Best children and parenting books for June 2013

This month sees the launch of a new Read-It-Yourself series featuring favourite characters and fairy tales - plus it's Father’s Day this month, so there are titles to celebrate the special day


0+ Touch & Feel Home

Touch & Feel Home will help your child discover and enjoy toys and items from around the home. Its chunky pages are filled with scratchy, twinkly, bumpy, silky, sandy, sticky and shiny textures to help them spot the difference between common household items. Let their little hands roam as you read aloud – excellent for sensory development. Also in the series is Touch & Feel Ponies, Shapes and 1,2,3.


Published by DK Publishing, 3rd June, priced £4.99


2+ My Dad

2+ A lovely new book to celebrate Father’s Day is My Dad by Steve Smallman and Sean Julian. Dads can be clever, dads can be silly, dads can be fun… but nobody’s dad is as special as your very own! This is a warm and funny book featuring some cute little bears as they spend time with their daddy. Perfect for your little cubs and their dads!

Published by Little Tiger Press, available now, priced £5.99


2+ The Mr Men Stories

The original Mr Men are back with Volumes 1 and 2 of their very own audiobook, ‘The Mr Men Stories.’ Dusted off from the BBC archives and narrated by Arthur Lowe, these tales feature six of the most popular Mr Men: Mr Messy, Mr Snow, Mr Daydream, Mr Bounce, Mr Mean and Mr Chatterbox. As well as being a delightful introduction to the Mr Men for children, they’re sure to be an enjoyable trip down memory lane for parents too!

Published by AudioGO, available now, £4.99, or £1.24 digital download


3+ The Toucan Brothers

3+ For trustworthy plumbers The Toucan Brothers, no leak is too big and no job too small. But one day a new plumber,  Flash Rover, arrives in town. He wows the locals with his charm and cheap prices, but just when the brothers’ business is about to go down the drain (pardon our pun!), Flash is revealed not to be the good workman that he seems. This is a fun morality tale from Tor Freeman featuring so much detail that it can be read over and over again.

Published by Macmillan, 6th June, priced £11.99


4+ Florentine & Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure

4+ Florentine & Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure – this is the latest in the entertaining series from the very talented Eva Katzler. Florentine and Pig have nothing to do – but that’s how they like it, as it means they can go anywhere their imaginations take them. Soon the pair are aboard a pirate ship, searching for hidden treasure. Not only are these great stories, but they come with activity cards and recipes to inspire your children (and you!) to make the most of rainy days.

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s, 6th June, priced £6.99


5+ Peppa Pig: Little Creatures – Read it Yourself

5+ For budding readers there is Peppa Pig: Little Creatures – Read it Yourself which is great for getting them interested in books as they feel like they are reading a proper story. Peppa and George are looking for creatures in Grandpa Pig’s garden. While exploring they meet a snail with its own house, and bees busy making honey. Each book concentrates on several high-frequency words as well as a number of ‘story’ words that are practised throughout. There are other Peppa books in the series, which also includes some favourite fairy tales.

Published by Ladybird Books, 20th June, £4.99


5+ Famous Fiction

5+ Give your children a gentle introduction to the classics with the new BBC AudioBooks series. There’s Bill Nighy reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Gemma Arterton reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Russell Tovey reading Black Beauty and Jenna-Louise Coleman reading The Secret Garden. These abridged stories are sure to be popular for summer holiday journeys and for little ones to listen to at night.


Published by AudioGo Limited, available now, £5.99, or £1.49 digital download

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