If you've decided to give reusable nappies a go, don't be put off by huge amount of choice. Follow our guide to everything you need to know about reusable nappies...



These nappies look like disposables. All-in-ones consist of an absorbent inner liner stitched to a waterproof cover. They are as easy to put on but take longer to dry than two-piece nappies and are not as durable. Try:

  • Kushies Ultra - 100% cotton flannelette inner and PVC outer, inner pad for extra absorbency, velcro fastening
  • ImseVimse - Washable swim nappies. No need for another nappy to be worn underneath.
  • Swaddlebees Cotton - Velour inner and waterproof outer, pocket for booster pad.


A prefold is a rectangle of fabric with extra padding in the centre. You fold it to suit your baby's gender and shape and hold it together with a wrap. They are cheap and quick drying. Try:

Shaped two-piece

Comprised of a shaped cloth nappy and separate waterproof wrap, the two-piece is easy to adjust to fit. Try:

  • Baby Beehinds Organic - Cotton 14 layers of hemp and organic cotton, folding inserts adjust to suit gender.
  • Cottontail - The one-size nappy made from organic cotton velour grows with your baby, adjusting in three ways - height, width of the waist, and the width between legs.
  • Ella's House Hemp Nappy - Hemp and cotton, unbleached, two types of fastener.

Pocket nappies

One-piece with a 'pocket' between the inner and outer layer, which is stuffed with absorbent material. Try:

  • Fuzzi Bunz - Soft microfleece inner; lightweight additional inserts for heavy wetters.
  • Minki - Pocket Two shapes for better fit. Breathable waterproof outer layer.
  • Wonderoos - Polyester microfleece inner and soft stretchy outer. Hemp inserts available.

Eco disposables

Just like regular disposables, but they aim to reduce their environmental footprint by avoiding or reducing chemical additives such as super-absorbent gels. Try:

  • Moltex Oko - Unbleached material, biodegradable in eight weeks, packaging also biodegradable.
  • Nature Boy And Girl - Made from GM-free corn-based material and chlorine-free.
  • Tushies - Free from absorbent gel, 80 per cent biodegradable, no perfume.