The age when parents let their children cross the road on their own

Research suggests they're not entirely safe to do it until they're 14 ?


A recent study – where some pretty rigorous research was carried out – suggests that road accidents among children happen in part because kids are still developing their motor skills and visual judgment until they reach the age of 14.


Realistically, of course, by the time your child’s at secondary school, they’ll probably be going out and about on their own a fair bit – so chances are you won’t be there to hold their hand anymore when they’re crossing the road.

But what age do you imagine you’ll let yours navigate crossings on their own?

We asked our mums over on Facebook. Here’s what they said…

“I must have been 7 or 8,” says Caroline D. “My eldest is 7 but with how roads are now compared to 23 years ago, it will be a few years until I can let her.”

“I wouldn’t like mine crossing the road without me until they’re about 10,” says Leanne C.

And May B says that while she crossed the road on her own quite young – she wouldn’t let her child do it at the same age: “Until they are competent and mature enough to do so,” she says.

“I walked home from school at 7/8 years old – but I’d not trust my 7-year-old to cross a road at all.”

In other words, as Rebecca I puts it: “It depends on the kid.”

And Elizabeth B agrees: I guess there is no perfect age for that – I have seen adults crossing, or more like jumping, on the road without looking.”

It probably also depends a bit on what the roads are like in your area, too, right? 

“My stepdaughter is nearly 11 and we would never let her cross alone but we live on a busy junction,” says Jasmine B.

Carla S reckons she won’t be letting her little ones cross the road on their own until their 25 (we so get that ?)

And finally, Samantha J tells us: “I swear my mum still reaches for my hand.” ?

What do you think?

When do you imagine you’ll let your little ones cross the road on their own? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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