10 of the best baby classes in Edinburgh

Baby classes are a great way for you and your baby to learn new skills and meet new friends. From swimming to signing there is something out there for everyone


Tumble Tots
Available at several venues across Edinburgh, Tumble Tots’ Gymbabes programme is a fun way to get your baby active. Suitable for children aged 6 months to walking, each session encourages babies to use their senses. They are encouraged to play together, crawl and explore. It’s also a great place to meet other mums with babies of the same age. With a little help from their parents, babies are given the confidence to trust their bodies and explore new experiences in an exciting yet safe environment.
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Baby Sensory
Held at several venues across the area, Baby Sensory is a lovely way to communicate with your baby in their first year. The classes include fibre optic light shows, bubbles, bells, musical fun, baby signing and puppet shows. The Baby Sensory programme consists of over 40 themed lesson plans, so every week you will share new experiences with your little one.
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Bookbug Rhymetimes
Bookbug offers free sessions for parents/carers and their babies (0 to 3) at libraries across Edinburgh. Babies and toddlers will love the popular songs and rhymes and will have great fun joining in with all the actions.
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Water Babies
Water Babies is an innovative programme to get your baby swimming. It teaches babies right from birth how to be water confident. Through carefully structured training, they can be taught life-saving skills such as turning on their backs or swimming to the nearest solid object. Parents are given detailed explanations and demonstrations of the techniques needed to make their children confident little swimmers. Classes are available in the city and surrounding area.
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Jack and Jill Music
Run by qualified music teachers, these sessions offer live, interactive music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. There are plenty of age-appropriate, stimulating activities that promote language and social development, physical skills and, of course, a love of music. Parents and children can get creative with sounds and simple percussion instruments in a structured yet relaxed environment. There’s plenty of singing and popular themes include farm animals, trains and the seaside.
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Baby Massage with Annaliese Phillips
Baby massage offers you the chance to have some warm, peaceful and pleasurable time with your baby. It enables both parent and child to relax and communicate without conversation. Massage, when practised correctly, can reduce pain, restlessness and colic. It allows the parent and child to relax as they both become more secure in their relationship – empowering the parent to feel more confident in how they listen to and “handle” their child. The class also gives you the chance to meet other parents in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Classes are held at different venues across the city.
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Music Bugs
Suitable for children aged 6 months and above, Music Bugs offers fun, lively and entertaining classes for children and grown-ups. Sessions run for 40 minutes and are made up of a mixture of nursery rhymes, action and counting songs, finger rhymes and much more. There is also a selection of fun props including scarves, puppets, bubbles and parachute games to add to the excitement. Children also get the chance to try out a selection of instruments. There is a free trial session (which must be booked in advance) for you and your child to try.
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Sing and Sign
Taught in small groups, Sing and Sign classes are a great way for you and your baby to communicate before he or she is really able to speak. Babies use lots of signs and gestures to talk to you, so why not encourage them to learn a few more, such as milk, nappy change or tired, so they can let you know what they want or how they are feeling. Classes are usually about 30 minutes long and are very relaxed and informal. There is also time at the end for a cup of tea while your baby plays.
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Rainbow Singing
This is a fun music group for the very young to encourage language development and creativity. Run by musician and mother-of-two Laura Joffe, the focus is on action songs, nursery rhymes and traditional Scottish songs. There are parachute games and children get the chance to play some gentle percussion instruments. Sessions are booked in blocks of five and are priced at £20 for the block. Alternatively you can book a single session for £5. A free session is available but must be booked in advance.
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Baby and toddler time
Craigmillar Library in the heart of the city plays host to Baby and Toddler time and a host of other events for you and your child on a weekly basis. This is a great way of getting out and about and meeting new friends. There is a free drop-in session for parents and carers on Tuesdays, Storytime on Thursdays, as well as regular Rhymetime sessions.
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