cross’ trademark attention to detail
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Comfort for child
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Worth the money
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Pros: Luxury fabrics, one-piece fold down with seat unit attached, antibacterial bamboo lining, multi-terrain wheels, travel system compatible
Cons: Pricey, heavy to lift, can't fold down with one hand, hard to access shopping basket with carrycot attached
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MadeForMums reviews are independent and based on expertise and testing. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our product choices.


This premium pram is made by Silver Cross, a world-renowned British brand who have been manufacturing prams for over 140 years. Such is its reputation for excellence, Silver Cross has been the preferred choice for royals for the past century. And although the royals (and their nannies) tend to favour traditional designs with large wheels and a permanent sprung chassis, the Pacific Autograph is very much for modern mums (and dads) on the go.

With its luxury twill fabrics and sleek feel, the Pacific Autograph is for fashion-conscious parents who want to stand out from the crowd. At £895, it’s at the higher end of the market, along with other premium brands such as iCandy and Bugaboo.

This premium finish helped the pushchair to scoop joint silver in the MadeForMums Awards 2020, for travel system package over £700. I put the pushchair through its paces as part of testing for the awards as travel system with the Silver Cross Dream car seat (a MadeForMums 2020 Triple Tested Best Buy).

Tested by

Georgette tested the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph with her 8-week-old baby Jude on walks around Bristol and on the bus. It was put through its paces on cobbled pavements, grassy parks and public transport.

What were your first impressions of the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

It’s very classy looking. Its twill fabrics, high shine chassis and antique nickel details caught my eye straightaway. I thought it looked chic, cool and beautifully made.

How does the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph compare to other pushchairs you have tried?

For the first three weeks after Jude’s arrival I used a £300 Mothercare travel system. While it was good value it was quite basic, the wheels struggled off-road. Whereas the multi-terrain wheels on the Pacific Autograph are perfect for city strolls as well as more challenging surfaces such as country parks.

The fabrics didn’t look or feel luxurious and the carrycot wasn’t comfortable enough for overnight sleeping, unlike the Pacific Autograph where the carrycot has been designed with this in mind.

While the Pacific Autograph is definitely pricier, I think it will prove a solid investment especially as I’d like more kids in the future.

How is it different to the Silver Cross Pioneer 2020?

Overall they are very similar pushchairs. The Pacific Autograph is slightly more expensive at £895 whereas the Pioneer 2020 is £795. There are also differences in style: the Pacific has a vintage feel with an early 50s retro look whereas the Pioneer was inspired by artisan trends.

In terms of weight they’re very similar – there is just 0.2kg difference with the seat unit but with the carrycot on the Pacific Autograph it is slightly lighter at 9.3kg compared to 10.5kg on the Pioneer 2020.

This is also the case when it comes to the dimensions of both pushchairs. The Pacific Autograph is around 10cm longer when unfolded but there is just 0.5cm difference in length between the two when folded.

If it’s a luxury feel you’re after then the Pacific Autograph is a better option with its premium details such as twill fabrics, a high gloss chassis 2-tone effect bumper bar and a reversible seat liner with faux fur on one side and coordinating fabrics on the reverse.

However if you’re looking for a pushchair that will tackle most terrains with ease, you may want to go for the Pioneer 2020 which Silver Cross has designed with improved suspension and never-wear tyres.

What age is the Pacific Autograph suitable for?

The Pacific Autograph is suitable from birth to 22kg – the average age of a 6-year-old. Although not sure they’d fit in height-wise, it shows it carries a lot of weight.

The newborn carrycot can be used up to 6 months or when your baby hits 9kg – whichever comes first. After that, you’ll have to swap the carrycot for the deluxe reversible pushchair seat unit.

I’ve got quite a big baby, he was 8’12 when he was born and is now 11 and a half pounds, so I fear he may outgrow the carrycot before six months. This isn’t a huge problem as the pushchair has three recline positions, including full recline which puts it in a lie-down position which could be used for short daytime naps.

What is the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph carrycot like?

The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping, so you don’t need to splash more cash on a travel cot. In fact, it’s so comfy that my little one prefers it to his cot. With its super soft bamboo lining and quilted padding, he feels comfy and secure.

We discovered how amazing it was when we went for an impromptu weekend away. At the time, Jude was just 3 weeks old and I felt completely overwhelmed by the prospect of travelling from home, but I needn’t have worried. Miraculously, for the first time since he was born, he slept through the whole night (7 hours) uninterrupted. So you can see why we’re still sleeping him in it!

What is the seat unit on the Pacific Autograph like?

MFM Tester Kimberley tested the seat unit on the Pacific Autograph with her 3-year-old and found it to be a comfortable fit: “She still has plenty of space for comfort, so it is long lasting, rather than having to purchase a second pram later on.”

The reversible faux fur seat liner also adds a luxury feel to the travel system along with the quilted detailing on the fabric, something which MFM judges also praised.

