Yoga and pilates are extremely popular during pregnancy, as it helps prepare you body for labour

1. NCT antenatal classes


Get prepared for birth and beyond at the very popular NCT antenatal classes. Helping prepare you for life as a new parent you will learn how to approach labour, practice birthing sessions and how to change a nappy. On top of that you will meet women due to give birth around the same time as you, meaning a friend for you and a little friend for your baby.

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2. Hypnobirthing with Rani Lockner

Apprehensive about childbirth? You may benefit from taking a hypnobirthing course, which helps you understand the relationship between your mind and body. Using breathing, visualisation and deep relaxation techniques you can learn to relax about giving birth. Your partner can also help to play an active part. Taught over five weekly sessions, most Mums start the course between 20 and 30 weeks.

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3. Bikram Yoga at Sohot

Rajashrees has devised a unique Bikram yoga pregnancy programme to be carried out in a gentle heat. Working on general yoga practices but carried out in heat which facilitates stretching and prevents injury, the temperature is much lower than a normal Bikram yoga class. Second and third trimester mums-to-be and new Mums are all welcome.

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4. Studio Lindberg Pilates

Pilates works to strengthen muscles and structure, which is particularly helpful during pregnancy when your body is put under a lot of pressure. Agneta Lindberg, who has 25 years experience, aims to help you support your growing abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, improve posture and aid circulation which can also help you during labour.

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5. Active Birth class

Take control and play an active role in your labour. As the name suggests, these classes will show you how to use exercise and yoga to prepare for and use during the birth. Learning how to use different positions during labour can give you confidence and coping mechanisms to help you. Classes are run through The Active Birth Centre. Bayswater classes are run by Claire Whitman.

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6. Iyengar Institute for yoga

For a spiritual pregnancy yoga experience, visit the historical Iyengar Institute where Mr Iyengar, a living yoga master, practised himself. Formerly an artist’s studio, the building is light and interesting. The techniques are physical, but they have a profound effect on the mind too. They run a drop-in class for post-natal as well as pregnant women, which you can join from 14 weeks.

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7. Hypnobirthing at The Light Centre

If you dream of a natural birth, or just want to release some of the fear associated with childbirth then consider the hypnobirthing classes at the Light Centre. Learning to hypnotise yourself, you can induce relaxation and work with your body – not against it. Located in London’s beautiful Belgravia, this could be the perfect start to the birth you want.

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8. The Portland Hospital

The hospital of choice with celebrity Mums-to-be, you can expect a number of comprehensive courses at this famous venue. And, classes are available to anyone who would like them, not just those booked in to have their baby at the private hospital in Great Portland Street. Providing flexible educational courses designed for first time parents-to-be from 28 weeks of pregnancy, weekly childbirth preparation classes, yoga and pilates courses, there’s something to suit any expectant parents needs.

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9. Little Venice Pilates

Just because you’re having a baby doesn’t mean you need to give up trying to be fit and healthy. In fact, your body needs to be in the best shape it can be to prepare for childbirth. Pilates improves muscle strength and flexibility through specialised safe and targeted instruction. In this beautiful, well-equipped studio, you will feel energised.


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