Best parenting hashtags of 2014

Hashtags speak a thousand words, especially when you're a parent...



Does your baby have a Rolex? And just how many prams is too many prams? Some people just love to give their little ones everything, absolutely. everything How about this for a must-have baby list…

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Junior brain box


Some people just can’t help shouting about their ‘gifted’ children. Reading at 2? Seriously…

In a bit of a pickle


Why do babies prefer to roll in the cake rather than eat it? And why is painting yourself more appealing than painting the paper? Only a child will know…

Budding artist


Silence is golden, until it dawns on you that your little darling is most probably treating your walls to a make over with permanent pen…

Bad mummy


You accidentally elbow your child in the face, you forget it’s mufti day, you feed them pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner…we all get it wrong sometimes.

Tantrum Tuesday


Your toddler is lying on the floor in the supermarket screaming like a banshee because you said ‘no’ to buying the Peppa Pig yoghurts. What do you do? Take to Twitter of course…

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