Best children and parenting books for August

As summer gets into full swing (sort of!) here is a great selection of books to keep your little ones amused – day and night!


6months+: Pat the Zoo

Pat the Zoo is a charming new touch-and-feel title featuring the loveable Pat the Bunny. Little hands are invited to feel all the different zoo animals – from the soft fur on the panda’s tum to the wrinkly skin of the elephant. These are very contemporary, stylish illustrations which will appeal to babies and fans of Pat the Bunny everywhere.


Published 7th August by Golden Books, priced £9.55


18months+: Goodnight Digger

Goodnight Digger is the first in a series of “Goodnight” books from the debut author and illustrator team of Michelle Robinson and Nick East. Join in as a little boy says night-night to each of his toys – saving his favourite, Digger, until last. This book has a very gentle feel – with a soothing rhyming text and cosy illustrations. Just perfect for lulling your little workers off to sleep!

Published 2nd August by Puffin, priced £6.99


3+: Boris Starts School

Boris Starts School by Carrie Weston and Tim Warnes is a gentle tale about friendship and fitting in. Miss Cluck’s class are excited about a bear starting school – until they see how big and grizzly he is. Boris is desperate to make friends but no matter what he does,  he just ends up scaring his classmates even more. But one day when Leticia, Maxwell and Fergus come up against some very nasty rats, they find having a big, hairy bear for a friend isn’t so bad afterall.

Published 2nd August by Oxford University Press, priced £5.99


4+: The Usborne Big Doodling Book

Just in case the sun heads behind the clouds, the Usborne Big Doodling Book will keep your children entertained for hours. It features 95 pages of stylish illustrations, which allow you to colour, join the dots, create your own designs, count and much, much more. Perfect for rainy days or long journeys.

Published 2nd August by Usborne, priced £7.99


5-6+: The Wrong Pong: Singin’ in the Drain

Steven Butler’s The Wrong Pong: Singin’ in the Drain is great for sharing or for the more confident reader to have a go at themselves. The fourth in the series, this sees terrible troll Rubella trying to get a part in the local production of “Whingeralla”. Kids will love all the gruesomeness (and how disgusted their parents are!) and the twisted world of the trolls! Plus there are plenty of hilarious illustrations too.

Published 2nd August, by Puffin Picture Paperbacks, priced £5.99


Coping with Two

Having one child can be scary enough, but the thought of having two can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Coping with Two by Dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave deals with all the issues of having baby number two. The authors offer great tips on how to cope if you are dealing with a child in his “terrible twos” or if you have an older child who is not so keen on the prospect of a new addition.

Coping with Two takes second-time mums from pregnancy and birth to the first day on your own with your new baby and older child. It also offers non-preachy advice on issues of  jealousy, leaving the house and bedtime routines.

Published 6th August, by Hay House, priced £12.99


A Spoonful of Sugar

For everyone who can’t get enough of real-life tales of babies or social history A Spoonful of Sugar is the delightful, moving memoir from lifelong nanny Brenda Ashford. Brenda began training at the Norland Institute in 1939, aged just 18. And when war broke out Brenda was determined to give as much love and stability as she could to the evacuees in her care. She has looked after more than 100 children, many of whom she says “she would have laid down her life for”. This is such a warm tale of times past, told with honesty, joy and wit.


Available, published by Hodder & Stoughton, priced £12.99

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