How many recline positions are there on the seat?

The Pacific Autograph seat unit has 3 forward-facing and 3 rearward-facing recline positions – upright, semi-recline and full recline.

To adjust the seat position in either forward or rearward facing mode, lift and hold the seat recline adjustment lever on the back of the seat unit. Move the seat unit upwards or downwards to upright, semi-recline or full recline.

While it’s easy to adjust the full recline position doesn’t go fully flat.

How is interacting with your child when in the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

As my baby is only 8-weeks-old I’ve only used the carrycot and Dream car seat while out and about. But I have a good view of Jude inside but because it’s so comfy most of the time he’s asleep.

How effective is the hood on the Pacific Autograph?

Both hoods for the carrycot and seat unit can be adjusted into 3 positions ­– fully open, semi-open and fully covered. Both are UPF+50 with pop-out sun visors so your baby is shaded from UV rays and both have a ventilation flap to keep baby cool and comfortable in warmer months.

The cover for the seat unit also has a window. The hood makes a slight popping noise when you adjust it, but it’s not loud enough to disturb baby.

How do you fold the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

The Pacific Autograph can be folded with the pushchair seat unit attached as long as it’s in a forward-facing position. In all other positions it is recommended to remove the seat unit – including when the carrycot is on top and the shopping basket needs to be empty too.

While it’s very easy to fold down and pull-up, you can’t fold it with one hand, so it’s a bit of a pain if there’s no one to hold baby or anywhere to put the baby down easily. To fold it:

  • Press and hold the fold release button at the top of the chassis (just under the handle bar on the right- hand side).
  • While holding the button pull both of the fold release triggers towards you (both buttons are just under the handle bar on either side of the chassis.
  • Then push the handle downwards until the fold lick engages.

How compact is the pushchair when folded?

It’s very compact and slots into most small spaces and is easy to store.

Does the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph fit in the boot of your car?

Yes, it slips neatly into the boot of our car. We drive a rather old Ford Focus and have no issue getting it in and out. We have also tried it in a small Renault Clio and again it gets in and out easily.

How easy is it to push and steer the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

As it’s relatively lightweight, it’s easy to manoeuvre and the handlebar is comfortable to use. I can even push it along with one hand, while sipping my latte in the other.

How does it ride on smooth surfaces?

The large Silver Cross multi-terrain wheels mean it’s suitable for a stroll through town or a brisk walk in the countryside. The wheels glide over smooth pavement and I’ve taken it out in stormy weather and it never felt like it was going to blow over or fall apart.

How does it perform on more challenging surfaces?

The Pacific Autograph has excellent steerability and effortlessly mounts curbs – even when a shopaholic like me piles the shopping basket to the brim!

I often stroll around Bristol harbourside which is cobbled and I can just about steer it one-handed on them, so that’s saying something!

I’ve even taken it out when it’s been icy and the tyres seemed to grip well and didn’t feel like it was going to skid or slide.

How did you find the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph on public transport?

The pram is relatively light to push so it’s easy to manoeuvre on and off public transport. I have travelled on the bus with it with no problems and it’s small enough to slot into the pushchair space on the bus.

That said, one time I tried it on a train which was a bit trickier as there was a big gap between the train and the platform so I needed help getting on and off. Fortunately, another passenger was able to help me!

What do you think of the pushchair’s wheels?

I never thought I’d see the words ‘wheels’ and ‘stylish’ together in the same sentence, but here I am typing it! The chrome toned wheel trims and polished alloy tyres add to the premium feel.

But they’re not all style and no substance – as they are large multi-terrain and puncture-proof, they can glide over smooth surfaces and conquer more challenging surfaces too.

Is the frame on the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph strong?

The glossy chassis looks super sleek and it’s relatively lightweight (5.8kg), but it’s also sturdy.

The pram feels safe in a stationary position and you can safely take your hands off the handlebar and it feels very secure.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

The shiny handlebar is adjustable, so you can move it accordingly to your height with the push of a button. I’m 5ft’6 and adjusted it according to my footwear! If I’m wearing heels then I’ll pull it higher and lower it when I’m wearing flats. My partner is over 6ft and pushed it comfortably along without stooping.

This was also a feature MFM tester Kimberley praised, “I am 5ft so need something suitable for my height, but at the same time my partner is 6ft 4 so he needs something suitable for him too that doesn’t make him slouch. And this travel system is perfect.”

How effective is the brake on the Pacific Autograph?

The brake on the Pacific Autograph is easy to find use – regardless of your foot attire. I’ve tried it in flip flops, trainers and even stilettos.

How easily can you access the basket and is it big enough to store everything you need?

The supersize shopping basket holds a decent amount (5kg) and this was something MFM tester Kimberley also found when testing the pushchair. She said, “It has a huge basket which is perfect for shopping and will encourage me to walk more often rather than driving.”

