What MFM mums really think about buggies – revealed!

How many buggies, who chooses them and what you love and loathe - find out what 1300 mums say about their travel systems, pushchairs and strollers


We can now announce the results of our great MFM buggy survey! More than 1300 of you answered our questions and we heard some fantastic stories – including your most embarrassing buggy disasters!


So what did you tell us? We discovered the average family own three buggies. But a staggering 2% of MFM mums own more than 11 buggies. Wow!

We know buying a buggy is a big decision (which is why at MFM we have step-by-step buying guides) and less than half of you (49%) choose your first buggy all by yourself.  Nearly a third of you (27%) share the decision with your partner, and we were surprised to hear that 10% of you let your partner make the decision by themselves. That’s trusting! And what about the 5% who let your mums choose, while 2% let your mum-in-laws choose!

We think that’s asking for trouble – and yes, there are buggy wars! OK, disagreements. While 10% of you had arguments over which buggy to buy, an incredible 59% of those buggy battles ended up with you losing.

So where are you getting your buggies? Over 60% of you bought your first buggy in a shop, with 16% buying online, 9% buying secondhand and 9% receiving your first buggy as a gift.

And when? Nearly half of you (43%) buy your first buggy during your third trimester of pregnancy,  38% in the second trimester and 6% in the first, while 14% left it until after your baby was born (although for a few of you, your baby was delivered before your buggy). Our favourite was the mum who was so excited about buying a buggy she bought it “two years before conceiving” as the “buggy was on offer at a VERY good price”! That’s what we call a savvy mum-to-be-to-be.

Finally, what are the best and worst things about your buggies? You told us…

Your Top 5 buggy loves:

  • being easy to use
  • lightweight to push and carry
  • looking stylish
  • convenient size
  • comfort for your baby

Your top 5 buggy loathes:

  • too heavy
  • too hard to fold
  • too big and bulky
  • small basket
  • difficult wheels

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