26 is the most popular age to have a baby

Women vote it the best time to start a family in the UK


British women have voted 26 the best age to have a baby.


A poll of 5,240 pregnant women and mothers, conducted by Seven Seas, discovered that most women feel they’re ready to start taking their first steps into family life by this time.

The research flies in the face of the apparent trend towards delaying motherhood due to the economic climate and readily available IVF treatments.

Financial stability was of importance to would-be parents, while the study found 6 in 10 said that earning just a collective salary of £25,000 a year more than sufficed, which is £1,200 less than the national average for one person.

The research also revealed that 41% of 18 to 24-year-olds planned their pregnancy, while the 35 to 44 age group wished they had had their children earlier in life.

Seven Seas paper, ‘Preconceived ideas? A snapshot of preconception, planning and pregnancy in the UK’, is available to download now.

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