Do you follow the ‘wear once, wash once’ rule?

One of our mums washes her 5 kids' pyjamas every day, but another says if it doesn't look dirty, why wash it? Do you load up like other MFMers...


When we shared the story (on Facebook) of a mum of 10 boys who says she does 5 loads of washing a day and vacuums 7 times a day (yep, you read that right ? ) we got so many comments from our mums on the topic. In particular, there was lots of debate around washing clothes: how many loads you do and how often.


In particular, there was a fair bit of chat around whether you’d always wash something, dirty or not, if it’s been worn.

Tara B, who has 5 children under the age of 8 tells us this. “I do about 7 loads a day, more when it’s bedding day once a week.

“I am very strict with ‘wear once, wash once’. And don’t ask how many times a day the Hoover comes out 


? the hubby jokes that I have a closer relationship with the Hoover than with him 

? .”

She also revealed she washes their PJs every day too: “I will say I wash their pyjamas daily too, even though there are no visible marks. I know they sweat overnight so they get washed anyway!”

And certainly it seems plenty of our mums could do with an industrial-sized washing machine – even those with smaller families. 

Gemma S for example, comments: “I only have 1 child and 3 of us living in the house and I always have about 5 loads a day too! It never ends!”

Though not all of you reckon it’s necessary to wash clothes if they’re not visibly dirty. Julie H says, “I only have one child but cut down my washing by having him wear things more than once.

“Why wash a clean jumper or jeans? If he’s been at the park or rolling round with the dog I’ll wash things after one wear but no need if he’s still clean!”

And Abigail R agrees. “I do the same. If my children are not dirty I will keep the clothes for the next day.”

What do you think?

Hmmm, so where do you stand on this ‘Wear once, wash once’ rule? Do you follow it yourself or do you agree with Julie and the others that there’s no need to put something in the wash if it doesn’t seem dirty? 

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