Ah, round it rolls again - another birthday for your little angel and you just can't quite fathom where on earth the time has gone.


This year we've decided to keep the birthday celebrations low key. Last year we had BodhiFest (yep, she had her own mini festival). It was such a roaring success that this year I was nervous I couldn't repeat such a feat again (they're still talking about it in parts of East London I hear ?).

So, this one will just be a quiet affair. Bodhi's birthday falls on a Tuesday - not really a party day.

We'll have presents in the garden in the evening (the giant peach-coloured teddy will be a success I know), balloons (natch), maybe invite a few neighbours and stick on Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" for full atmospheric 'wow'.

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And of course there'll be CAKE. Um, crafted by - Tesco.

What? You mean you didn't make it yourself? ?

Excuse my inner voice telling me off. It's just, this year for the first time, I must admit there's a slight pang of guilt that I didn't just spend a couple of hours trying to make one, rather than doing my usual hotfoot to the local supermarket for a £6 to £8 spongey boxed treat.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling particularly bad about it this year. Perhaps it's because of the recent story we covered here at MFM about a Masterchef mum who thinks when it comes to your kids, food equals love.

Or because my Facebook feed is full of mates who do manage to make amazing cakes for their kids - on a regular Saturday, let alone a birthday.

The truth is I've never made a cake... at my ripe old age maybe that's a bit pathetic. But I don't like cake, so I've never felt an urge to learn how to bake one.

I know that doesn't mean my daughter doesn't like cake. She's 5 - of course she does.

And for that reason I'm thinking, should I have taken a bit more time to make something special just for her? To mark the fact she's a whole year older and, as the 'Masterchef mum' would put it, to show her I care?

I'm pretty sure my homemade effort probably wouldn't taste nearly as good as a shop bought one (I'd have no idea where to start tbh), but that's not the point - is it? Or is it?

I can't quite decide on this one...

What do you think?

Do you always bake a cake for special occasions like your little one's birthday? Do you think it's important to take the time to do it?

Or do you reckon cake is cake and if shop-bought will taste better, then go for it?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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