And the strangest baby names of 2012 are…

As the most popular names of 2011 are revealed, new parents buck the trend with some unusual choices


No sooner had the Office for National Statistics revealed Harry and Amelia to be the most popular baby names of last year, some quirky parents’ less than traditional choices have emerged.


Perhaps it is not surprising that during Britain’s Jubilee and Olympic year some parents have chosen to prove their patriotic prowess by naming their children Union Jack, Princess and London.

Less easily to fathom, however, were animal-inspired choices Boo-Tiger and Feret, and one family’s obvious delight in their precious creation, the aptly-named Marvelous.

The parents of young Rooney-Scholes and Jagger-Rock clearly have designs on their children’s future careers, and a surge in babies named Harper and Blue suggests modern mums and dads are hoping star quality will rub off from a celebrity namesake.

Perhaps the strangest  names of all are the ones that appear to have no meaning at all, step forward Leason, Sephiroth and Mleek.


We reckon that by the time they reach school, these strangely-monikered children will attract a fair bit of attention – but at least there’ll be no mix up at registration!

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