Feeding your baby pasta

Cookery guru Annabel Karmel says pasta is the ideal ‘lumpy’ food for babies

Feeding your baby: tiny pasta shapes can be a great way to introduce lumpy food to your weaned baby

Pasta’s soft texture is ideal for this. You can buy mini pasta shapes that are just right for babies, including my own brand Gluten-free Organic Mini Pasta Stars, Organic Mini Pasta Shells, and Organic Alphabet Pasta and Animal Pasta for older babies and toddlers.


Mix the pasta with a favourite vegetable purée or make your own tomato, Bolognese or cheese sauce. I like to boost the nutritional value of my sauces by adding vegetables, as I’ve done with my recipes Pasta with Tomato and Mascarpone Sauce and Cheesy Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli.


TOP TIP: A bowl of pasta can act as a natural sleeping aid because, after eating it, hormones in your body may be released that make you feel sleepy.

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