1. Little Kickers - Junior Kicks

Part of a nationwide, toddler football programme, this class, suitable from one year and a half to two years and three months, aims to develop your child’s body confidence in a positive, fun and pressure-free environment. Qualified coaches will teach your toddler basic football techniques and life skills such as listening, teamwork, problem solving and taking turns. If your child overgrows this class and is still very keen on football, they can ‘graduate’ to the Junior and Mighty Kickers classes.


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2. Gymboree Art

Calling all budding artists from 17 months to five years of age! Your tot will love getting messy and creative with play dough, paints, glue and glitter and you can take home their masterpiece to show off to your family and friends. Your child’s imagination will be truly stimulated while learning all about colour, shapes and textures.

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3. Nanuk Children’s Swimming Classes

A family-run swimming school, Nanuk offers aquatic classes to children from birth to four years of age. Classes for toddlers encourage independent swimming by developing the strength of their leg kick. At two years of age they will be taught to swim by adding on arm movements and further developing their confidence in the water. Lessons are held at a lovely pool with good changing facilities.

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4. TickTock Music Class

A music class for under 5s, Ticktock is run by professionally trained and experienced actors and singers. Each session includes a different selection of nursery rhymes and songs old and new, which are linked by a narrative thread. Your child will be encouraged to act out some of the characters in the songs or interact with props and animals.

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5. Mini Mozart at Young Actors Theatre

Calling all budding musicians! This music class is full of interaction, encouraging a love of music and teaching your tot how to handle instruments and have fun with them. A story element and singalongs will further engage your child, while challenges suitable for their age and development will be set, such as “Shall we try going faster? Can you count to four with me?” A fun and educational class you will both enjoy.

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6. Very Little People Make Music

Suitable from 18 months to three years+, these music and movement classes aim to develop your toddler’s innate musical and rhythmic sense. Memory skills, concentration, co-ordination and self-confidence are also developed through singing, clapping, tapping, jumping, stamping and dancing. Music will include traditional favourites and rhythms from around the world. Useful social skills they can learn include sharing, taking turns and tidying up.

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7. Little Supernovas

A term-time drama class aimed to three to five years old, Little Supernovas stimulate your child’s imagination with different action adventures every week, such as travelling to mystical lands, tricking dragons and blasting into space. Classes incorporate storytelling, theatre, music, props, drama and movement to build your child’s self-esteem, confidence and even humour.


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