Nurturing the next David Beckham?

1. Tumble Tots


Enourage your tot to get physical at this Glasgow arm of the popular nationwide Tumble Tots programme, aimed at toddlers and pre-school children. Expect plenty of balancing on beams, bouncing on mini trampolines and crawling along tunnels, with classes becoming more structured as children get older. It's a fantastic way to encourage physical confidence and boost climbing skills in a safe, stimulating environment, with Tumble Tots' staff always on hand to help. The Tumble Tots fun activity songs, the background music to many a class, are also fond favourites with numerous mums and tots.

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2. McLean School of Dance

Could you have a potential Billy Elliot on your hands? Find out if your toddlers have the potential to be a future star of the screen and stage, with these pre-school ballet and tap classes. There are also drama and modern theatre sessions. Sparkly pink tutus, white tights and stage paint at the ready... Classes are run by Shirley Ann Maclean who has experience in ballet, tap, jazz and street dance.

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3. Toddler Sense

Following on the successful heels of Glasgow's Baby Sensory classes comes Toddler Sense, suitable for children up to age three. Every week offers an imaginary adventure, whether it's climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, digging for fossils, swimming with dolphins or hunting for dinosaurs, with the focus always on mobility, excitement and music. The ideal place to burn off some energy and stoke mini imaginations.

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4. Baby Football

They're still a little way off from penalty shoot-outs and playing for England in the World Cup - but tots can get involved in the beautiful game from an early age at this session for aspiring little football stars. The perfect place for Dads thwarted in their footie ambitions to take their sons for a kick around (and daughters if they so wish).

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5. Creation Station

Reduce stress and mess at home with this fantastic crafty facility for toddlers and babies, age one and upwards. Sticking, painting and gooey bits are all on the menu, with toddlers encouraged to play to their hearts' content. All paints are toxic and washable, and overalls are supplied for your taster session, then if you decide to sign up you'll get a Creation Station Splash Suit in your starter pack, plus a scrapbook so you can save your child's favourite pieces for posterity. Special toddler 'Exploration' art classes run weekly in termtime, and last 50 minutes. 'Arty parties' can also be booked for birthdays. A must-visit.

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6. Giant Workshop Space

Giant is all about making the arts spring to life for little ones, with a rosta of regular cutting edge events for parents and children. Best of all, they don't just take place in a stuffy theatre or church hall either, but everywhere from the park to the beach. Recent happenings include the temporary Forgotten Island on Glasgow's Yorkhill Quay, where children could 'make' rainbows, get involved in a tug-of-war, and pedal in an interactive Sound Forest. Exciting and stimulating, this is children's entertainment that's anything but dull and predictable.

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7. Mini Music Makers

We know that live music and group singing boosts your pleasure levels whether you're six months old or 60 years old – so why not start early? Puppets, parachutes and playing percussion instruments are all on the menu at this fun, educational music group – not to mention tickling songs and lullabies. These classes for babies and toddlers are hosted by expert musician Clare Cushing, who trained as an oboist at the Guildhall School of Music, and are affiliated to the National Youth Choir of Scotland.

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8. Toddler Time, Kelvingrove Museum

Get your toddler into museums from an early age with this fun toddler session, held every Friday at 11.30am and aimed at ages 0 to three. Every week a different part of this fab family friendly museum is explored. Expect songs, stories, rhymes and plenty of audience participation. Each session is themed and covers topics such as Colours, Animals, Dinosaurs, and Bugs and Butterflies. All activities are kept simple – think making waves on the sea using a sheet of blue material, looking at butterflies mounted in boxes or bouncing coloured balloons in the air. Every session ends with parents being encouraged to go and look for an object or display related to the theme, elsewhere in the museum.

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9. Wee Wednesdays, Burrel Collection

The changing rosta of family friendly activities at this amazing privately collected museum of artworks and exotic treasures includes fun for tots aged two to four, from 2pm the first Wednesday of every month.

Don't forget to dress them in old clothes before you set off as things can get messy.

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10. Le Club Picoti

Parlez-vous Francais? Then you're in the right place. This friendly group is for all French-speaking mums, dads, nannies and even grandparents.


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