Emirates – a family guide

With generous luggage allowances and options to stow buggies onboard, Emirates helps get families get up and away with ease


Emirates want families to feel well looked after with easy-to-understand baggage allowances and options to bring baby and toddler essentials onboard.


Check-in baggage

Emirates has one of the world’s most generous baggage policies. Checked baggage allowances are as follows:

  • Economy Class: 30kg
  • Business Class: 40kg
  • First Class: 50kg

If you’re travelling with a baby (any class) you’re permitted extra checked-in baggage. This could be based on weight or piece (that’s number of bags), and will be shown on your ticket. Based on weight, it’s one extra piece of checked-in baggage up to 10kg, not exceeding 55cm x 38cm x 20cm. With piece, the extra check-in baggage has a 23kg limit with length + width + height not exceeding 115cm.

Carry-on luggage

  • First Class and Business Class: two pieces of carry-on baggage, with a total 12kg combined weight. The two pieces can be one briefcase (45cm x 35cm x 20cm) plus either one handbag (55cm x 38cm x 20cm) or one garment bag (20cm thick when folded)
  • Economy Class: one piece of carry-on baggage (7kg), with a size limitation of 55cm x 38cm x 20cm
  • Passengers travelling with babies (any class): you’re also permitted one handbag for baby food (not over 5kg) and other in-flight necessities and one fully collapsible buggy/carrycot, as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or else as checked baggage in the hold


  • You may use infant car seats – but you must supply your own (approved) car seat. Cabin crew can help you fit the car seat to the passenger seat
  • A seat must be booked and child’s fare paid for your baby to travel in a car seat onboard
  • The car seat must be the forward facing type and one that can be secured with the lap seatbelt, not a shoulder harness (2-point seatbelt)


  • Milk, formula and meals can be heated up by the cabin crew
  • There are no restrictions for breastfeeding onboard
  • You can take formula and baby food onboard (up to 5kg)


  • A selection prepared baby meals are also available, for no extra charge. All special meals must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of the flight. 
  • Children’s menu (for 2 years to 12 years) is available

Pregnant travel

  • If you’re pregnant and plan to travel once you’re in your 29th week of pregnancy, a medical certificate or letter signed by an appropriately qualified doctor or midwife is required, stating:
    • whether it’s a single or multiple pregnancy
    • your pregnancy is progressing without complications
    • your estimated date of delivery
    • that you’re in good health
    • that there’s no reason known to them that would prevent you from flying
  • If you choose not to carry a medical certificate, you may not be accepted for travel if there is any doubt about your ability to safely complete the journey.
  • For a multiple pregnancy, no air travel is permitted after the 32nd week
  • For a single pregnancy, after the 36th week travel will only be allowed after prior clearance is granted by the Emirates medical department – a medical information form (MEDIF) will need to be submitted
  • There’s no specific cancellation policy relating to pregnant travel

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