Gymboree Art
If you have a budding artist in the family, a session at a Gymboree art class could be the perfect way to cater for a spot of artistic and creative indulgence whilst having fun and making a - water based and easily washable - mess. A typical Gymboree art class is packed with a variety of creative led activities such as collage and sculpture-making, construction building and dressing-up. Classes follow weekly plans and at the end of each Gymboree art class there is a completed piece of artwork for your little Picasso to take home.


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A toddler gymnastics class can be a perfect way to get your child up and moving whilst having fun and learning new physical and mental skills. Gymboree classes have very specific age ranges which target certain developmental milestones. Parents can be rest assured that classes are well matched to the developmental achievements of their tots. For example, a 12 month old toddler would be in the gymwalkers class which draws on activities that include his new range of skills and mental agility such as coordination, strength and balance.

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Toddling Tots
If your toddler loves running tearing around the park, then a visit to a Toddling Tots meet-up at Overtoun park on a Thursday morning could be just the ticket. Toddling Tots brings together parents and their children in the great outdoors, combining an invigorating and sociable stroll with a fun packed treasure-style picture hunt along a route through the park. Themes for the hunt vary from week to week, ensuring that your little one has plenty of fun each week. At the end of the walk, there is time to wring out the last drops of energy with a session in the play park.

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Rhythm Time
Budding musicians will love a Rhythm Time music class. Packed with singing, musical instruments and sensory play (think bubbles, scarves), a Rhythm Time class will help encourage your toddler to develop their confidence and co-ordination in a totally creative way. Your child will learn how to sing, dance and play percussion whilst also developing key skills such as listening and sharing. And all in a friendly and open music making environment!

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Toddler Sense
If your toddler loves to keep on the move or enjoys creating new play scenarios, then a Toddler Sense class could be the perfect match. Adventures galore are part and parcel of a class and your little one will be kept busy and entertained as they take off on a make believe safari or hunt for dinosaurs. Classes are split across children aged between 13 to 18 months and 18 months to three years, catering for each group’s specific developmental needs and capabilities. Adventures are kept fresh and change every week, ensuring that your child never gets bored.

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Boogie Beats For Tiny Feet
If your baby loves to boogie, they will love these classes which have been devised to bring together parents and toddlers into a dedicated music and dance session. Classes vary on a weekly basis, though props, varying from puppets to scarves, and instruments are a mainstay each week. The aim is to encourage your child to find his or her own voice and own interpretation of the beats and music being presented. Lots of noise and varying interpretations of dance moves are the order of the day and positively encouraged.

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Whether your child has been swimming since birth or is just starting to get used to the idea of swimming, a Waterbabies class can be a fantastic introduction to the water boosting your child’s self confidence and water skills. There is lots of fun to be had as each week your toddler gets to build on the new skills he has acquired, whilst also developing existing ones, all in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment. Socialising opportunities, for mums and babies, are also plentiful.

Toddler swimming classes are also offered at a range of local council run leisurecentresand private sports clubs across theSouth Lanarkshireregion.


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