A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Pros: The setting of The Savoy is jaw-droppingly stunning, and the array of cakes is varied - and all are delicious. Everyone who has the tea also gets a special hardback The Tiger Who Came To Tea activity book too, to fill in while you're there and take home.


Cons: It's pricey! We reckon this is definitely best reserved for very special occasions and small groups. Also, it's only available on weekdays, so if you have children of school age, you'll need to do it in the school holidays.

When we visited

A Wednesday afternoon in February half-term

What age is The Tiger Who Came to Tea suitable for?

Best for: Children aged 5 to 12

How much does it cost in 2019?

£40 per child - and you'll need to book in advance - either online through The Savoy's website or by phone.

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How long will we spend there?

We were there for about 2 and a quarter hours. Service wasn't rushed and we were really enjoying the ambiance and beauty of the setting.

What’s it like for families?

Really nice! Even though we were the only table with a child there, we didn't feel out of place at all and the staff were every bit as attentive and polite with my daughter as they were with the adults there.

What's the menu like?

First off, even though it's afternoon tea and not a full cooked meal, be sure to go hungry as there is a lot of food! They do ask if you have any dietary requirements but, if any of your party are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or particular food allergies, you should probably book by phone and mention that then just to be on the safe side.

To start, there are 3 sandwich flavours: cheese swirls, ham, and peanut butter and jelly. My daughter liked the cheese one but only had a bit from each of the others.

As an adult, I was offered sandwiches from the adult selection but just stuck to the kids' ones. We were offered more sandwiches but I knew there were a lot of cakes to come, so we didn't eat too many of them.

This is the best advice I can give regarding the meal, actually: make sure you have room for the cakes!

There were a great variety including scones with jam, cream and Nutella on the side, yoghurt pots in cute glass bottles, mini Battenburgs, 'tiger food' chocolate soil with vanilla cream – and 2 cute marzipan tigers.

Drinks-wise we had 2 large pots of hot chocolate – poured from a 'tea' pot! We were also offered orange juice and I'm sure I could have had coffee or tea if I'd have preferred – but the hot choc was amazing! It kept coming for as long as the waiters felt we wanted it which was amazing.

What to wear

I'm normally a dedicated trainer wearer but avoided them for this occasion. I was worried I might not get in but also, as the place was super fancy, I think I personally would have felt uncomfortable if I hadn't made a bit of an effort.


We weren't in ball gowns, but I had a nice dress and top on and my daughter had a cute jumpsuit on and a clip in her hair which is about as fancy as she gets.

If you do like getting dressed up, then you won't feel out of place here. It's one of the most palatial hotels I've ever visited, so afternoon tea here is definitely a great excuse to get your glad rags on if you like that kind of thing.

What to watch out for

It's so lovely, we want to go again ASAP! But, at £40 per head, it's not the cheapest lunch option around. So do make a mental note that once you've had afternoon tea here, it will probably be hard to beat, venue-wise, if you fancy afternoon tea again.

Also, there is a shop on the way out and my daughter persuaded me to buy her a £20 cuddly toy. Avoid that if you don't want to find extra expenses and your child likes teddies!

What are the toilets like?

Stunning and plentiful! Well worth getting a few selfies in.

Pushchair access:

There was a couple with a buggy while we were there and they seemed to be finding it all fine. The Savoy is very spacious and the ground floor is pretty much all on one level, apart from a few wide steps. Staff are hugely attentive so I think any buggy issues would accommodated quickly and without fuss.

What to do before you go to The Tiger Who Came To Tea Afternoon Tea at The Savoy

Don't eat! I was surprised at how filling cakes and sandwiches rather than a 'proper' meal can be. Also - give yourself plenty of time to get there.

The nearest Tube is Embankment but it's a bit of a walk up the Strand - which can get very busy during peak times.


Worth a long car journey?

Yes but better if you're doing it as part of a general trip to London and throwing in a few other visits to nearby places, such as the National Gallery or Covent Garden which are both close by.

Tips for getting to The Savoy

It's always best to park outside London and get around on the Tube. The nearest Tube is Embankment, and if you're coming from the Overground, Charing Cross is near too.

MFM verdict:

My daughter and I loved our afternoon tea at The Savoy. Every little detail was amazing; the themed plates and cups, and lovely activity book made it all look so cute and the cakes were actually really good and nice and varied.

A pianist played the most amazing tunes in the middle of the dining area as we ate which gave it such a brilliant atmosphere –especially when she played The Greatest Showman tunes!

My daughter's jaw visibly dropped when we entered the hotel. It is absolutely breathtaking, and for a 'treat' venue I'm not sure it can be topped.

I'm already looking at opportunities to take various family members there for special occasions but they will have to be very special as some of the other afternoon teas are priced beyond £70 each.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a real 'wow factor' venue, The Savoy is it. And if you have a child who loves The Tiger Who Came To Tea, then this themed tea is lovely.

My daughter really loved the marzipan tigers. We bought them home and are trying to decide how to preserve them!

Intro to me:

I visited The Savoy with my 7-year-old daughter in February half term. I'm normally a savoury food eater but this tea converted me!

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