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This mid-to-high price crib features a 3-in-1 design, providing a standalone crib, bedside sleeper and portable bassinet in one product. Breathable mesh sides make it easy to view baby while they sleep.
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Ease of cleaning
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Worth the money
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Pros: Multifunctional, sturdy, comfortable, spacious storage shelf, optional reflux leg, rocking stand, adjustable heights to suit your bed.
Cons: A little tricky to construct, expensive for a ‘short term’ product.
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Key features of the SnüzPod3:

  • Age suitability: birth to 6 months (or 10kg)
  • Made from: Beech wood
  • Drop down side: Yes
  • Number of adjustable base heights: Two
  • Mattress included: Yes
  • Price: £199.95

Our review

The SnüzPod is one of a range of products from Snüz, a company dedicated to improving babies’ sleep. This is the newer version of the original multi award-winning SnüzPod, which first launched in 2013. The design is special as it provides three products in one, allowing you to co-sleep safely, feed easily (without having to get up) and be closer to your baby. 

Firstly, it’s a bedside crib which securely attaches to your bed using straps and has nine height options for a perfect fit. It’s also a lift-off bassinet, which is ideal for daytime naps around the house and helps to maintain a familiar sleeping environment for your baby. Finally, it works as a stand-alone crib with a rockable stand and handy storage shelf, which provides an easier transition to the nursery.

The demand for co-sleepers has really taken off and the SnüzPod3 has plenty of competition at varying prices, including the MadeForMums Awards 2018 gold-winning Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib (£185) and the Chicco Next2Me (£179), which both double as travel cots.

Other similar products, which each offer different standout features, are the Babybay Convertible bedside cot (£200), Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Co-Sleeping Crib (£219), Jané Babyside Crib (£225), Halo Bassinest Co-sleeping Cot (£249) and Geuther Aladdin Co-Sleeping Cot (£267).

At £199.95, it’s an expensive piece of kit – so is it worth the investment? My husband and I tested the SnüzPod3 with our baby daughter Harriet, from birth. We used it in our own home – mainly in the bedroom, but occasionally as a bassinet in the lounge.

You can buy SnüzPod3 from Snüz, Amazon, Mothercare and Littlewoods

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What’s new about the SnüzPod3?

This latest version of the SnüzPod3 shares similar dimensions as earlier models but enjoys a slightly sleeker design and increased choice of colour combinations (six in total).  A few other subtle changes make it more user-friendly too: most notably, it’s a lighter unit. Whereas the SnüzPod2 weighed in at 18kg, SnüzPod3 is an easier-to-handle 11kg. This is mainly reflected in the wider and light lift-off bassinet. Other new features include a reflux incline (a wooden slat which slots in at either end of the base to gently tilt the whole unit) and dual-view breathable mesh sides – rather than just on the one side.

Despite the lighter bassinet, the SnüzPod3 is still quite bulky and inflexible to move around. We eventually left it in the bedroom, rather than taking the bassinet downstairs for Harriet’s daytime naps.


How easy is it to assemble?

Building the SnüzPod3 is very similar to earlier models. You definitely need a significant amount of space to set out all the different parts (of which there are over 25 plus screws etc) – and some of the parts are easily confused, so double check as you go. The instructions aren’t brilliant either – they’re illustrations without any text and I made a few mistakes, which forced me to undo a few steps, which was annoying. But the product is high quality and very well made – it feels super robust, which is what you want for anything to do with your baby! 

Everything you need is included in the box – except a tape measure to work out your bed height. It took me just under an hour to construct, longer than the 40 mins stated in the manual, but that’s also because I went wrong halfway through so had to deconstruct part of it and start again. It’s also worth checking which of the two sets of straps you need to fix it to your bed, as there’s a (shorter) set for a frame bed style and a (longer) pair for if you have a divan or solid bed base.

You don’t have to build it in the same room you want to use it, but it helps. We assembled it in our lounge where there was more room and then carried it upstairs – first the base, then the bassinet. While it’s relatively light to lift (in two parts), it was tricky to manoeuvre up our steep stairs which have a tight turn at the top. It was easy to get through doorways though.


What size is it and how long will it last?

Compared to the Moses basket we used for our older son, the SnüzPod3 is very spacious, measuring 100cm long by 49cm wide. As our daughter Harriet was preterm and so quite small, it will provide a good sleeping space for her until she is at least 6 months and possibly beyond. However it’s not suitable for babies much beyond this age – or who can sit up, kneel or pull themselves up. The maximum recommended weight for the child is 10kg, so it doesn’t replace the need for a cot further down the line.

Does it offer your baby the optimum sleeping position? Is it a natural position for a baby?

Experts recommend that babies sleep on their back, in their own space and in their parents’ room for the first six months. The SnüzPod3 makes all of these easy to do. She suffers quite a bit from reflux so welcomed the ‘reflux leg’, which elevates one end of the crib to help prevent her vomiting after a feed. While it doesn’t always work, it tends to be better than when she lies flat.

