1970’s and 80’s were the ‘GOLDEN AGES’ to bring up baby

Mums reveal these would be the ideal generations to bring up their babies thanks to added pressure of every day life today.


Not only were the 70’s and 80’s the years of bell-bottoms, boom boxes and space hoppers they were also the perfect years to bring up baby, a recent report reveals.


Today’s young mums look back to the 1970s and 80s as the generations they would most like to have been bringing up baby because they perceive them as being less pressured, according to the findings of extensive new research from P&G* exploring motherhood from the 1930s to the present day.

The Changing Face of Motherhood’ report reveals that 34% of mothers questioned believe that have less time for themselves in life today than what their mothers did. And 64% of these mums put this down to today’s pressured demands to be ‘super mum’ by juggling work life, family life and looking the part.

Grandma’s the word

The report also reveals how mums of today rely more heavily on their own mothers for emotional and practical support. 20% of mums think that living closer to their mother is the single most important thing that improves their quality of life as mums themselves.

Celebrity mum Edith Bowman who has teamed up with P&G to explore the changing role of mums over the generations, comments: “As a working mum, I know how hard it can be to juggle the demands of home life, and the pressure of trying to be a great mum. I am hugely appreciative of the support networks I have of my mum and friends and put a huge amount of value on these relationships.”

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* Procter & Gamble (P&G) in the UK has revealed the results of an independent research report in association with Social Issues Research Centre which sheds light on how the role of motherhood has changed over the last 80 years. Full research available on request.

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