Actress Chloe Sevigny got a right old debate going a while back when she said the reason she hadn't aged as much as many of her peers was possibly because she didn't have kids.


Here at MFM HQ, when we first read her comments, we were a bit put out to be honest - as mums we like to think we can still look pretty rockin' - but when we thought abut it more, we have to say that the lack of sleep, running around and general 'never stoppingness' that come with kids probably can take its toll on your looks.

So, we decided to throw Chloe's comments out to our mums on Facebook. Here's what they said:

"She probably has a point - anything that is tiring or stressful, which having babies/children can be, although obviously full of joy too, will age a person," says Lee B.

And a fair few of you, in fact, agreed that Chloe (below) was, actually, probably spot on.

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"Yep I have aged significantly since my first baby 22 months ago!" says Eleanor W.

And Ashlene S tells us: "I'm 26. Gained about 6 grey hairs since I had my 1st in 2014. She could be onto something!"

Though lots of you while you agreed, pointed out the bonuses of being a mum too.

"I think having children does age you as you do get less sleep, less leisure time, less time to dye your grey hair etc," says Kristina K.

"BUT every wrinkle, every grey hair, every stretch mark reminds me of a wonderful memory or moment (the happiest of my life) and I would do it all over again and never sleep again just to hold my babies in my arms, so it's a small price to pay!"

And Aimee C has a similar take: "I'd rather look old and be able to feel the most pure, indescribable, breathtaking love in the entire known universe.

"I'd rather look old and be able to look into the beautiful eyes of my baby girl who is half me and half the man I love. I'd rather look old and be able to hold my daughter in my arms, to see her smile, to hear her laugh.

"This woman has absolutely no idea. When you have a child, looking old means nothing. Because you have something in your life that means everything."

Though there were also plenty of you who dismissed Chloe's comments entirely and reckon that having kids actually keeps you young.

"I used to think that but not anymore. If anything they keep you young at heart, mind and spirit," says Sylvia R.

"I have 5 kiddos, in my 30s, and women have told me I look like I'm in my late teens or early 20s. I can't believe the teens part but it was nice to hear!"

And Eva H agrees: 'I think I'm the opposite. 42 and mum to 6 - the eldest - 19 - youngest both 20 months. I think they keep me young - that, and the baby body creams - I've always rubbed excess on my face. Best moisturiser ever!'

Ooooh - nice tip, Eva! ? ?

What do you think?

Since you've had kids are you aging faster - or do you reckon they'll keep you young? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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