Despite the huge popularity of the big-name brands of baby nappies, sometimes it just makes financial sense to try the own-brand versions, such as Tesco Super Fit. Tesco Super Fit are snug, don't chafe legs and leave bottoms dry, without any signs of a rash.


The mid-line range is Tesco Superfit, which is probably closest in comparison to Huggies Super Fit or Pampers Active Fit. This range of nappies is aimed at the older baby; they are designed to give them more comfort when they are on the move.

During the day, while there were no exceptional circumstances (my 16-month-old boy, Joshua, managed to have a healthy tummy throughout the trial!) regular changes produced the same effect as the big name brands: Dry bottom (a touch clammy but no signs of rash) and dry clothes.

What we love

I was impressed with the fit of the nappies. They were snug and he was able to run around as usual with no chafing from the legs.

His desire to strip was thwarted by good strong sticky fixings on the nappies, which is so important as we all know the little monkeys love to try and take their nappies off.

The Tesco Superfit also coped with poo too, however this happened while I was out and about so I wasn’t going to give them an acid test and see how long he’d stay in them before some started escaping!

These nappies are inexpensive for disposables at £4.19 for 32 and offer good protection.

What to watch out for

Nighttime wasn’t so successful because it has to be a super absorbent nappy to cope with Joshua’s hefty milk habit. Branded nappies look full to bursting but cope well, however the Tesco Superfit did leak at the legs and the whole thing felt damp, even from the outside. On one occasion it had even burst at the top front seam and the gel capsules had begun to escape across his tummy.

The really strong fixings are great in some ways but are actually so strong I couldn’t readjust them when I needed to either.

I was perhaps prompted to change them a bit quicker than normal because they did swell up ever so much, even from the first wee. If I’d let Joshua’s branded nappies look that full then I’d have been certain that he was uncomfortable and hadn’t been changed for a long time.

Who are Tesco Superfit nappies best for?

Mums looking for an inexpensive alternative to the top brands of nappies.


MadeForMums verdict

All in all, Tesco Superfit are a good budget option for daytime use under normal conditions but if your baby gets frustrated by having a big baggy pants dangling around his knees or is a bit tricky to change regularly, this may be where the branded versions make their money.

Product Specifications

  • Shaped to fit baby
  • Extra absorbancy