What play equipment is suitable for your baby’s age and stage?

Be confident that you’re buying age-appropriate play equipment for your baby, from birth to toddlerhood, with our guides.


Deciding what play equipment is suitable for your baby’s age can be confusing. From baby rockers, bouncers, swing chairs, playmats, play gyms and play nests, to door bouncers, walkers, activity play tables, activity centres, ride-ons and push alongs, there’s a lot to wade through!


Firstly, you want to make sure it’s safe for your baby’s age and ability. For example, many baby bouncers should stop being used once your baby is able to sit up unaided, and door bouncers require your baby to be able hold up their own head and neck.

While safety is one thing, your baby’s enjoyment and development is also a factor in choosing play equipment. Your baby will get more from an age appropriate product than an item that’s either too simple for their development level, which they’ll quickly get bored of, or too far beyond their skill level, which will see them feel frustrated.

Another consideration is how the play equipment can help you! A baby rocker or bouncer is an ideal solution for keeping your newborn baby safe and content when awake and give you some hands-free time to get things done – be it household chores or even just a trip to the toilet or shower!

To save yourself time and take the guesswork out of deciding what to buy, check out our age-based guides to play equipment:


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