1) Tinted moisturiser with SPF

Foundation does what it says on the tin – lays the base for the rest of your make-up. But having time to apply it before you head out for the day is unlikely now you’re a mum. Your new best friend needs to be tinted moisturiser instead.


“It’s better to spend more on a good-quality base,” says Millie Kendal of Ruby&Millie (www.rubyandmillie.com). “Not only is it lighter to wear on your skin, it’s simple to apply because you use your fingers so the product blends smoothly.” By using a tinted moisturiser, you’ll get the goodness and hydration of a normal moisturiser, with the added hint of colour that you’d wear as a foundation.

You can even choose from a variety of tints to match your skin tone. “You should always use an SPF even when the sun isn’t shining to protect the skin from pigmentation and ageing,” says Tara Templeton (www.taratempleton.co.uk), make-up artist for the Jemma Kidd Academy.

1. SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer, £27, Bobbi Brown

2. Studio Moisture Tint SPF15, £20, MAC

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3. Moisture surge tinted moisturizer SPF15, Clinique


2) Eye brightener / concealer

You might have used one of these in the past but it’s just as useful now that you’re a mum-about-town. “It’s your essential camouflage for any tired areas,” says Tara. “A good concealer is vital for any mum in a hurry as the light-reflecting particles conceal the blueness of bags caused by too many late nights,” says make-up artist Kelly Cornwell (www.premierhairandmakeup.com). “With any concealer you need to set it, so follow the discolour from the bridge of the nose to the diagonal of the cheek and gently pat with your index finger.”

1. Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-On, £9.99, Garnier

2. Instant Radiance Concealer, £13.50, No.7

3. Imperfection Correction, £5.99, Barry M


3) Lip and check duo

Multiple products are the best way to create a natural glow in half the time. “These are brilliant for when you’re on the go, giving a natural flush to the cheek that hides imperfections and lifts your pigment colour,” says Millie. Rather than having to carry around lipsticks, blushers and brushes along with all your mum and baby stuff, these little pots (or a stick) are mess-free and you can apply with your fingers within seconds.

“A pink-based tint is a great way to perk up the skin and allow your face to look fresher and revived,” explains Tara.

1. Rush Hour, £17.50, Benefit

2. Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek Tint, £20, Jemma Kidd

3. Cheek ‘n’ Lip Tint, £1.99, 2True


4) Lip balm

This is a must if you’re an on-the-go mum, especially after birth. “Your skin may change, depending on the time of month or your hormones,” explains Millie. Balms are a great way to help drier skin. “As long as you have a good-quality base you can use a cheaper lip balm,” she adds. Your balm is versatile too. Sweep a small amount across your lids to give your eyes that much-needed pick-me-up in the morning. “Just a little bit of Vaseline in the socket line reflects light, making your eyes appear wider – it’s a cheap and cheerful cheat to looking more awake,” says Kelly.

1. Ultralip 15, £5, Ultrasun

2. Shea butter lip balm, £7, L’Occitane

3. Essential care, £1.47, Nivea


5) Mascara

There are so many types of mascara out there so as a new mum, you want one that combines the lot. By wearing a shade of brown you’ll make your eyes sparkle without the sharpness that a black mascara creates. Use eyelash curlers, too, advises Tara.

1. Perfection Day & Night Mascara, £9.50, Marks & Spencer

2. 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look Mascara Black/Brown, 9ml, £7.99, Max Factor

3. Lasting Tint Semi-Permanent Waterproof Lash Colour, £15, Jemma Kidd .


6) Nail oil

If you’re constantly rushing around trying to organise your little one, your nails will probably take a bit of a bashing. Try some nail oil to help nourish and strengthen them. “By using it in a pen form, you don’t need to be precise like with a pot of varnish,” says Tara.

A must-have nail oil is non-greasy and should absorb straight away. “A bottle of oil can be fiddly and lead to disasters in your handbag, so buy an oil pen instead ,” says Kelly. “They’re great for painting around the nail.”

1. Almond Nail & Cuticle Treatment, £7, The Body Shop

2. Vitamin e cuticle oil pen, £12, Nails Inc

3. Nourishing Cuticle Pen, £1.50, Elf


Mums’ tips

“As a new mum, Bobbi Brown eye brightener is my new staple – it covers up your bags and makes you look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep even when you haven’t!”

Jo McGahon, 34, from Woodford, Essex, mum to Holly, 18 months

“The Colossal Volume Express waterproof mascara by Maybelline is a life-saver. Not only do your eyes look amazing but it has great staying power to deal with sweat, water and anything your baby throws at you during the day.”


Gemma Driscoll, 27, from Beckenham, Kent, mum to Lily, 2