Although it’s worth noting that it’s not easy to access when the carrycot is on top. This is a bit of an issue if you’re out shopping and have bulky bags you want to slip inside, as you have to remove the carrycot first.

This isn’t a problem however when the pushchair unit or car seat is attached.

Can the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph be used as a travel system?

Yes, it’s compatible with Silver Cross Dream (£185.25 on Amazon) and Simplicity (£152 on Amazon) infant carriers, meaning you can travel easily with your little bundle of joy.

I’ve been using it with the Dream and it really is a dream (sorry couldn’t resist)! Just pop the adaptors on the chassis, slot the car seat on top and you’re ready to go.

How did you like the look of the pushchair overall?

It looks sleek, sturdy and well made. The clever reversible seat liner has faux fur on one side to keep baby snug in winter months and coordinating fabrics on the reverse for warmer days. The five 5-point safety harness pad looks strong and comfy.

What colour choices can you choose from?

It’s now available in three stunning colours, ink and bronze and most recently, Rock. Ink looks really sleek in real life and the hides any dirt or spillages which is pretty handy when it comes to having a baby on board!

What are the customisable options of the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

You can turn it from a pram into a pushchair and also recline the seat unit to suit you and your child. You can also adjust the handlebar and the hood.

What’s more, on really sunny, hot days you can pull out the pop-out sun visor. Or you can put the rain cover on when the weather turns bad to keep your baby dry inside.

The cup holder on the chassis is very convenient enabling you to grab a coffee on the go – a massive plus for any sleep-deprived parents surviving on caffeine!

What’s in the box?

  • The seat unit with harness
  • Seat unit bumper bar
  • Carrycot bumper bar
  • Chassis including basket
  • Front wheels
  • Rain cover
  • Seat unit hood
  • Carrycot hood
  • Carrycot liner
  • Carrycot mattress
    Chest pads and crotch pads
  • Ceat unit seat liner
  • Carrycot apron
  • Cup holder

Are there any additional extras you can buy?

If you want to make it into a travel system you will need to buy a car seat and adapters. You could also buy the Pacific Autograph Footmuff (£85) and the Pacific Autograph changing bag (£85), but it comes with everything else.

Is it easy to build the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

Yes, it’s very easy to build and the instructions are clear and not too long as I have the attention span of a goldfish. It took us about 20 minutes to put together, that’s including the time it took to read the instructions.

What was your favourite feature?

Gosh, it’s so hard picking one as there are so many to choose from! I love the style. It’s got a retro, timeless feel to it. The fabrics look and feel luxurious. It’s definitely a show-stopper.

Is it worth its price tag?

At first I thought, ‘wow that’s pricey’. But pram prices can go all the way up to £2000 so when you think about everything you get in the box for £895 and how well made it is, I believe the price is value for money.

After all, not only are you paying for a carrycot and a pushchair seat unit (which could last several years depending on how quickly your baby grows), you’re also paying for a tried and trusted premium brand which will stand the test of time – especially if you go on to have more children.

Where can you buy the Silver Cross Pacific Autograph?

You can buy it from Silver Cross, Kiddies Kingdom, and Pramworld 

MadeForMums verdict:

If you want style and substance rolled into one, this is the perfect pram for you. I would definitely recommend it to urban families who want an easy life, but don’t want to compromise on style.

As everything comes in the box, you don’t need to buy any extras to get going and it can easily be made into a travel system by purchasing a compatible car seat.


What’s more, it’s a great investment for those who are planning on having more kids, as it’s really well-made and will definitely stand the test of time. If you’re on a tight budget and not bothered about style, then it’s probably not the one for you. There are plenty of other prams on the market which are cheaper, all-terrain but don’t look as pretty or feel as comfortable.

Product Specifications


Brand Silver Cross
Model Pacific Autograph travel system
Price £895.00

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 10.4kg – chassis and seat unit
Dimensions H:107cm W:60cm L:90cm
Dimensions (folded) H:54cm W:60cm L:86cm

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to 6 years
Child weight Up to 22kg


Travel system compatible Yes
Compatible car seats

Compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus i-Size, Maxi-Cosi Rock i-Size, BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size, Cybex Aton Q i-Size and Cybex Cloud Z i-Size car seats when you use the Universal car seat adapters

Seat facing direction Forward facing and parent facing
Recline positions 3
Lie flat Yes
  • High shine chassis
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Large shopping basket
  • UPF50+ ventilated hood
  • Leatherette bumper bars
  • Patent leatherette piping
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Multi-terrain tyres with high shine alloys


Accessories included
  • 1x chassis
  • 1x newborn carrycot (with hood & apron)
  • 1x seat unit (with hood & apron)
  • 1x reversible seat liner
  • 1x shopping basket
  • 1x raincover
  • 2x bumper bars
  • 1x cup holder
Optional extras
  • Footmuff
  • Changing bag