Safe sleep guidelines for babies under 6 months old

Does it help night-time feeding?

It’s great having Harriet right next to me on the same level, yet in her own space – the SnüzPod3 literally acts as an extension of our bed. When she was a newborn I was reluctant to bring her right into bed with me – and given the increased risk of SIDS in doing so, according to The Lullaby Trust and UNICEF, this provided a happy compromise whereby I could scoop her across for a breastfeed but then settle her back down in her cot. 

The zip-down mesh wall is easy to lower, and so I could comfort and feed Harriet throughout the night. It’s then just a case of zipping the mesh back up to create a four-walled crib, without me worrying about my duvet riding up over her face as I would if she were in the bed.

Is this co-sleeper better than having a Moses basket or crib?

The SnüzPod3 is a sophisticated alternative to a Moses basket and more snug than a three-sided bedside sleeper. The fact it is enclosed with no bars (as a standard crib would have) makes it even cosier. Its flexible three modes meant we can pop Harriet in with the sides zipped up for her daytime and early evening naps. Then when we go to bed, I’ll zip down the mesh side whenever I need to feed or comfort her. The zip-down side is kept closest to the bed, so it’s easy to reach across and zip it up and down. Thanks to the two mesh walls along its length, it’s really easy to spy on Harriet while she’s asleep.

With the SnüzPod3 it’s easier to reach over and stroke baby’s face, gently place a hand on their tummy or replace a fallen dummy, than with a Moses basket or traditional crib, where you have to lean over or have bars to negotiate. That said, it’s less portable. With our son, we used a Moses basket and one of the big advantages was that we could carry him in it from room to room without waking him. You can’t – and shouldn’t – carry the SnüzPod3 with a baby in it, although you can of course move the bassinet separately first and then put the baby in afterwards.

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Does it aid your sleep?

Not in the early days when I was sitting up to feed Harriet, but it has improved now I’m able to feed her while lying down. I can doze while she grazes! 


Is it comfortable for your daughter?

Harriet looks super comfy in her SnüzPod3. The quilted foam mattress is a lot thicker and far better quality than the rather flimsy things that come as standard with most Moses baskets. Handmade using only natural ingredients that are free from toxins and harmful chemical, it’s breathable and anti-dust mite. It also has a machine washable cover – win-win!

Does it rock?

It rocks lengthways rather than side to side and only if you’re not using the optional reflux leg propped underneath.

What is it like on space?

Much larger than standard Moses baskets but smaller than a cot, the SnüzPod3 strikes a balance between being cosy and roomy. I particularly like the large storage space underneath, which is handy for stashing spare muslin cloths, nappies and wipes etc. 

What are the safety features like?

Every SnüzPod has undergone extensive product testing and has passed British Standards BS EN 1130 (cribs and cradles). This is the only bedside crib to also pass BS EN 1466 (moses baskets). An additional safety feature is the plastic insert on the fabric pod, which bridges any gap (of up to 40mm) between the bassinet frame and your mattress.

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Do you think price makes a difference to the quality?

At £199.95, it’s not a cheap option, especially for a product you’ll probably only use for a relatively short period of time. But this is definitely reflected in the quality and high standard of materials. Additional accessories available to buy include a storage pocket (£19.95) which hangs over the end of the crib, keeping essentials close at hand, waterproof mattress protector (£15.95) and fitted sheets (£19.95).

What do you think of the design?

I love the stylish design and it has definitely added a sophisticated air to the bedroom (which can’t be said for many baby items). With a choice of six colour schemes (natural, white, dusk, dove grey, espresso, putty and haze grey) it’s possible to match the SnüzPod3 to your existing furniture or decoration. 

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, although it all has to be by hand. The SnüzPod3 can be wiped or sponged clean and you can also remove the fabric from the frame to hand wash it.

MadeForMums verdict

Despite the high price tag – especially compared to standard moses baskets – the SnüzPod3 offers a sturdy, comfortable and safe alternative to co-sleeping. It definitely makes for easier feeds through the night and I love that Harriet and I can still sleep side by side, without the risks that come with bed sharing. 

It’s also a great option for those recovering from a C-Section and who may find it more difficult to get out of bed. 

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Product Specifications


Brand Snüz
Model SnüzPod3
Price £199.95

Suitable for

Child age (approx) From Birth
Child weight Up to 10kg

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 11kg
Dimensions H:31cm–63cm W:95cm D:49cm


Rocking motion Yes
  • 9 height settings
  • Lift-off bassinet
  • Reflux incline
  • Dual-view breathable mesh walls
  • Lockable stand
  • Hand-washable fabric


Accessories included Quilted mattress; supportive mattress; bed straps; frame
Stand included Yes
Mattress included Yes
Optional extras Bedding set, storage pocket, waterproof mattress