10 parenting buzzwords you need to know

OTTT, Sprog-A-Jogger and Giggle juice - get yourself up-to-speed on the latest parenting words to drop


Baby Sham

Baby Sham is a term coined by Keith Barker-Main, in Suit Dreams & Tightmares, and if you personally haven’t had a Baby Sham, you’ll at least know someone who has!


Whether it’s a congratulations you’ve had the baby party or toddler tea party, a Baby Sham is a great way to pretend that the celebration is for your little one. However, if you’re honest with yourself, you know it’s mostly about getting a chance to socialise with other ‘big people’ and have a cheeky glass of something alcoholic. Yes, it’s a sham alright!

Baby bullies – parenting buzzwords

Baby bully

You’ve just gotten married and have barely cut the wedding cake before you hear the whispers of, “When are the babies coming?” If this sounds familiar, it looks like you’ve been baby bullied.

But it’s not just newly weds who suffer. You may have just endured an epic labour and have your dinky newborn in your arms when the questions start up again about when the next baby will join the clan!

For more on how to identify baby bullies or how to find out if you’re one, check out our baby bully low down.



OTTT stands for “over the top tot”. And we all know one.

OTTTs are always wearing the latest ‘it’ baby gear, complete with accessories, such as blinged up dummies and bespoke baby booties. They travel in only the finest transportation (think Silver Cross Balmoral).


Sitter jitters

Your first night out without your precious newborn baby and instead of kicking the door down and skipping into town, you’re ringing, texting and skyping your baby-sitter. This common new-parent condition is, according to Keith Barker-Main, author of Suit Dreams & Tightmares, the sitter jitters!



Chadults – or child adults – rock outfits that’d make Lady Gaga blush and boast the kind of poise and bank balance that makes most adults green with envy.


These child adults are freakishly grown up despite not even being in double digits yet. While we suspect parents (yes, we mean you Will Smith!) are behind the rise of the chadult, we still feel uneasy when we see pics of Tom Cruise’s Suri donning a pair of heels and clutching her Starbucks coffee.

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